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I am tired that every time we try to offload a player I hear the “Wasn’t given a chance” excuse by some fellow LFC fans. Liverpool need to clear some serious dead wood this Summer for many reasons however the two main ones are.

1) Their wages are too high for them to sit on the bench.
2) Their lack of hunger has an effect on the whole team.

I am sorry but when someone is making a very good salary (which is paid by the LFC fans who attend games and buy official  merchandise) then you would expect them to perform and give their money’s worth. Recent case in point Mr. Joe Cole who recently was quoted as saying that his lack of performance was due to not getting enough sleep because of his baby girl. WTF? Do you think anyone of us can go to our bosses and claim that? If I was making his kind of salary I shut my gob and push really hard in training.

We only see our players for about 3 hours a week (depending on the number of games) however the manager and coaches see them every day at training. They (Kenny & Co.) know best on how a player is performing and how hard they are working. The selection is not just based on performance in a previous game however there are factors such as needs of the team and of course the big two “How do they perform in training? How consistant are they?”.

Last January we saw the departure of Ryan Babel who I still hear the echoes of many of his fans claiming that he was never given a chance at LFC. Ryan who hasn’t exactly taken the Bundesliga by storm had plenty of chance with Liverpool, 146 games in all. He had three managers to impress and didn’t even impress one (not even Roy). Also I hear the other excuse that he wasn’t playing in his favourite position. Football is a team sport, you play where you are required to play and that is it. The manager tells you where you will play and you do that and not get on Twitter bitching and moaning about it.

So let the offloading continue, Mr. Jova is probably next, and yes he was given enough chance.





  1. He got plenty of chances but flattered to deceive like so many dumpling we bought from abroad!!!

  2. Well said Antoine. Footballers arepaid incredible salries these days..for what?..Doing something millions others would dream of doing for that money. The Copa America has been a prime example of how players leave the fans shortchanged with lots of the big stars under performing. And we as fans end up paying with not just our money..but our time and energy too.

  3. A lot of Babels appearances were subs and he did very well in most of them. I rated him quite highly and it was a shame for him to go.

    Jovanovic has not been given a chance. He has played a couple of games, all with long periods of no first team football between them. But I do agree, some players just do have to go.

    Joe Cole for example, so unfit.
    Konchesky, so average and a mother who Liverpool despises.
    Poulsen, proving loyal, yet not what we need.

    And I do expect Brad Jones to leave with Doni coming in but Jones has stated on twitter he is not leaving and is really happy here, so i’m confused on that subject.

    And also, Raul Meireles should leave, not because he’s poor or deadwood, but because we can get a profit right now and build for the future in an overly-cramped midfield. He performed exceptional in the space of a month and did well in the last half of the season, but the first half was just as poor as everyone else.
    A sum of 15m would be enough for me to approve his departure, as he is ageing and loses the ball in some costly places.


    1. Give it a break ho long was Babel here? As Antoine stated he failed to impress 3 managers, all of whom even Woy know more than you. Likewise Jova failed to impress 2 managers, and to be fair was signed because he was a free transfer cause the muppets had run our club into the ground. Like Antoine I am sick and tired of people like you making excuses for players who’ve clearly failed.

    2. Are u having a laugh? Sell Meireles? Even if we have a cramped midfield Meireles was one of our top performers last season. Considering that was his first season in a new league, new team and new country he did exceprional. Just think how good he can be now he has had a year to settle in.

      Also obviously he didnt play his best in the first few months for the same points above – new league!

  4. You’re right but i’m still “crying” about the signing of Downing…20millions is just ridiculous! for a good but not great player that have always injury problems and is already 27/28, with 30millions we could have buy alexis sanchez…it’s just that, i don’t understand, it seems that they want only english players…the fact is that we buy Downing and ManU bought Ashley Young for less money and Young is a more value player, more young and has no injury problems…bah

    1. 1) 18.5 mil
      2) hes 26
      3)young had 1 yr left on his contract. Downing had 2 yrs. so naturally you would pay more money for someone with more years on the contract.
      4) Suarez is not english and the team is full of non english players already.

      I tend to give Downing the benifit of the doubt….kind of a wait and see approach…I agree its a bigger sum than we are used to but I still dont think we are done spending and it seems the next purchase will be a foreigner ie. Jeffren, Enrique, Mata, etc…

    2. Downing is 26, at least he will be until the 22nd of this month. Personally, I’d much rather have Downing. More consistent, second only to Baines for most crosses delivered last year, and with us having big Andy up front, we could really, REALLY do with someone who can cross the ball for once…20mil isn’t that much in football these days, and he’s got bags and bags of Premier League experience. Sure, its not Juan Mata, Alexis Sanchez or Jesus H Christ, but his signing will prove to be a valuable one come the end of the season, when we’re back in the Champs League…


          1. Do you mean the guy thats created more chances in the premier league since 2004 than everybody but Gerrard, Giggs, Lampard and Fabregas?

            Downing creates chances and is proven in this league which is exactly what we need next season.

            We don’t have the time available to allow players time to get up to speed, we have to hit the ground running to have any hope of getting back into the Champions League.

            Too many fans can’t see the woods for the trees, luckily the management at our club can.

    3. I really don’t understand the problem with Downings fee ( if it is 20 million which hasn’tr been confirmed anywhere).
      We can compare Ashley Young to him if you want, Young was in the last year of his contract so the fee is consequently reduced . Downing was Villa’s player of the season last term and produced consistently better performances than Young.
      He is a player who very seldom is injured , is a consistent performer and a very level headed lad, who will fit in well with the dressing room . He has also produced more successful crosses than any other player in the last 3 seasons in the premier league.
      Sanchez might sound a nice name but for a team can’t offer Euro footie next year , a player with no premier league experience and costing upwards of 30 million , i’m asfraid its not going to happen

    4. “Maybe his talent is a little bit undervalued in English football, but we know what we are getting – and we are getting a very, very good, efficient footballer.” DC on SD

      according to you DC must be delusional now

  5. @Rory – I think you have got many points there wrong.
    1) Downing is 26, and is 27 this month
    2) 30mil probably wouldn’t buy Sanchez and even if it did he probably wouldn’t come to Liverpool with the choice of City and Chelsea (champions League and higher wages)
    3) Young had 1 year left on his contract Downing didn’t
    4) Last year Downing was Villa’s player of the season and Young wasn’t
    5) Just looking at his appearance record on Wikipedia shows his appearance record for last 5 years is 34, 38, 37, 25, 38 games. so I wouldn’t say he always has injury problems.

    Therefore I wonder what your point is? Downing wouldn’t have been my choice but I wouldn’t make stuff up to justify why.

  6. Here Here

    As for the Downing situation which fans won’t let go. If we sign him I’ll be happy, but not estatic. Is he the best winger we could get, no. Is he over priced for what he is, Yes.


    This is why I’m happy enough with him, Kenny wants him and if he pulls on our red shirt I’d Expect all LFC fans to get be hind him and give him a chance. Not like alot of fans did with Lucas.

    If he runs himself into the ground week in week out like Kuyt I’ll be more than happy, especially if he provide big Andy with some desent crosses.

  7. if he couldn’t impress Hodgson, then, well, what can I say? Anyways he had his time in the Red shirt. We made the right decision.

  8. As sad as it is, Liverpool is not seen as a viable destination for Alexis Sanchez etc. I’d love players such as Mata, Hazard, Bastos etc just as much as any other fan but the bottom line is this:

    Football is controlled by agents. Players and agents sign agreements and often where they go (or their available options) are decided by the agent. As agents are in this not for loyalty but for money, players who we would love are not always going to be available. It’s sad but true.

    Yes 20 Mil for Downing is way too much, but I’d rather 20 mil on him and have an established winger; than have no one on the wings at all. If Mata wanted to be at liverpool, he would, any manager would want him – but A) Valencia do not want to sell and B) Mata obviously does not want to be a LFC player. . .Yet

  9. My god Antoine,

    You don’t write many articles, but when you do it’s so just and clear. Can’t agree more. Babel had his chance(s) but didn’t really impress nor improve. Like Jova, Cole, Poulsen, and all players who are not “good enough” for LFC (good enough= doesn’t match the expectations).

  10. Joe Cole had a loss of form and injuries but the lad has proper quality Babel was an irritating git at times and lacked the fight so fair enough and as for Jova how was he given a fair crack as for the wages the club offer them contracts and they pay them its the way of life sick of liverpool fans turning on players especially while they still play for us unless they slag the club or city leave them be and when they leave wish them luck its the liverpool way and its the scouse way

    1. Great response. Before the internet Liverpool fans had class. Now it’s petulant outburst after petulant outburst.

    2. True that. The author is no moaner and makes a valid point I agree with BUT i’m sick to the stomach of illiterate internet knobs slagging LFC players.Babel probably deserved a lot of fan-ire but like James says, when he’s gone just wish the lad well and quit whining. And as D Boy says, there was a time when us LFC fans were notable for our class and dignity. As far as i’m concerned, if you can’t talk about football knowledgeably the just keep your keyboard quiet and if you can’t have a bit of class about you, just do-one and “support” some other club.

  11. Ryan babel is a poes thats what he is
    the bitch blocked me on twitter lol cus i told him his a poes

  12. But the biggest flop Liverpool ever have bought “Paulsen” why is he still There!!’!!!! ?

  13. Just to make it clear mates, i don’t want to say that Downing is a poor player, as i sad before he’s a good one but i think that we could go for better, we’re liverpool, not tottenham, yes he’s 26 today but in the coming next season he’ll be 27, 28 at the end, however it’s true the fact that sanchez wants to go at barca but it seems that negotiations between barca and udinese are not easy and there’s a chance that sanchez will not go there (i live in udine so i ear things about), the fact is that if barca doesn’t up the fee, udinese won’t sell sanchez, and i think in that case we can have a chance with 30 millions and a young player like pacheco (udinese wants a young talent to replace sanchez) and he’ll not have problems to play in the premier league cause great talents WITH PERSONALITY doesn’t have problems to adapt, look at ronaldo, tevez…sanchez is one of those

  14. completely agree. modern footballers are a whiny lot. get on with it and play and collect your fat paychecks

  15. I hope downing settles in. Liverpool have had no luck with wingers since Mcmanaman!! The money we have wasted over the years we could have bought Ronaldo. I would love to see Johnson giving a go on the right wing. Like Redknapp has done with Bale. Hes better going forward than defending.

    Things are looking good and we can start to see shape to the squad. Just need a left back now.

    I just want us to start clearing the deadwood out and its frustrating when im seeing Poulson and co training with no signs of going. This is just gonna cause problems behind the scenes having all these players sulking because there not getting picked.

    Lets make the squad a small strong working unit. Filled with class!!!

  16. i dont know why u are talking about this guy when he’s gone,,he’s not our problem anymore!!! Get over with it.

  17. I thought he had ability but ability without the right attitude is worthless.

    It was his own fault and nobody elses.

  18. completely agree with this article. about time someone said it.

    jova/cole/poulson fall into this category.

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