The Daily Antoine: 25th July 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Luis Suarez was on target as Uruguay claimed the Copa America title more…

And Suarez targets a Liverpool title more…
(Let’s do it)

Liverpool have signed Villyan Bijev more…
(Great to see more kids signing)

Henderson and Downing are not concerned with the result against Hull more…

According to Italian Media reports Aquilani is edging closer to leaving LFC more…

A report on the Daily Mirror suggested that Bayern Munich are interested in Daniel Agger more…
(Hands off our Danny)

Poulsen is being linked with Fulham more…

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  1. Luis suarez was also given the price for the best player in the tournament,let’s not forget about that! YNWA

  2. Like when torres came to lfc, apart from gerrard we had no other “world class” players to take the weight of torres.

    I can see the same going to happen with suarez, he is just a hug player for us, and if he gets an injury, we are finished, we really are.

    Can we not wake up as a club and see we just havent addressed enough issues with the team, its clear we are still well short up top, carroll at the moment looks like a pub player, its a joke how bad he is looking, we are going to suffer on a huge level without luis suarez and we all know it, so why have we not got out of this comfort zone and gone out and brought a hevay hitter a, worldy to add alongside the likes of suarez.

    We are srating to rely on him anyway at the back end of last season, when he didnt not play well we didnt turn up and this is the same with the torres thing when he first got here.

    QUALITY “” is the word and we just do not have enough and if any liverpool think we have enough then they are in a dream world.

    we need a powerful left back.
    a strong tall, fit, quick center half who can challenge injury prone agger and may skrtel more consistant.

    we then need either a creative playmaker or more needed is a winger – right sided out and out wide man, theres not many around but lets not use that as a way out of not spending.

    fact is we still havent spent anything like the amounbts we should have been , this is not a dig or a negative attitude , its just facts and cold hard truth people.

    its time to get on, buy players and make no fuss, just get on with it, or we will be out of the top 4 again next year, and please dont tell me that after yet another year not in the champions league, your going to tell me you would expect reina, suarez to stay, NO WAY.

      1. go and see a doctor, if your so angry, i suggest you either go see a doctor or ask a friend for help, my help line is closed, failing that ask your mum for help.

        If she will not help you, oh well at least i gave you some advice you gimp you.

  3. poulsen – crap
    degen – made of glass and is just utter rubbish
    cole – come on he is past it big time, his wages are not being used well, we could save this money and pay someone else, use the resource better.
    jovanovic – just get rid, cant even talk about him.
    brad jones – should never be here, we have others and some young keepers, gulcucsi is still rated by the club and we have hansen also, now doni too. get him out.
    insua – come on guys, he is not the real deal, he is not what we need, he is not quick, he is to small, ha cant tackle and he cant run, his crossing is all over the place and for me there is no need for him to be at the club with flanno, kelly and robinson there going to be and maybe are better than him, cut him free now!.
    soto, god bless him he seems a nice guy to have around the place and to be fair he did not let us down much at all, but he is just to slow on the floor and he is not getting younger either, sound person, but nice people are not sometimes whats needed to win tittles, which is what we are all hear for?.

    tom ince, – prick of young bloke with such a bad attitude, had a problem (or his dad did) with the contract offer we made to him earlier in the year, id love to see him go and play at blackpool, get his bad attitude away from other young lads.

    shelvey – you wait, think this guy is big time over rated, i know fans will salte me for this, but i have watched him and his attitude and he stinks,, this guy mark my words will be utter garbage.

    wilson – having a shocking pre season was at fault foor goals v hull, was weak with his upper body, got himself turned in side out many times, and for me if this is the standard of youg players we think are good then we are in deep shite, this guy might look on the ball, but let me say this — he will be a very very average player, love to see him go.

    pacheco – loan him out in thsi country so he can get regular games and then see, still bit early to get rid, but he needs to start pulling up trees,,, in order to justify the hype…

    aurelio – he can go or take a pay as you go deal, love having himaround but he is just never ever fit, i mean whats going on with him this pre season ?

  4. mr wright or what ever you shite name is.

    1, I am liverpool fan and have been for years and years.

    2, I live in the real world son! – do you.

    3, I had a post based on my points of view.

    4, If you dont agree, cool but maybe you need to goto the doctor.

    5, If your going to react like that to all things in life that do not go your way or that you dont agree with then you need huge help mate….

    6, Last but not least, liverpool run in my blood and i am so fed up with us not doing enough in the summer market, that is my view, and i think you will find out after taking a good look at the team and squad and take gerrard and suarez and reina out and we are in trouble. thats not negative that is just clear.

    7, If you cannot see that there are massive issues at left back and the need for a better back up option and other frontman who can make carroll suarez and kuyt all work harder in order to keepp their levels up then your in a the wrong game old bean.

    8, If you also cant see that wilson is a complete and utter crap and makes more errors than soto! and if you still cant see that agger still doesnt play back to back games for liverpool and in fact i ask you to check the stats, and he hardly p;ays for us at all!!! this with the fact that soto is slow on the deck and carragher getting on, you still think we are well off in that area,




    1. There’s a difference between spending money and spending money sporadically. If you compare Liverpool’s transfer strategy with Manchester City’s lack of one, you can see our transfer policy will pay off dividends. Between FSG, Kenny and Comolli they look at statistics (As FSG did when they began building the Red Sox) and player personalities.

      For instance, undoubtedly, Carlos Tevez is a remarkable player on the pitch, but off the pitch, he throws his toys out of the pram each transfer window. All of the players we have signed this summer have been quiet lads, who do their talking on the pitch, and only on the pitch. Others players Man City have signed that fit into this “problem player” category include Adebayor, Balotelli, and Robinho.

      Regarding the list of players you noted earlier – Yes, most are not the quality Liverpool should have been looking at, but many were signed under the (catastrophic) ownership of the Two Cowboys, and were done so with a budget half of which my bank account consists of.

      I just want to make a point about some of the players that you did mention. Regarding Insua, in his first full season in his career (Not just in the PL), he ranked as the top assisting left-full back at only the age of 20. And, with the experience of a full season on loan in Turkey, he seems to have returned more athletic and solid (Albeit against poorer opposition) than when he left on loan last summer.

      I watched Shelvey regularly last season in both the Reserves and the First team under both Hodgson and Kenny, and again in the pre-season and he looks a solid box-to-box midfielder, although at just twenty, he possibly needs more time to mature.

      I agree with many of the other points about the players you mentioned, although as I said many of them were signed under Hicks and Gillet, and Hodgson.

      As for Suarez, I think with Henderson, Gerrard, Aquilani, Kuyt, Meireles and Maxi all able to play in the hole, we may not combust as you suggested. Sure, we won’t have #7’s dynamic performances, but there’s enough creativity waiting down the pecking order to provide cover.

      Sorry for the novel :), just thought I’d throw a few points around.

  5. Agree with all of your points, we know about the last owners and the list of what they did to this great club and its many fans all over the world was just shocking, we nearly went done the pan with those two shites!!!! just gald we are now back to being a stable club.

    BUt my frustration and i know it takes time in life to build anything great, but my main concern is the still lack of general quality.

    Alexander while you come on here and have a nice converastion as that other gimp just had a go at me for just having my say, you seem to be more balanced, but my main point through years of supporting and paying out small fourtunes to follow this grand old club is, we never seem to be able to just get on and do what is needed in the close season.

    Yes while i say thank you to fsg for buying without selling – which makes a nice change, it would still be nice if we could just add that little bit more top bracket quality.

    i think for the team, downing adam and henderson for a total of around £43 mill is great business when you break it down, just look at what most players are costing these days, they are on average around the 20 plus mark for players that are still to do things in the game, thats just the way the game is!! but liverpool have done well in paying a total of the above on 3 players that all bring things to the squad, however i have a problem if we think thats all we need, when its clear we still are a fair way away from the chelsea’s utd’s and even spurs squad. thats just my view – what do you think? thanks mate.

    1. I think with Chelsea’s and United’s squads, both are getting on a bit. Chelsea’s strikers (Torres, Drogba, Malouda, Anelka and Kalou) are all fading (Drogba), injury-prone (Torres) or just not Chelsea quality (Kalou). I think Malouda still has a few more seasons, but not consistant enough to prove useful enough to hold onto. As for Anelka, I think he may have a bit left to give, but at the moment, he’s stuck behind the ego of Drogba, and the price-tag of Torres. In their midfield, Chelsea are indeed already suffering. With Essien out for up to 6 months, Mikel not Chelsea quality, Lampard aging, and Yossi Benayoun quite injury prone – I think Chelsea will struggle possibly mid-season. Their defence seem to be solid, although ever since his injury, Cech has never been able to match the form or perfomances prior to his injury.

      I agree with not being up to Chelsea’s standards as of yet, but in two seasons (possibly three), Drogba, Malouda, Anelka, Lampard and a number of others will have retired. Torres, Terry, Essien, and Cole will have faded, and Kalou, and Mikel will have moved on. I’m an admirer of Sturridge, McEachran and Kakuta – but I’m pretty sure our Academy can produce more over time.

      With United’s squad, van der Sar, Scholes and Neville have all retired (although Neville hadn’t played in a large amount of time). This summer, Wes Brown, O’Shea, Hargreaves have all moved on (even though none were players of any real quality in my opinion). Looking at their First XI in my mind : De Gea is still to be tested in the PL ; Rafael, Ferdinand / Phil Brown / the other young fella they signed in January and Vidic, Evra. Rafael is a hothead, Ferdinand can’t stay fit to save his life, and Vidic gets more red cards than he can count a season. Utd’s back line may rely on two young acquisitions this season. In midfield, Giggs is slowly ticking down, Fletcher is returning from a few months lay-off, Valencia was injured during the Copa America, so possibly United’s only consistent wingers will be Nani and Young – who is yet to settle.
      Many of the players mentioned above, in my mind, will be shipped on over the next season or two with no real profit made.
      Of course, in my opinion, United will suffer in a number of seasons, when Ferguson decides to retire. The power he holds at United with the board and owners is incredible, and when he retires, no doubt Giggs will be sure to, and the upheaval at United will be enough to derail them for at least a few months.

      With FSG, I think they’ve targeted young players, who look good statistically, who can be shipped on for a decent profit. Downing (despite what people say) is a good PL player, consistently performing for seasons. In January, next Summer, and on FSG will be slowly letting players go and bringing in new players for a decent sum, but also keep the ability to sell them on for a profit, if they fail to perform.

      I’d like to comment on Spurs, but I’m not too up-to-date so I’d be talking out my arse.

      Basically, in short, even though this shatters my previous post’s length – Sure, maybe we are a fair way from Chelsea and United’s squads, but in a season or two, we’ll overtake them. ;)

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