Welcome to Liverpool Stewart Downing [video]

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Thanks to @kLFCreds for submitting this excellent video she created. Stewart Downing is set to sign for Liverpool as soon as the personal terms are agreed and the medical is complete.


  1. Best left winger in the league at our club!? Been a long time since we can say that. He will destroy the league next season.

  2. Now we have a left winger who actually plays on the left wing. Finally after all the duds and all those years since Macca left. I guess its Au Revoir to Cole, Jovanavic, Poulsen and a few more. Downing may not be a superstar addition, BUT he has plenty of premiership exp and has quite a lot of assists last season. With Charlie Adams and Meireles in the middle and Downing and Suarez on either side, Carroll should be scoring for fun. Unfortunately Stevie G has to up his game to get into this team now. As for kUyt and Maxi – they should make good backup subs. Lucas is our main DM just in front of the back four. This season – we do have depth :))) Not saying we going to win anything this season… Not yet anyway…

  3. Nice video and while Downing is a fantastic footballer, the majority of these were either routine finishes or deflections. His talent goes well beyond what was shown in this video with his pinpoint crosses and deadly left foot. This video does do well to show his goal scoring instinct, his more than adequate right foot, and his great positioning however.

  4. Good to have some real width, mixed with versatility. Patience will be the key this season though… And some new defenders…

  5. Delighted that we have signed Downing – an out and out winger that will cause no end of hassle for our opposition and will no doubt create a lot of opportunities for his team mates. Well done Kenney and team.

  6. Nice a winger who will also poach at the back post and bring us a few more important goals aswell as giving Carroll the service he needs YNWA

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