In Pursuit of Happiness

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By Brian Reece
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Liverpool v Sunderland will be the start of our Premier League campaign, our first season with Dalglish in charge, our first season in pursuit of happiness.

Now before will start booking tickets for the title party just hold on and listen, its not going to happen this season my friends and maybe not next season either, yes admittedly it is not what you all want to hear right now but we have to be realistic about our current squad and our financial position within the premiership.

Man City are on a quest to buy Premiership glory as did Chelsea a few years ago and will not stop spending until the rest of the premiership are blown away buy their millions, but money does not always guarantee success and City’s obsession with glory may be their undoing, Liverpool on the other hand have owners who know nothing other than winning buy putting in place a winning formula which consists of strong financial management, correct player development and squad improvement.

Liverpool simply don’t have the squad to win the title right now, this does not mean we wont but for now its just how it is, we have to focus on getting back into the Champions League, then we can start bringing in players which we should expect to be in the position to bid for, we need players in defence and other striking options to really challenge the top four right now.

We also have to clear out our unwanted players such a Jovanovic, Cole, Polusen, N’Gog and Aquilani, yes Aquilani the player who does not want to be at Liverpool Football Club and has told the club as such, the same Aquilani who Dalglish values so much he has not even given him a squad number, yes people that Aquilani.

It has been vastly debated about should Aquilani stay or go but its down to Dalglish and on the evidence before us it looks like Dalglish will clear him from Liverpool if not am sure he would have been given a squad number by now, in the defence of Aquilani, Hodgson should have given Aquilani a full season to prove his worth but sadly that type of decision was far too intelligent for the former manager to comprehend given he believed Polusen was a better player than Aquilani.

We need to invest in a CD & a LB with the uppermost urgency, our defensive situation needs dealing with now, not in January when we could of already been punished for the lack of quality cover, if we are going to get back in the top four we must have strength and depth in the squad and in all positions.

We also need extra cover in the striking area, N’Gog is not that, we need a quality young forward, am sure Dalglish knows what he needs and so do FSG who have supported Dalglish in every move in the transfer market he has made, but we must still improve the current squad and once we do am sure we will be a force in the Premiership, just like we should be now.

As for this season well its a case of aiming for a top four slot and then with the extra incentive of Champions League football to offer players am sure we will really be back In pursuit of happiness.


  1. I’m afraid that what you’ve written is simply that which every Liverpool fan already knows. We know it’s going to take time, and we know that there will have to be changes within the squad.

    Secondly, I must suggest that you check your spelling and grammar, as in some places it is simply not acceptable, unless you’re foreign, in which case I comend the effort you’ve put in. Please check the different uses of the words buy, by and bye in particular.

      1. It seems I owe you an apology for the incorrect spelling of commend. Fair enough if you use t9 sometimes. You can end up saying all sorts of funny things you don’t intend with t9.

    1. ‘Commend’
      1. Praise formally or officially.
      2. Present as suitable for approval or acceptance; recommend: “I commend her to you without reservation”.
      Y knot pracktice wot u preech Maffhew (unless you’re foreign)

  2. Nice piece although it doesn’t say anything most of us don’t already know, grammar and spelling as obviously the product of t9
    But we can understand it. @matthew, there are two m’s in commend

    1. Touche indeed, I apologise sincerely. It was always going to happen when I was complaining about spelling.

  3. jesus wept…the amount of times I read a perfectly acceptable article these days, with the subsequent comment and debate all about the grammar and spelling is ridiculous. Get a grip

      1. Its not just you clearly from this thread. Wheres the debate about the content of the article? Too many articles i see posted these days get more debate about punctuality or spelling than the points raised in the article.

        Personally i dont agree with Brian. I think we do have enough to win the title this yr if we can get those 2 defenders at cb and lb we need. Enrique and if no cb signs then kelly needs a go at cb with carra or agger. A good positive start and a result at Arsenal would be huge message to the league

  4. Hi i am midhun from a small village(kumbalanghi) here in kerela, india. i would love to know how these posts are happening in our beloved site. we are liverpool, all of us are, irrespective of your nationality,religion,race, color we are liverpool, i became more of a kop when we were under Roy. i used to tell people we will come back,i used to defend our players, even our manager. because i am a kop, we may have dis likings ,we may have difference of opinion, but we don’t have to criticize our manager. if he knows flanagan will come good, if he knows johnson can be a LB, if he knows kuyt haven’t forgot to play as a striker, he will manage it. i believe we will become champions this seasons.
    i have faith in kenny……..,so no kop will ever walk alone.

  5. we have to aim to win the league to even get top four..the current top four are all potential league winners or were last season.. if we aim for fourth the players wont be going out with the right attitude,and if we finish fifth or sixth its another year of not being able to compete for the top players in the transfer windows..manure dont have an amazing squad but they grind out results when they’re not playing well because they expect success..we need to expect success to have any hope of achieving it..we’ve enough players to challenge if properly motivated

  6. It saddens me when hearing people like you Mr Brian, question Alberto ‘Pinocchio’ Aquilani’s real passion for LFC ; especially after what he’s been through. For me it’s surely a serious injustice. Worst part is you busy saying the exact words of that stupid agent Z…….whatever not AA words. I just feel so disappointed seeing such blogs, hearsay blogs

  7. Unless you are an insider at Anfield, i don’t believe Aqua has ever said he wanted to leave. Seriously Aqua must stay.

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