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By Zohaib Bilal
(14 years old LFC fan)

Hello everyone :) I would like to talk about a very important thing regarding next season.

The formation. Too many times have I heard ‘Kenny is a genius he can handle it, we don’t have to worry.’

Enough with so much optimism. I understand that Kenny is a brilliant manager.

He is as good as gets, and I am very excited to see him overseeing us next season.

We all just want to talk about it.

And I am here to talk about the players who are for sure to start and the ones who are fringe players.


Firstly, Pepe Reina
The first name on the sheet, we’re lucky to have him. And I’m sure no one will argue with this matter.

Jamie Carragher
Our veteran leader would take a bullet for his club. He is one of the best defenders there are. (Although extremely underappreciated)

Daniel Agger
He is a very good centre back and has always been solid.
He shall start whenever he’s fit.

Glen Johnson
Another great wing back that has received a lot of stick for all the wrong reasons. Fine, he has made some defensive mistakes. But he is a real hard worker and I want to see him start. Has been better defensively at left back but he can play equally well at the right flank.

A great servant to the club. I was one of the people who honestly hated him when he first started playing. Bt now he has become a regular starter and a great player. He is brilliant defensively and can spray those passes. Definitely starting. BUT will without a doubt face competition, IF he has a dip in form.

Charlie Adam
Great signing, No one knows if he will start, I definitely would want to see him play ahead of Merieles. Bt he will have to prove himself.

Steven Gerrard
He is starting when fit. Our captain has been of great service to both club and country.

Raul Merieles
He was AMAZING last season. But this season he will find it even more difficult. He has said he wants to stay, and i have no problem as he would provide some depth.

Luis Suarez
He was Liverpool’s best player of 2011(so far). He is starting.

Andy Carroll
He will definitely prove himself. Some wont fancy him, but definitely will start. I can see a bright start from him.

Dirk Kuyt
Another great performer. He has an amazing work rate and it should break my heart not to see him play. Because we have the assurance that even if we are 3-0 down he will run until the final whistle.

Stewart Downing
Spent a good amount of money on him. Has a great amount of pace and an amazing cross. Will provide for Carroll. I have always wanted to see him here, even when he was with Middlesborough.

Jordan Henderson
A decent signing. He has the potential and i trust the King to bring out the best in him.
Wont start but will definitely make appearances.

Jay Spearing
He will find it very difficult. I say he should go on loan for a half season. He is a great player, bt if not now, later Connor coady and jonjo shelvey will provide competition.
Regardless he is a very good player and i would like him to stay just to provide energy. But I have a feeling he might want to leave next year

Jonjo Shelvey
Without a doubt, the next Stevie G.
Would like for him to go on a 6-month loan.

Joe Cole
Great player. And linked up with Andy Carroll perfectly. Bt his salary is too high. Sold.

Milan Jovanovic
Wage is too high. Uncommitted.

Christian Poulsen
He is an OK player.
But should be sold.

David Ngog
Is not needed.
Pacheco can be used as a backup.

Emilano Insua
He is a great left-back. I would love to see him continue. He should stay.

Alberto Aquilani
A great passer. Should ONLY be sold IF for the right price. Other than that he can be used.

Dani Pacheco
Backup striker. And will surely be used more often this season. Also would like to see Fernandez Suso this season.

Maxi Rodriguez
Villain turned hero.
Always at the right place at the right time.
Only to be sold for the right price.

Fabio Aurelio
Great player but very injury prone. Would like to see him start regularly. If not he should make way for the youngsters.


The Formation

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina.
In the centre, we will obviously see Carragher. Partnering him will probably be Agger or Skrtel. Both are good options and would like to see them play. Right back and left back are the problems.

For right back we have Kelly,Johnson and Flanagan.

For left back we have Aurelio,Johnson,Insua and Robinson.

We have a couple of options.

Either we play RB: Kelly and LB:Johnson.

Or RB: Johnson LB:Insua.

Or RB: Johnson LB:Aurelio.

Back four could like:

Kelly Carragher Agger Johnson (like last year)


Johnson Carragher Agger Insua


Johnson Carragher Agger Aurelio

All are very good options and tbh i cant decide :)

We don’t have a left back problem, we just need to make use of what we have.
This is the problem in our formation. We have millions of midfielders. Now i think Lucas,Steven Gerrard and Charlie adam as a Three man midfield is great. The bench will have Aquilani,Henderson,Merieles,maxi,spearing and Shelvey. As you can see we have depth and can have various squad variations.
We will probably sell a few players to make some money.


We have two able strikers. Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll.
Back up could be David Ngog or Dani Pacheco.

I pick Pacheco. Our problem is the fact we have two real wingers in contention.

Dirk Kuyt and Stewart Downing. Dirk Kuyt being a tireless player and giving his all in every match, doesn’t have the same pace and his cross accuracy isn’t as good.

Stewart Downing. Huge season for the 27 year old. He has a decent work rate. Has a lot of pace and has an amazing cross. This will be an important decision.


1) Goal: Reina


RB: Johnson/kelly

CB: Carragher

CB: Agger/Skrtel



CM: lucas

CM:Charlie Adam

CAM: Steven Gerrard


RW: Luis Suarez. (playing a bit more centrally)

CF: Andy Carroll

LW: Dirk Kuyt/Stewart Downing.

I really feel guilty about leaving out star perforrmers Dirk Kuyt and Raul Merieles

Once again i know King Kenny is a genius and will probably make a good decision

Bt it cant hurt to just discuss it, can it?

I have complete faith in KD.

And im only 14 so cut me some slack.

Excuse me for any spelling or grammatical mistakes, I wrote most of it on my cell phone.


  1. I would like to se a 4-3-3-formation:

    “New left-back” Kuyt/Downing
    Reina Lucas Carroll
    G. Johnson Suarez

    Doni, Skrtel/Agger/Willson, Kelly, Meireles/Aquilani, Spearing/Shelvey, Maxi/Henderson, Pacheco/N’Gog.

  2. I would like to se a 4-3-3-formation:


    ————–Carragher Agger/Skrtel
    G. Johnson——————————-“New left-back”




    Doni, Skrtel/Agger/Willson, Kelly, Meireles/Aquilani, Spearing/Shelvey, Maxi/Henderson, Pacheco/N’Gog.

  3. I think W̶̲̥̅ƹ should buy luis e from newcastle and then sell auriello, j cole, poulsen, ngog, agger (he is always injured) and buy godin. Then loan out shelvey, wilson and even pacheco (kuyt can be used as a third striker). Am not too sure W̶̲̥̅ƹ need j henderson (I hope am wrong). But the whole truth is W̶̲̥̅ƹ are not in champions league so W̶̲̥̅ƹ have to reduce our team. And I think our formation should be 4-2-3-1. But am not a professional just a concerned liverpool fan

  4. difficult 2 cum up wi a recognisd a firt 11. So many midfieldrs
    bt i wld lyk Aqulani 2 b given a decent run! Wi wat we have
    against Sunderland i wld propose:
    johnson kelly srktel insuia-
    henderson adam
    meirelis downin
    Bt cum è game against Arsenal

    johnson carra srktel agger
    gerrard downin

  5. Hello Zohaib
    well done young man keep up the good writing, am a regular writer on EOTK and is great to see young blood, once again well done and keep at it YNWA

    Brian Reece
    twitter @oldfattoad

  6. Nice idea to play Downing/Kuyt at LW. 4-3-3 does look good the most appropriate. And I would like Insua to start before Aurelio for LB. And ofcourse, Glen for RB. Have Fabio and Kelly as back-ups. Sell Joe, Poulsen, N’Gog and Maxi only if he really wants to leave. Need to loan off Shelvey, Spearing. Keep Aqua, Hendo, Merieles and Kuyt/Downing for back-up.

  7. Enrique for the price that newcastle want from my source is around 11.5 million for a guy that is in the final year is a stupid price and a very poor deal.

    He cant even get passed capdavilla in the spain team, and in spain if you ask them about enrique, they all have problems with his defending!!! this guy is over rated at 11.5 in his final year, big time….

    Agger can we rely on him, at present the answer would be – no.
    soto is to slow to be called upon next year, he needs to go, so does wilson – yes i mean wilson he is so poor its crazy, another goal was his fault at hull, ayala is better than wilson and ayala does not have much of a future here either?.

    aquilani – cant even be talk about this clown, just get rid of him, another media circus around this guy – now, buy the way can anyone tell me why us fansshould be any more loyal to him than another player who has grafted for liverpool over the last season? this guy will not be here, so wht carry on listing him in your teams for next year.

    we have so much dead wood it would take me years to go through it all but if we want to be up their and get into the top 4 then we need to keep buying, and thats clear –


  8. Zohaib bilal is ma frnds name.bt surely 16 years like me.lol. Gud post ,use querty cell 4 some speed,dude

  9. Thank you everyone for ur praise.
    And Durgeshkopindia i am using a qwerty. :P

    Also i agree with most of you. I think jose enrique for 11 milllion is CRAZY.
    He is no more than 8 million.
    I think KD will not invest in a leftback.
    My regards to Antoine Zammit who is doing a great job here.
    And i would like to thank him for posting my article :)

  10. Good article Lad. I think we just need to buy Leighton Baines (LB) and Scott Dann (CB). Aguero or/and Mata would be a dream. Heard Mancity & Arse are closing in the Agrie & Spanish respectively.

  11. I would have loved to see aguero at Liverpool FC.
    Imagine a suarez-aguero partnership.
    Bt i really dont think any more signings are needed.
    I think we should see how we perform in the first half of the season.

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