The Daily Antoine: 2nd August 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Unfortunately we didn’t win yesterday more…
(Nice to see Agger & Aquilani being so sharp)

Kenny agrees that there is hard work to be done more…

The Reds paid a special tribute to the Norway victims more…

Raul was absent yesterday because of a bruised foot more…
(Get well soon Raul) 

Charlie Adam insists that LFC can cope without Gerrard more…
(It has been tough in the past)

John W Henry insists that a title challenge is too early  more…
(He does say that top 4 is a target)

Xabi Alonso talks on how the Reds will be a force to be reckoned with this season more…

The LFC youngsters will be participating in a tournament against other top European clubs more…

The Daily Aquilani update today comes from AC Milan who admit that they are interested in him more…
(Oh boy) 

And finally according to reports Jova’s future will be resolved today more…
(Good luck) 

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  1. I don’t c the point of selling Aquilan while he
    Is the player who can change the game and make us score
    Goal .the new signs play for 80 mins but did not
    Show and hope but Aqua man he got only 10 mis but
    He proves that he is capable of creating a winning
    Chances..don’t let Aqua man go ..he is better than all
    New boys…YNWA

  2. Keep aqui……..amazing to me how we have let go of xabi, masch and now aqui……..sorry to say but carrol needs to tighten up…..he looks slow, almost looks not good enough…..would much rather have sturridge and 20 mil

  3. Aquaman definitely needs to stay. He’s too talented.

    Our problem is besides Gerrard and Downing none of our attacking players can run!! Luis has serious movement so he doent need to but we are too slow up front.

  4. Keep him kenny…. Plz.. Without him we may have a chance in top 4 but with him we can be the champions… He may be wanting to leave but keep him like wenger kept fabregas in arsenel last season… AQUAMAN… U CAN BE A LEGEND HERE… Plz dont go

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