VIDEO : Stewart Downing Pin Point Accuracy

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Thanks to @Martylankertis for submitting this excellent video showing Downing’s skill.

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  1. wish we had signed him 2 years ago when he was linked, would have been cheaper when he was with boro. hes gonna be a good signing no doubt

    1. So, actually, on what price we got him, mate? Inform me, please.. I remember he left boro for 12m, though.

      1. Nice spin on the flying pigs thing there. Honestly have no idea why everyone is so down on downing. I think he’s the best left sided player in England, and I can’t wait to see him in a Liverpool shirt. 135 completed crosses from open play last season which is more than anyone in the last 3 years. He’s also got a surprising amount of pace, he’s a great guy and he’s English. Really exciting that we’ve agreed a fee. he’s also one of the only players who can perform consistently for england as well as at club level, probably because he’s not an arrogant ass like most other players.

  2. The Grass where he is standijng is a different colour and different stripe than where the bins are – I would be amazed if real – looks like a viral to sell more Villa season tickets – Downing is now at a club where these type of stunts arent necessary to shift ST’s – I have been on the waiting list since 1996 and still I am 3488 in the list (after recent list cleansing programme) and still cant get one!

  3. The James Milner video is even funnier :)

    No matter what, Downing is a great signing and all Liverpool fans will see that as the season starts.

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