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by Brian Reece
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The season starts in just a few weeks and Liverpool fans are already passing opinions and predictions of what and where Liverpool are going to finish in the league this season, the simply fact is that it must be better than the last.

We have had healthy debates of who should be at Liverpool and who should leave, but with the increased possibility of players like Jovanovic, Polusen, Cole and Aquilani still being at Liverpool whether rightly or wrongly we must just let Dalglish get on with it and use the players he has to start our campaign and try and return us to the top four where we belong.

Aquilani is not a bad player he just hasn’t delivered what his talent promised, understandably Aquilani was brought injured and took time to adjust to the English game which most overseas players do, and lets not forget that we also obtained Andy Carroll injured, and if given time Aquilani could be a fantastic player for us, but most intelligent Liverpool fans will not extend that sympathy to players like Jovanovic and Polusen who have little or no excuse for their performances.

We as supporters sometimes can be cruel in our opinions of players and I am just as guilty of this, but I will always attempt to justify my opinions whether good, bad or indifferent but this is what debate is all about, we as supporters are suppose to disagree, this is what’s so refreshing about our club and our supporters, which say what we think and listen to others opinions.

A lot of fans question the importance of Aquilani and Joe Cole’s role in the squad but it also has to be noted that Aquilani has made it clear that he wishes to return to Italy and Joe Cole does want to stay but his motives must me questioned, Aquilani may well end up as a missed opportunity while Joe Cole is a squad player at best as he does not warrant starting in front of other players in the squad at present.

With regards to our current squad we have a relatively decent squad, but not a squad that will win the title at present, am sure Dalglish is well aware of what’s needed and will make more changes when targets become available at the right price and right circumstances, Players like Maxi, N’Gog, Meireles and Wilson will all have to improve considerably if they want their Liverpool’s playing career to remain beyond January.

It is likely that one more player will arrive at Anfield before the season starts and the possibility of at least two players going, either way its now time to judge how Dalglish deals with this season, Kenny proved he can get results with this squad against the top teams he has beaten Man Utd and Chelsea and drawing with Arsenal but also slipped up against West Ham and Blackpool so now Dalglish must work with what he has and be judged on team performances, Liverpool must finish in the top four this season and another season of Europa League or no European football will be deemed unacceptable so its essential that FSG support Dalglish and insure Liverpool has the funds and the right supporting management in place to achieve this.

If results improve that like they did towards the latter part of last season then Liverpool can look forward towards a fruitful season and one that will drive us towards success that has been strived for since 2006, if there is one manager or one man who can do this for Liverpool football club then its Kenny Dalglish.

FSG have promised supporters success and must now walk the walk with this self inflicted statement of intent, so its also time to judge FSG and their intentions, if they fall short in providing financial support for transfers then Liverpool’s fans will start to question if FSG are just the same as the last disastrous owners, as it stands Liverpool’s supporters are behind FSG, the challenge for FSG is to maintain that trust and support they have been given.


  1. “Players like Maxi, N’Gog, Meireles and Wilson will all have to improve considerably if they want their Liverpool’s playing career to remain beyond January”

    Meireles and Wilson? Are you serious? Meireles is a fine player while Wilson is still young and, as a result, constantly improving, so to say that they both need to improve considerably to be at our club beyond January is, in my opinion, an absolutely ridiculous thing to say.

    1. thanks for taking time to comment well its well reported that Dalglish is not a fan of Meireles or wilson not that i dislike them at all its just a reported fact

      1. There in lies my problem with some so-called Liverpool fans.

        Don’t believe everything that is reported and therefore do not jump on the bandwagon so easily. Many reds fans lack intelligence, are blinkered and lack the ability to form their own opinions….please don’t do the same.

      2. Reported fact? If Kenny didn’t like Meireles, would he have started him in all those games last year? I’ve heard no mention of this “fact” anywhere, and even if I did I’d probably assume it was rubbish

      3. sooooooooo tell me when did Dalglish open his mouth or show that he’s no fan of meirelss..he was our best performer bar lucas and suarez 10/11 season….i HATE that people keep including meireless’s name in the list..u simply jst want him gone..and if he goes we wud regret it for sure

  2. I agree. I like the direction Kenny is taking. The game against Hull today we been pinging in crosses to Andy all 2nd half with little results so far. I would like him to bring in a more direct wide player in the mold of Adam Johnson as well to bring another dimension.

  3. You are a moron!

    How you can pick Meireles out to improve with the likes of Ngog and Wilson is a joke. Surely the whole team has to improve because last year was a joke, Meireles was one of the better ones.

    As for Jovanovic, the guy is a frickin forward but only Liverpool managers play forwards on the wing and then moan at how badly they played. He isn’t a winger and his quality as a player should be be judged on his performances out of position.

    We will struggle for 4th next season because whilst we have brought in some half decent players we still lack real quality and pace and a left back who can defend.

    1. Thank you for your comments and are very welcome…I like Meireles but its a reported fact kenny does not

      1. Sorry if I seem harsh but why quote on what is reported. You’re obviously a Liverpool fan, you’ve obviously watched them play and you should be able to form your own opinion.

        I hate fellow reds fans who buy into the paper talk and jump on the bandwagon of fellow reds who also can’t form their own opinion

    2. I think if we can add a quality direct winger with some pace to add something new and a quality left back we’ll be more than fine when the rest of the squad joins up and challenging for titles

    3. mmmm true lee..i kinda agree wit you ..its a good point about Jovanovic…and yeah its only in this club that players are played out of position then are judged and called flops…plus Jovanovic never ever had a chance as much as Ngog..Babel was a myth lol shit…danny Wilson always looks shaky to me

  4. I have just watched liverpool play hull,i have to say i dont know wtf kenny is doing,we were absolute shite,no chance at all next season,the squad is still way short,actually i think its worse than before,terrible,im gutted.

    1. We’re still missing suarez, gerrard, glen johnson and some of our better attacking players though

    2. It was a friendly. Can’t judge Liverpool’s performances until the first couple of games of the epl. Still have almost a month for the new players to gel with the team and a friendly isn’t the best indication because the main thing is experimenting ideas and gaining match fitness. A competitive game will show a lot different liverpool.

      1. nooo Justin listen to what your saying “it was a friendly” …u see why we get to lose games…da earlier we are ruthless in friendlies yh da better for us wen we go to da season…see manure already being ruthless as of noww yh man u are ready for the season..but wb us?? we are losing to a coca cola team already even if it ws frendlies

    3. and Andy i think i agree with u wtf is kk doing…that was a completely shit game…it was as if it was da same old team..as if we didnt buy any players…and someone says Suarez and co werent around…but carrol a giant 35mil player was in dat game and once again shit…i have to panic because apart from downing and maybe aquaman..i dont see any improvement

  5. Interesting that you consider yourself an intelligent fan but think Meireles and Maxi should be sold by the club.

    Oh, and by the way. Aquilani does want to stay and so do the owners.

    1. Thanks for your comment..Aquilani has told LFC he wants to return home and I do not think Meireles or Maxi should be sold i like both players but its the club who want them to leave no me friend. YNWA

    1. Thanks Interesting i would of like you to go deeper but its ok thanks for taking time to comment friend YNWA

  6. oh ffs grow a f pair some of you. If you dont f like what kenny is doing f off simples! its preseason.

  7. LFC need to sell 20 players ASAP – they were simply awful today at Hull and lets not have any of the “tired”rubbish – Fergie would not stand for it and neither should we – Apologies to the travelling fans an absolute must – TERRIBLE

  8. Time to judge now? Seriously? Where are you from? The window doesn’t close until the end of August, and you’re calling time 5 weeks early? You, nor anyone else but KK, has any idea what’s going to end up happening. You’re an idiot if you think you can figure it out now, and judging the season ahead by pre-season try-outs. We’ve done the transfer business we’ve done mostly because of the Home Grown Rule going into effect, the same reason ManUre has. Chelsea is in deep crap because they haven’t and now can’t buy more then 1 more foreign player before they clear out. No one wants to go TO Arsenal, only away from them. We bought players that will play hard, and physically, with the hope we will be able to deal with the “smaller” teams that just play route 1 and 10 men behind the ball. KK knows what he’s doing, just give him some time, at least 1 full season, and then judge. You’re daft to try to make judgements now.

    1. totally agree with you mate…..it took a while before mancini had his starting eleven..after all the buys, and i KNOW for certain that King is watching carefully to pick his starting 11….this is pre season for f***s sake…look what he did with the crap of a team last season. TRUST KING KENNY…..the man u fans on the page should F off.

    2. Thanks for your comments but i think you are misreading the article. no one is having a go a Kenny or any player its a debate article i personally like Meireles and Maxi but the real fact is Kenny does not rate Meireles and that’s a fact believe me, am talking about the season as a whole not pre season and how it will and has to be judged then not now friend YNWA

  9. Meireles and aquilani should stay, honestly speaking. They both kind of bring quality and flair into the squad more than the english players, no offence to english players. Poulsen,jovanovic, and maybe joe cole should leave. We honestly don’t need them. Joe cole maybe could stay. Something should be done about the position kuyt plays. He is not a traditional winger, hence his crosses aren’t so pinpoint he should be played upfront like d positions of 9 and 8. We really need a left back, centre back and a genuine right winger, and then I’m done.

  10. “…so its also time to judge FSG and their intentions, IF THEY FALL SHORT IN PROVIDING FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR TRANSFERS then Liverpool’s fans will start to question if FSG are just the same as the last disastrous owners…”

    Not sure how you can question owners who have already given the manager over £100m to spend so far. Most managers in the premiership can only dream of having that much money at their disposal.

  11. Additionally, you throw Meireles in there, but where are the other sub-standards? N’Gog? Sell Spearing now while we can get something for him, he’ll never be a regular starter. How about Johnson? He can’t defend to save his life, and unless you move him up to right-mid he’s surplus, and you could get at least 15M for him. We have enough English players, we don’t need him and he’s a liability. Where’s Insua? Degen? We need to give these guys away if we have to just to get them off the books, that will free up money for new player purchases and salaries to entice them with. I just can’t understand how you think you can figure out the next 9 months based on 3 weeks.

  12. It seems like there is just 1 particular technique we feel will put us into the top four which is for every good crosser such as Downing to be bringing in crosses. To me all our opponents will soon observe this fact and will always be ready to clear out those balls. As we observed in today’s match the technique did not work apparently. Also the squad really needs to be adept in ball control and more accurate passes. Please who has heard anything about Gerrards rehabilitation progress?

  13. Dont judge until half way into season. Best we loose preseason, so Kenny knows who to slap or not.
    The team will come good

  14. Kenny has a lot of dross at the club and it usually only takes one or two poor quality players to make the rest look rubbish….

    Getting rid of Joe Cole, David Ngog, Emiliano Insua, David Wilson, Brad Jones, Cristian Poulsen, Maxi Rodrigues, Dirk Kuyt, Martin Skrtel and players of that ilk is a must, and then we won’t have to play them in friendlies such as these and dilute the ability of the other players. That way, we could also bring in the 4 or 5 better quality players that we desperately need.

    Some will probably take offence at my slating Kuyt but my view has never waivered. Apart from his debut against West Ham, he has always been useless. He works hard but he always loses possession, makes too many other mistakes and lacks any real ability!!!

  15. I have never seen Kenny say anything bad about any of our players, he has too much class for that.

    If its fact that he has said he doesn’t like Meireles or Wilson, please point us in the right direction? I would love to see this factual article you talk of, because I bet none of it has come from Kenny’s lips, possibly more made up tripe by some brainless twat journalist from the rag none of us should be reading?

    Perhaps you work for them and having tapping Kenny’s phone. If so then hurry up and present the factual evidence.

  16. “I like Meireles but its a reported fact kenny does not”

    Really?? Where exactly? Can you post links to these so-called “facts” to back your claims up?

  17. time to judge we dnt need to blame kk 4losing friendly cos we all no that is a kind of sample ur player but l think 3-0 is much frm hull city l believe that is the fan consign abt the match.meireles,aquilan should not be sold bcos both are quality to be in lfc and aquilani dnt want to stay england then let him move but we should keep meireles and wilson should be sold,wilson no improve let him go j cole jovanovic insua degan ngog jones all nd to be sold.we nd to build our defence cos there will some diffcuit match that we would manage to score 1 and we nd to defend to win the match with this our defence we can win 1~0 else we draw or lose Kk nd to rebuild the defence line get quality like agger.today match we nd atleast draw,we no kk is trying the play but if we start losing to team like hull city that means seawan etc wil beat us then we are not a big team also small teams we not afraid to face lfc very bad.

  18. Stop whinging there are far worst teams out there. From the squad today we have in addition pepe reina,Johnson, Lucas,gerrard, Suarez all likely to start. Plus we have downing Adam and Henderson who can nobly get better as they integrate in the team.

    I would say left back could do with strengthening otherwise we can cope. One must remember we are not in the top 4 so it is difficult to get the top draw players to come without paying over the odds like Manchester city. Wait and see every year we will improve. The guys are probably jet legged and full training session yesterday

  19. yeah kenny hates mereiles, hmmmm… the guy that scored THAT winner against chelsea… and played so well in pretty much every game till the end of the season.Quote me, where did Kenny say he dislikes him, don’t say, oh it’s a fact, it’s not a f***ing fact, its media bullshit. Don’t listen to it, and don’t pretend to be itk. Sorry to sound harsh but i’ve just been reading some of the comments on the LFC website today saying what a disgrace it was. Poor-yes, Disgrace-no. It’s preseason and many of the players haven’t played together yet. Don’t make conclusions in pre-season… no1s kicked a ball in anger in the PL yet so don’t judge anything. Oh and one last thing, why wouldn’t kenny like maxi, the man scored 7 goals in 3 games for him…

    1. Thanks for taking time to reply if you have noticed i posted this article before the match started and am not saying judge anyone now until the end of the season also am very connected and can ensure you that if a bid came in for Meireles hes gone, not that i agree with that at all, pre season is that pre season, and am not concerned with any results in pre season we as fans may not agree with every player movement but just except what happens and deal with it

  20. Brian,

    Meireles needing to improve – don’t think Kenny ever said that and is a bit wide of the mark – would love to see your evidence to back it up, please don’t tell me that you read it in a paper!

    Also don’t agree with your last paragraph about the owners – give them a bloody chance, we’re not even in the Champions League. What new owners don’t ever promise fans success?

    We need to build a sustainable future and that means a new stadium and increasing our match day revenues from the corporates – who do you think is goin!g to pay the wages of all these superstars!

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