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Right firstly, how many of the people calling for Sanchez et al see them play week in week out? I’m willing to bet an awful lot of us don’t! (apologies to those that watch them a lot, I know LFC fans are the most knowledgeable fans on the planet when it comes to football matters but…) I’m not saying I do but many of my friends abroad do and sure they rate the likes of Sanchez highly but just because some overseas player is highly rated on the continent does not mean he is 10x the player Stewart Downing is, especially when it comes to the EPL, hence why players like Forlan and Veron were crap when they came over. It’s a different league and not every overseas player fits in here. People like Downing, Adam and Henderson DO, and are proved. Yes I’d love Hazard at the club, maybe Sanchez (though i’m not too blown away by him) but why would they come to a club not in Europe and why would Kenny really want them, when it is quite obvious Kenny is building a which is now built on the ethics of hard work and graft. We want players like Downing, Adam, Henderson… people that will give their all and not piss around because they don’t like the roughness of the EPL. This mini-rant is in no way suggesting that all foreign players won’t cut it over here, it is just to say, why risk it when we have proven talent on our shores already, that okay is a little bit pricey, but that if we are all honest, know can do a very good job. Especially under Kenny’s leadership… look what he did with Blackburn after all with proven home talent.

Sure some players like Suarez, Drogba and Ronaldo come and settle in instantly, but many don’t. Is it a coincidence that since the end of the 89-90 season the PFA Player of the year has been from the UK or Ireland 14 times compared to players from abroad 7 times… I don’t think it is and this is why I trust Kenny’s judgement with the home grown talent! I really really admire some of the talent abroad and would love it to happen, but with the laws in Europe coming through about how many players have to be home grown I can only see what Kenny is doing is the right idea! Sure we need a mixture of players from abroad because British talent does not always have that little spark, but we have a good mixture right now! A team like Reina, Kelly, Carra, Skrtel, Johnson, Kuyt/Hendo, Adam/Lucas/Mereiles, Gerrard/Aqua, Downing, Suarez and Carroll really does spell success in my eyes!

As regards to shipping out the deadwood, it’ll be hard yes because of the wages and other clubs wanting them. But it needs to be done… I’d hate to be Kenny in deciding if any of the Midfield go, who would it be… Aqua looks really solid in preseason, yet Mereiles was really good once Kenny came in! Horrid decision to make if at all that is even on Kenny’s books! I just want to say one last think regarding deadwood. Jovanovic, I honestly do not think he was given enough time on the field… maybe he was crap in training and that’s why Kenny didn’t play him, if that’s the case I take that statement back, but it seems to me he’s found it impossible to break into the team when he could of perhaps done okay, oh well, guess we’ll probably never know, get’s rid of some massive wages off the bill though! Good luck in the future Milan!

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YNWA all you Reds!

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  1. Agree with you on Milan, but I am disappointed with Joe Cole. When first signed I was extremely excited. I was even happy and was willing to look over the red card he got in the first game. When he missed the penalty I was still ok with it. He did not get enough chances in the last season but one thing that disappoints me time and again is when he puts both his hands on his waist after a run and pants! It’s crazy, he is 29 a professional footballer and a midfielder. He should have the ability to run for 90 minutes!!!!( over exaggeration, put please try to understand what I am saying!). Joe should either be offloaded of used as an impact substitute.
    Konchesky is gone – Thank god! And we should look at loaning out Pacheco, spearing and jonjo out for the season preferably to a premiership team!

  2. Agree 100%. Foreign players are great and they put the spark in the team but home-grown and proven players are the ones we really depend on! Just look at how we’ve been relying on Stevie and Carra for the past how many years. I have faith in Kenny. YNWA!

  3. I agree with you to a certain extent but certain players I think you have to take a chance on if you could. Sanchez has a game very similar to Suarez so I don’t know how that would mesh but hard work and grit only gets you so far. You can work your socks off against the likes of barcelona but if you can’t keep up technically and tactically with them and have the team speed to chase the down and beat their players when you have to you’ll find it very hard to win

  4. I´m gonna take the boring stand and agree with you 100%. Players that make it in the EPL might not make it in Italy or Spain and vice versa. It´s also much easier to scout and evaluate players who already play in the same league as the buying team.

    Walk on!

    1. I’m with you. I think there’s definitely a bias towards players none of us have seen before, for whatever reason. Stewart Downing for me epitomizes this mindset; it’s impossible to argue with the stats, which show him to be EXACTLY what we need (135 completed crosses last season) and yet because his first language isn’t spanish people assume he isn’t good enough. I can only hope time will tell.

      1. I honestly don’t think its just because he’s english. If we got Young instead of Downing I think there would be no commotion. I don’t think everyone thinks any foreign player is better than downing. I feel people were hoping for a more direct winger in the mold of Alex Sanchez (who I have seen play for udinese quite a few times) or even adam johnson. They were probably also hoping more high profile winger like mata, sanchez and ashley young and who currently feature for their national teams regularly and downing doesn’t. But as I fan I throw my support behind whatever king kenny does. I wouldn’t even pretend to know more about the game than he does #YNWA

        1. With the exception of Shearer, maybe Sutton, Dalglish did not sign too many so-called marquee signings to win EPL for Blackburn. We just got to trust the gaffer.

  5. umm…. correct me if I’m wrong but that vain strutting diver Rottenutsdough didn’t settle in at MAnure immediately. Could be the stench but Suarez is a pretty one off because of his hard working never give up attitude that further emphasises his already exceptional skills. The King wants a team that not only has skill but more importantly gives it all for the team on and off the pitch. That was what made Liverpool unbeatable. And that is what will make us the Kings again. Like Ngog. You just know he doesn’t give it all. Here we are looking for a left back when we already have Insua. He fits the bill. Great at moving up and delivering great crosses but his youth has not given him the experience to defend as well as he should. But he puts in a more than average shift. The King wold be able to mould him. And he is already ours. Let’s be straight about it. Football has changed. The players have changed. The money has changed. But good character and virtues don’t. Do you think in these modern success is everything times that the redfaced blabbermouth would still be at MAnure for so long based on how long he took to make those shitheads even come close to what we are.

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