Half-way through the transfer window!

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Immediately after formalizing the capture of Stewart Downing, Damien Comolli gave the Club’s website an interview which sums up the Club’s activities so far this summer. When asked ‘Is there still work to be done, though?’ his answer was the following:

‘It’s difficult to say. I’m sure there will be players going out because some players would like to play more and have more minutes. We will probably have a few loans as well; players who we would like them to develop, into the Championship or the leagues abroad. In terms of players coming in, it’s difficult to say. I think we are going to sit down, look at the situation, see where we are, see who might leave and then we will reassess later. But we have done most of what we wanted to do.’

From my perspective the above-statement somewhat indicates that the spending bracket (without any return) was placed at Stg 50 million, which is more or less what has been spent so far inclusive of add-ons. When Comolli says ‘we are going to sit down, look at the situation, see where we are, see who might leave and then we will reassess later’ he is essentially saying that if we manage to off-load some of the players that have been earmarked for the departure lounge, we will have ‘extra’ funds to use for the eventual capture of one or two more targets.

The general consensus is that the Reds still have a requirement to sign a quality left-back, and that perhaps we are a bit over-crowded in the midfield area of the park. Whether or not the Reds still have the intention to sign another striker remains to be seen. What remains highly noticeable is that although FSG’s main priority seemed to be a cost cutting exercise of the wage-bill front, this, at least so far, has only increased with the latest arrivals.

There is no doubt in my mind that as Comolli anticipated (if there ever was a need for him to do so), players will leave and others, mostly the young stars that may risk spending unfruitful time on the bench, will be loaned out either to give enhance their experience or just as importantly, to enter a burden-sharing exercise with the club that takes them on loan.

I know that most of you, upon reading this article, will start punching away at their keyboards in the comment box reiterating that players like Jovanovic, Poulsen, Insua, Jones, Degen, El Zhar, and even perhaps Aquilani and Cole should be shown the door, but it’s not that easy! Buying is always easier than selling and for a player to leave, you need a club that wants him and is ready to accept his personal demands, and the player has to want to go to that club. If that is not the case, you either let him run out his contract (not recommendable) or release him. It’s as simple as that!

From my perspective, I don’t think the Club will stop here as there is still time for moves to happen and I have a feeling we will be in for one or two surprises. We all know what happened in the last week of last January’s window so imagine what can happen in the remaining seven weeks or so…….!


  1. Excellently written. Spot on with leaving players. I suspect the likes of Joe Cole are way beyond the budget of most premiership clubs, and do we want him to go to a rival that can afford his wages. I completely agree with your “leaving list”, in as much that Aquilani and Cole are players I’d like to see have another chance, but, if someone wants them, let’s cut the wage bill

  2. wow there is almost 6 weeks of the transfer window left….and you think the ins and outs are finished….kenny has got the main guys he wants he will cut the cloth on the squad now as he wants….lol you should read the posts….how many players do they say we have lost out on…i say none
    and chechk thit think about the bike rides last season


  3. I certainly hope a few surprises are in store for Reds supporters.
    If not a quality left back, we need a backup striker. David Ngog just doesn’t cut it. Sure he kept us in Europa League during the early stages, but that surely isn’t part of the plan for the future.
    I’d really like to give Insua another go. When he and Aurelio were the main starting left backs they had a good ‘swing motion’ going with Gerrard, offloading the ball to one of them and Stevie running into open space down the left close to the corner flag and firing a cross in. Which did create some goals from those plays. I want that back. Aurelio seemed to stop doing it after Rafa had left, but Insua is young and still learning.
    I would like to keep Aquilani as well. He wasn’t given a fair go under Rafa and he shows promise in a midfield that will be clammering with players chomping at the bit for time on the pitch. Same goes for Joe Cole. I don’t mind keeping the arsehole and playing him as the backup striker if needed. I dislike the wage bill but we may not have a choice. Why not even try him out on the right wing and keep Kuyt as the striker, though that would mean a decrease in the Dutchman playing time and his work ethic certainly doesn’t warrant a decrease. Loan deals for the other youths as Comolli said, seems very practical.
    I just hope the players who do leave are able to bring in a few £’s for these surprises to become a reality.

  4. I believe clubs will bid for the surplus players close to the end of the window but Aqua could still be needed

  5. Downing was the Villa, players and fans player of the year on the right wing, yet he is a left winger. This lad is class and im delighted, he put in the most crosses (135) from open play last season and was 2nd overall.

    only 3 players in the Prem created more than:

    4th) Downing
    5th) Henderson
    6th) Adam

    we have signed 3 fantastic youngish players and we should be very happy, look at the mancs, De Gea is a skinny lightweight keeper and cost £20m, Jones won’t play and Young is not better than Nani…….the keeper is known in Spain to be dodgy from distance and won’t like being bashed up in the league!!!!

  6. agree with your points on the budget. id imagine LFC would be happy with 20-25mil out of getting rid of these players. miereles will go id say cos i just cant see him getting a game next year. 14mil for him and we can give the rest away for small fee’s and spend the money on new LB and CB. would keep insua and sell skrtyl.

    1. Mick. Doubt the club will sell Skrtel. My personal view is he improved dramatically last season and he played all PL games! In that sense he is very reliable. Not the most stylish of defenders and certainly has no idea how to come up the field with the ball, but he does have his strong points, plus he is young. Think Insua might be given a second chance though, even if as a back-up to a possible new signing.

  7. the atmosphere will be terrible this season if we cant sell some midfielders, right now we got 14 players in the midfield that all want to play regularly!

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