Liverpool FC: The pride, the passion, the power

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By Paul Culff

Over the last few days since the squad has undertaken their pre season tour to Asia, you can’t help but feel the pride, power and passion of Liverpool FC. I’m sure I am not the only one to see these blog reports, pictures and videos coming back from both China and Malaysia and feel nothing but proud to be associated with such a great club.

There are not many clubs that can go abroad to numerous different countries and expect to receive the same stunning reception they get on their home turf. One day Arsenal FC holds an open practice session in Malaysia to the tune of 10,000 people, not bad. A few days later, Liverpool FC grace Malaysia with their presence and almost 38,000 show up, awesome!!! Only last night I was watching the Fox Soccer Report on FSC to news of Tottenham arriving in South Africa for their pre-season. The only highlights they could show of the crowd at the airport were “Kaizer Chief” fans fully decked out in Kaizer Chief jerseys and scarves which made me chuckle and feel even better about supporting Liverpool.

Sometimes I read comments from people in and around the Liverpool area suggesting that those overseas fans are not fully informed about the club and can’t voice their opinion because they aren’t closely affected or passionate enough. All I can say is that hopefully these images coming back from Asia are proof that the global support is as strong as ever. Being an Australian living in New York, I can attest to the fact that Liverpool supporters here and in Australia are well informed. Often, they do not have the news directly in front of them as scousers do but we read up and research more keeping us as closely linked as possible.

This past season at the 11th Street Bar at the LFCNY supporters club, I met a gentleman and his wife from Liverpool who couldn’t believe how much we knew about Liverpool FC, its history, its culture and its ownership. This was all at the time when Mr. John W Henry had recently taken over the club. My girlfriend always tells me she met a Liverpool fan in her travels and I ask her “Why do you think you always are meeting Liverpool fans and not Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd fans?” and before she can answer I respond with “Because we are everywhere and we are proud”.

Often taking a team to Asia is used as a marketing tool but Liverpool FC genuinely cares about its global supporters and vice versa. Imagine the feeling that our academy starlets get training in front of 38,000 fans or visiting a mall with thousands of people. Even seasoned professionals such as Jamie Carragher, Raul Meireles, Dirk Kuyt, Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush can’t help but be overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received. It makes players realize what it is like to be a part of what is Liverpool FC. Take Charlie Adam for example who had long desired a move to this club. Now he will feel what is like to be a Liverpool FC player with such huge, great support. It would be a little different to Blackpool showing up in China, Blackwho they would ask? I didn’t even know Woy’s WBA were in USA until I say Boaz Myhill get scored on by the opposing GK, haha.

Liverpool has a presence and players and fans need to understand what Liverpool FC is all about. I love Liverpoool FC, I love being a Liverpool fan and I know those fans around the world (outside of Liverpool) feel the same way. It’s a great feeling to be a part of Liverpool FC. Players that leave don’t realize what they are missing until it’s gone and those players that have it don’t want to let it go (not mentioning any names).

YNWA – Culffy


  1. well in lad! loads of scousers understand and are proud of our global fan base and of course you know the score – you`re part of the most special and unique club on the planet – YNWA reds everywhere!

  2. People who say overseas fans are not informed are just ignorant of the fact that we are all in the information age. I’m in South Africa and my visitors from England and they tell me we have access to more EPL matches than they have access to in England. We watch all the games that you watch and with news aggregation sites we read all the latest news as soon as it happens.

    1. This is gold and I actually thought this may have got nasty but the Liverpool fans were good about it and the Man Utd fan was sent on his way, haha. He was asking for ridicule though, seriously.

  3. Good Article, im from South Africa, there are thousands of passionate die hard fans here as well! we follow and will continue to fly the LIVERPOOL FLAG HERE here…

  4. Thanks Cullfy for your article and I can assure you that the pride and passion Ghanaians exhibit in supporting Liverpool is beyond comprehension. YNWA

  5. Cheers dude, great article. Liverpool belongs to the world. They’re part of the most watched league globally and have so much in their historical achievements that they cannot be ignored. My dad is a proud Liverpool fan from way back when and I am the same. We had different heroes: Dalglish and Rush, to the current generation of Gerrard et al. Passion and fandom knows no borders. Class is permanent. Greetings from Malaysia.

    You’ll never walk alone. Now bring on the new season

  6. if liverpool come to indonesia more than 38,000 people and will be 80,000 people, stadium will full capacity and ticket sold out two week before match #YNWA indonesia is largest fans of asia, you can check on

  7. i’m from malaysia. if gerrard & suarez is coming, i think we can easily top-up another 10k fan watching them training ! I think the traffic in kuala lumpur will be very bad this afternoon. hoping for really good season soon…….. we r proud having liverbird crest on our chest… YNWA.

  8. When will they come to india???
    I solemnly swear, I will take a couple of man u fans to watch Liverpool fc practice as well… although not wearing a man u jersey ;)

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