Luis Suarez fires Uruguay into the Copa America final [video]

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  1. Well done Luis Suarez, not only has it been a great journey for him with his home country, lets hope he can bring his winners medal back with him and that will rub of on the club and the rest of the team, not to mention the publicity that liverpool fc are getting as him being our true world class player that he is – great job all round!.

    Now for my moan, if people think we have done enough in this market i have to say “your living in a dream world”…

    We have not addressed our left back issue, and please do not tell me about aurelio, insua and robinson,

    insua is far to poor on the defensive side and has been out of the premier league for over a year and is better at going forward than defending?

    then you have aurelio- great when he is fit but come on, ! – he hardly plays back to back games, whats the point in that?.

    Robinson is ur best bet, yes you have johnson but what if he gets an injury and lets be clear he does pick up a few does he not! so for me with just a 1 left back that has neevr played over 20 games back to back we think that is enough, no matter how young and talented that young robinson is, thats not good enough for a team that has to get back up their at the 1st time of asking into the top 4 for champions league football.

    Center half, skrtel gets knocks alot as does, agger who again is a huge risk to go into this season trying to think we can rely on him, – we just cant!, ayala is poor, maybe good enough for another league or team but not for us, wilson is over rated and is not doing it, just watch him at west ham last year in that away game and you will have new nitemares!!! he is big time over rated.

    Soto, is to slow and yes good in the air, but we need more than that, wisdom looked out of place in a pre season game so what does that tell you?

    we need and need to buy a center half, left back and a creative player.

    If fans think we have enough then sadly they are living in a dream world, its clear we have not done enough.

    in; sakho or lovren or godin

    in; cissokho or vargas or enrique

    in; banega or martinez or mata


    aquilani, jones, cole, poulsen, ngog, el zhar, degen, jovanovic,ince, soto,

    wake up fsg if you think because you have spent not even close to 50 mill, that all of a suddern us fans must role over and think thats great, no way, just look at what man utd have spent and they won things as well!!!!

    time to carry on spending or else, lets be clear about that.

    1. Wow that is a shitty attitude towards owners who seem to give a shit about the club. And since when does FM manager tactics work purchase wise? We can magically *poof* unneeded players away? And “Or else” what? You will follow another club? Good riddance.

    2. Relax.

      Transfers don’t work like they do in video games. For example, Cole is deadweight but selling him isn’t as simple as getting the right transfer price considering the fact that his inflated salary will likely scare off most smaller clubs who could use him. Don’t think that the lack of headline news regarding potential transfer targets implies that FSG and Kenny aren’t working hard at finding new players and getting rid of unneeded players. In fact, the lack of rumors/news should be a welcome sign given that it is The Liverpool Way to do things behind closed doors. I trust Kenny knows where we need to improve and I trust FSG will spend the money necessary to improve in those spaces.

      “or else”? Grow up. That’s an immature and pointless threat.

  2. Still another few weeks left in the transfer window mate don’t panic. Getting rid of the deadwood to decrease the wage bill first im sure there will be another 1 or 2 signings before the end of summer. And for a creative player we’ve signed Charlie Adam.

  3. Im hapy with our signings bt we do need 2 o 3 class defensive signings.
    I disagree wt evry1 who wants aqualani 2go coz only gerrard n meireles of aqua’s quality. Spearin, lucas, henderson, cole, poulsen r nowhere close 2 aqua’s ability o class. F anythn sel poulsen n cole loan out e youngsters. Auqilani, meireles, gerrard datz e wining formula (adam) as cover.

  4. yer keep a player who clearly doesnt want to be here, thats a great idea — what a pri*…. and to think some would be happy to see raul go,, what a joke, and people tell me off, oh dear some fans just do not have a clue, we have not dont enough in this market and i will satnd by that, its clear to see it,,, just take a deep look, take a long hard look at our squad and you will wake out of the dream world and see its clearly not theur yet, and i mean it,,, untill we have another center half with pace and can tackle and add a 1st choice world class left back who can get up and down we wont win a thing, its being rela and not being in a dream planet,


    add; mata or cazorla.

    add; banega and another then ok we thn can start talking untill then pack it in>>>>>>

  5. REINA

  6. Carroll is always going be a starter, not a squad player. He is Liverpool’s most expensive signing and our main forward. I think dirk kuyt might be a back up forward this season and not play as right mid. Maybe Carroll and kuyt will start up front some games too with Suarez behind them.

  7. what has kuyt done in order for a two bit fan like you to ocme on here and then say that just because carroll was big means he starts games ahead of kuyt? joke comment…

    If you really had any clue about liverpool, then you will know that kenny plays players that are hard working players who are not at it will not get games, he is a nice man kenny but he is cut throat too, listen to waht john barnes said on the other week???

    Also why should kuyt carroll and suarez whene back form coppa america not all play? we might play a 5-3-2 with suarez coming in form one of the wings? not what i would do but you never knwo with kenny,.

    carroll is not even fit yet, he cant even run without looking knackerd, so for me kuyt is above carroll because he is fit, he plays for the team and he can more than 1 job within his team role, hate fans that under estimate kuyt,, crazy….

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