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by Brian Reece
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Alberto Aquilani has been the taking point of this summers debates, some supporters want Aquilani gone as they fell he has displayed a lack of commitment by making comments to the club and through his agent that he wishes to leave the club, and there are many supporters who desperately want him to stay, demanding that he is given a fair chance to prove himself at Liverpool.

To be fair to Aquilani, he wasn’t given a fair chance under Roy Hodgson who sent a perfectly injury free and fit Aquilani on loan to Juventus for the whole of last season, so any impact Aquilani was going to make, was taken away from him by the then manager Roy Hodgson, then Hodgson made an even bigger mistake by bringing in Polusen to replace Aquilani, no two players could be so apart in class as them two, it was the sort of intelligent decision Hodgson would use regularly during his disastrous and idiotic time in charge.

Aquilani has the potential to become a great player for Liverpool but the constant loan deals and lack of opportunity’s at Liverpool has properly made Aquilani’s mind up for him, and to be honest if he goes I cannot say I will lose sleep purely because I have not seen enough of him to judge whether he would have been great or not.

Paul Konchesky and Joe Cole are other players which the footballing mastermind Roy Hodgson subjected Liverpool fans too during his time at the club, the only one which can be classed as acceptable is Raul Meireles who has been a decent player for LFC since getting to grips with the English game, that unfortunately could not be said for Aquilani, as Liverpool’s results plummeted under Hodgson, where was Aquilani? Playing well week in week out for Juventus on loan and while Steve Gerrard was injured, another tactical master class from Hodgson, Konchesky has to be the worst ever Liverpool signing other than Paul Stewart, that is the only thing Hodgson will be remembered for at Anfield.

Roy Hodgson is not the world class managerial mastermind that the media set him up to be or a top four club manager that he believed he was, he made bad signings and displayed awful tactics when faced with a challenge, so if there is anyone to blame for Aquilani wanting to leave look know further than our ex tactical genius Roy Hodgson the best managerial idiot in the business.

If Liverpool’s fans want to thank anyone for his departure, then every year send Blackburn Rovers players a Christmas card and flowers to their wife’s, because boy did they do us a great big favour that night, the job had shoes Roy’s little feet could not fill, and when Liverpool’s owners realised that fact, they gave it to a man who’s feet were just the right size and fit, the one and only Mr Kenny Dalglish.


  1. Wow dude, this article would have been relevent if it was written in February, its time to move on. And more about Aquilani….yayyyy!

  2. I admired your posts up till this one Brian.
    Too negative against a man who tried.
    Remember, he was offered a job! And no one in his right mind would reject a Liverpool job.
    If you want to Blame someone, blame the Americans!

    1. Hi Ankur
      All I can say is that a lot of fans dont understand why Aquilani wants to go, and am just letting everyone know who is to blame

      1. I agree. You can’t be too harsh on hodgson in my view, he was awful, awful, awful in everything he did and said.

      2. I think you make very valid points above, and like you i was extremely disappointed by what Hodgson brought to the table. As long as i’ve been a Liverpool fan, i cant remember a time when i felt as disillusioned as when Hodgson was in the gaffers seat.

        I think with regards to Aquilani, if a player wants to go and opts not to be at a club with Liverpool’s pedigree then that is their perogotive and good luck to them. I personally think we will be stronger with him than without him.

        Hodgson has to take the blame as you’ve mentioned in your article for drawing Aquilani a very clear map to the door.

  3. If Joe Cole had played to his potential and not suffered loss of form and injuries he would’ve been praised the lad is class but you’re not allowed a bad start to your career at Liverpool as for Aquilani the lad has obvious class as he showed at Juve this article is just plain lazy we all know Hodgson was a terrible manager for us but he’s gone leave it where it is in the past

    1. Well James please feel free to name me Coles best game for Liverpool mate…when your ready……still waiting ….oh forget it

  4. Possibly at this stage of career he wants assurances of consistent first team football, which Dalglish and Comolli will never give him.

    If he’s consistently playing well then sure he’ll get the nod most times. But perhaps not as much as he’d like because there are so many other midfielders at the club. Can’t blame him though. If he wants to fight for his place every week then he can stay. If he wants to walk into the team then Liverpool is not the place, even though he’d be a great asset for us.

  5. You cant blame Hodgson for the Alberto saga because no was in the meetings when it was decided that he should go back to Italian on season long loan. I thought that the loan was a good thing for him and i have had this argument before. Going back to his homeland, help him fully get over this injury mentally and physically and he could play in a league that he was comfortable with. Who knows what type of Aquilani we would have gotten last season.

    Do i want him to stay? Of course because I think that he can help the club win games this season. But there is no point slagging the previous manager when you dont have all the facts.

    1. oh please…if your a manager the owners dont make your mind up if to sent a good player on loan..of course he knew WTF

  6. You’re writing articles! God help us! Your grammar is at the level of an eight year old. Go back to school Einstein!!

    1. sorry mate type this on my phone and the bloody T9 thingie …any way this is a debate about LFC not GCSE English mate

  7. RH- A mistake from the start, can anyone tell me why we are STILL STUCK with the deadwood he bought, he was the manager, he was the one who chose who came in, so no bloody excuses. Why can’t he buy HIS deadwood left behind for WBA?
    To add insult to injury agent Woy got compensated with all that money for six months crap work!! Come on give me a break, Fulham/WBA are his absolute limit, so I blame the morons who appointed him.Shame they cannot all be personally held accountable for their fuck ups.
    In any case it is all in the past, roll on the new season with new optimism.

    Brian, please write an article on our new policy “buy young & British” v older & perhaps more talented ???????????

  8. I would say Poulsen was brought in to replace Mascherano & Meireles was intended to fill Aquilani’s slot. I think people are quick to forget Raul throughout this Aqua saga. He’s out with a bruised foot, but upon his return would fill the same role Aqua is filling. Very similar players.

    1. Totally agree. Poulsen replaced Masch not Aquaman.

      I dont think we can have both Raul & Aqua. Shame really.

  9. We all knew The Owl Face C@& wasn’t up to the job as a replacenent for Rafa … Shipping out Aqua just confirmed what a complete arse he was and continued to be … I hope WBA get relegated and Adrian Chiles chokes on his own bile

  10. Ay ay ay, this guy is looking for some attention! Earlier today you said Pinocchio Aquilani showed less commitment to us! And now that, you heard KD giving Alberto a life-line you changing tactics and blame it on RH. For God’s sake you need to move on, RH is no longer with us!!

  11. Brian, The premise of your article is wholly wrong as loan decision was nothing to do with Hodgson, Aquilani wanted to go as he never settled in the UK.

    AA is a fantastic player, brilliant technique, vision, flair and awareness. The thought of him linking with Gerrard, Downing, Suarez, Adam, Lucas, Carroll, Maxi, and Henderson is mouth watering. I want him to stay.

    But the truth is rather more prosaic because it’s a simple case of homesickness and that is why his agent is in the press every day speculating his client to any Italian club that might have the cash! Add in the fact that his girlfriend had their first baby in May and doesn’t want to live in England and maybe you can understand the reasons why he wants to leave.

    I say this as someone who hated every minute Hodgson polluted our beloved club but its unfair to blame him as Aquilani wants to go…

  12. Yes the article is a little late, but like the author I still feel suitably annoyed that we had to go through that period. The press hounded Rafa out and hounded Roy in. The then LFC board fell for it, hook line and sinker.

    Roy is a good manager at lesser achieving clubs. His regimented counter attacking tactics will pay off one game in three to get a team mid table. At Liverpool however, sending a team out to sit back just in front of the 18 yard line, at Anfield against the likes of Wolves and Northampton is unacceptable. The long balls, the rumours of more crap players (Carlton Cole), the talking down of Rafa and the team (despite most of them finishing 2nd, 18 months previous) was apalling. The final straw was the empty seats at the turn of the year, no one wanted to see that brand of football.

    And just to clarify, I don’t think we can credit Roy with signing Raul. I thought Rafa had scouted him and wanted to sign him, Roy just ok’d it. Maybe I have the wrong information, but Roy didn’t even appear to know where to play him.

    Personally I want Alberto to stay. He has a lot to offer and with Gerrard frustratingly no longer reliably fit, we need someone that can change games.

    1. Hi Mikey thanks for writing a reply, fellow me on twitter and will keep you updated with new articles YNWA

  13. You’ve softened your stance on aqualani, from not being to knowing kenny doesn’t want him, how he’s stated he wants to leave and now you know its hodgsons fault if he leaves. Where do you get your information from?

  14. Yet another fanboy blog. Someone call me when any of these im-posters want to take a step back and maybe, just maybe, look at something objectively. Until then, the Daily Antoine is all I need.

  15. I must’ve mentioned this a thousand times on this site but i guess no one seems to read it properly..gonna write it in caps now.


    Roy was a terrible manager but you cant pin the blame of everything that had gone wrong under his reign.
    He thought Cole would bring that flair and movement that our team lacked..Sadly,it was a gamble which didnt pay dividends.

  16. If the team n kenny wants aquaman to stay they can get inspired from arsene wenger who s coaxing fabregas to stay n did that successfully last term… The so called recent policy of the fans, if a player dont want to stay then jus tearin him apart s so sad.. If i am not misinformed Great steve G himself handed in his transfer request once… actually liverpool is in need of alberto… Ynwa

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