The Daily Antoine: 1st August 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Kick off today is at 6PM UK Time, Come on Reds

The Reds arrived in Norway yesterday more…

Glen Johnson, Pepe Reina and Daniel Agger are set to feature today more…
(We missed them) 

Capello is upset that Gerrard is injured more…
(Shut up Fabio, Stevie should retire from International Football)

Park Chu-Young is being linked again more…
(His name keeps popping up)

Keegan believes that We and City will fight for the title more…
(Surprised he didn’t include Newcastle and Hamburg in the mix)

We are being accused by the Crewe manager of making an illegal approach for one of their youngsters more…
(Oh Shut up) 

And finally unfortunately the Red Ladies lost again, this time to Bristol more…

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  1. glen johnson, daniel agger and martin skrtel also fabio aurelio have done not even close to even 10 % of a pre season and i still here that ” we dont need a center back or left back”…………just staggering that….

    lets talk johnson, his injury record is getting worse by the year, why just do not know, he idd miss his fair share of games last year.

    agger – just getting like fabio aurelio now ,,, what is he for if he cant even do a pre season? he is getting worse by the year?

    skrtel, has had his injury all summer, when back before pre season there was a statement form him on the offical web page saying that he has been given a special injury excersize to do while away on holiday!!!!!!!!!

    Aurelio – enough is enough where is he and why have we not seen him?

    Martin kelly is not that free from the injuries that keep him out of games either….

    So if you add all this up are you then telling me kenny and the club did not sit down and think ” jesus we need another left and centre back”?…. if not i would like to know why,,,,

    why have we left it so late, why have we not addressed such poor options that we have within the club….er hello!!! mt henry earth to you????

    What is it with liverpool they can never just get on with it and do it the easy wasy — can they? your telling me its ok becasue we have shite end players like insua, wilson and soto who is so slow its getting worse….

    for me thsi summer window has been disgusting and if you cant take to hear it, maybe you should have heard who reina sounded when interviewd on

    Pepe Riena couldnt sound more down if he tried, why becasue he knows we have just not done enough,, he even said we have done things but so have everyone else-

    fac it, we have had a very poor window, and why are we two weeks away from starting the season with players that can hardly train in the off season…. its a joke to be fair…

    what a crock of shite this club is at the moment….

    1. Liverpool do not deserve to have shunting, whining, negative thinking no- marks like you as a s supporter. Why don’t you just cross the park and join the permanently bitter blues, or better still take a long hike down the East Lancs and become a glory seeking Manc of either persuasion.

  2. Tom, you prick you, i have followed liverpool all over the world, i have spent more moeny on my team than the best of them.

    So i will have my view every day of the week mate….

    Wake up, stop dreaming, i love liverpool to bits, but its getting boring now, every year we try to get better but just look at the problems, im not go to educate you if you cant see it for yourself….. if you really think we have done enough then your a fool.

    Evry fan has the right to a view, i didnt come on here before now and insult you, you read my post and went for me, so why dont you stop getting angry at me becasue deep down you look at the team, to me its clear we just have not done not even nearly enough.

    Next your tell me that enrique is a great player and will really help, yes he is good, but agin its the cheap way out, just 6 mill is now the price, so we have taken the option and the easy option again… and please do not even tell me that downing is close to mata,,,, rubbish…

    then you have a our huge issue at the back, but then your going to get all upset because a fan who lives in the real world points this out….

    I suggest you neeed to go to a doctor for anger problems mate, either that or your so upset with life that you feel the need to attack people just over a post —- very sad,,,

    i remember the day when all liverpools fans could have a debate with out two bit people like you thinking you have the write to have a go…. you will find out quickly you will not be having a go at me old son,, you can be safe with that info…

    so my advice is go back to the doctor and get some help ok mate….

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