In Kenny we trust?

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Over the next few weeks, Liverpool fans will get a good indication of how the team is going to fare this season. Shankly used to say that pre-season was one of the most important times of the year. That wasn’t because new players blended with the ones already at the club. And it wasn’t because the players regained their match fitness. It was because he used the time to instil a winning attitude in the players and to tell them that the previous season’s achievements, or under-achievements, as was the case last year, had gone.

Along with Bob Paisley, Shankly used to focus on intensity in pre-season games. Indeed, he once told Tommy Smith to kick players on an opposing team to raise the intensity of the game because Liverpool were winning easily and the players weren’t taking the game seriously. Crazy? Well the difference between genius and insanity can be measured only by success. And when the season kicked off for real, the players competed for every ball.

The last couple of seasons have followed dour pre-season tours where the team has ambled through and we have started badly in the league as a result. Obviously the levels will build with each game but the team really does need to hit the ground running this year.

Pre-season is also a good opportunity to see new players in the Liverpool shirt and I for one am particularly looking forward to seeing Adam. If he can spray balls like he was doing at Blackpool then Dalglish will have signed a real bargain. It will be interesting to see how Kenny is going to juggle Gerrard, Adam, Kuyt, Merieles, Lucas, Henderson, Spearing, Rodriguez and any potential winger once the season begins, but it’s a nice problem for him to have. I have to say – I’ve been disappointed at the level of criticism aimed at the club’s transfer dealings this summer. Whilst I was growing frustrated at the lack of activity prior to Adam’s arrival, it would seem a winger is imminent and with the aforementioned players fighting for selection we have a very competitive midfield. I know Lucas and Spearing aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but both have been continually improving and were rewarded with new deals towards the end of last season so Kenny obviously sees something in them. Henderson is clearly a player for the future and although he has come with a reportedly inflated price tag, that seems to be the norm for British players. As Liverpool fans, if we say we trust Kenny, we need to show it and get behind the team. That is what our fans are famous for after all.

In addition to a winger, another striker, a central defender and a left back would obviously be good additions but there are still players in our squad that the manager is looking to offload and we may not get all our targets. One thing is for sure though, with the new owners, the new manager and his coaching staff, along with the players we have already signed, we are much stronger now than we were twelve months ago.

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  1. It’s been said to me many times in the past by friends of mine saying we haven’t got enough strength in depth, now we have people are saying we’ve got to many central mids. to me this is only a good thing, the importance of central midfielders can be incredible for players like Suarez who love the ball into feet, and the players we’ve got also have a decent amount of crossing ability for Carroll

  2. Firstly, this is an excellant article, I’m sick of fans openly critcising Kenny’s buys. It’s time they woke up it’s Kenny and he’s forgotten more about football than most know. Sure we can have doubts, for me I think Henderson is a great buy but I remain to be convinced about Adam but Kenny rates him so I’ll back him, after all apart from a local Saturday Morning League I’ve won nothing. In response to Eamon I’d ask what in his paltry history made Hodgson worthy of being a Liverpool manager? Yet despite this he did get the benefit of the doubt until his comments (that was our best performance of the season after a shameful and pathetic 2-0 loss to Everton), signings (Poulsen was even ditched from the 1st team by him, Konchesky? Cole?) and his negative tactics proved what the vast majority feared when he got the job, he wasn’t up to it.

  3. In Rafa we trust. In Kenny we trust. Of course, there is also “In God we trust while all others must pay CASH”. This “in whatever shit we trust” is about the silliest phrase adopted by Anfield hopefuls. Gives the impression that we a bunch of morons who simply do not have a mind or opinion of our own. For crying out loud, let’s bury this nonsensical phrase for good!

  4. Well were looking pretty good so far. Flanno, Robbo, Dani, Joe and Spearing looking pretty good already.

  5. Charlie Adam is a true red!!!! He’s gonna be fantastic, aqui looked great too, sorry to say my fellow Kuyt and maxi fans but their speed is not there for Adam’s, Gerrard;s, or Aqui’s thru balls. Downing, Lennon, elia , mata, N’zogbia. 2 of those 5 are desperately needed. Great to see Adam take control and ownership of the Midfield.

  6. I think most of the supporters are obviously backing Kenny, but we’re still entitled to have an opinion.

  7. Yes, in Kenny we trust. Why? Simple, we have to.
    When Roy was moved on, what were the options? Who did you want as manager? Who did you think would come to us? Mourhino? Don’t kid yourself. Which big name would we have attracted? Who was available at the time who you would trust to bring success?
    Before Kenny took up the position as manager we were a club in decline. He rescued our season, and when you look at where we where in the league before he took over and compare it to the position we finished in, then you cannot fail to be impressed.
    I know its was all very romantic, ‘The return of the King’ but was it the right decision? Well yes, it was. He knew and loved the club, the fans loved him, he is a figure the players would respect and he has previously won the Premier league! Bearing this in mind, who else would we want? He’s come in and worked wonders and who is unhappy with him? No one. We believe in Kenny and he believes in us, lets wait and see what happens.

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