The Daily Antoine: 5th August 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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One of the Hillsborough mothers has slammed the Yorkshire police chief for his insensitive comments more…

Kenny has praised the owners more…

The King has refused to rule out a challenge for the league title
(That is why he is king) 

Skrtel is set to miss the start of the season more…
(The season hasn’t started and we have already lost Gerrard & Skrtel to injuries)

It is official that Tom Ince has joined Blackpool more…
(Sad to see him go)

Stewart Downing talks on how he is in the form of his life more…

Sad story out of Japan as former International Naoki Matsuda died of a heart attack more…
(34, RIP) 

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  1. please;

    Can you leave the club – thanks.

    joe cole
    el zhar
    brad jones gk

    i like samba for 12 million thats a snip for a 27 year old proven powerhouse big tall, quick brave center back!!! thats a good deal if we could turn our view to him,,, why not he is not a pre madonna type player, he gets on with it, he is looking for the next step up and he is also what we need box to box in the air also!!!!

    Make no mistake this guy is great at defending and we need a powerful man to handle that with jamie getting that little bit older

    1. wow what a fan..with fans like u, who needs an enemy..if incoming players do read what u wrote, they probably would think twice before joining LFC because of ungrateful fans are supporting this club..if they are still here, at least respect them as a player for Liverpool..YNWA

      1. oneskool when i pay my hard earned money and with most of the current team as above doing little or nothing while me and my wife are out working hard to keep life on the right track, i couldnt give two fcuks what you think about me having a go at players that are cleary here for the pay day.

        Nowadays the players want the money, the want the style of life that is at most 1% chance going to happen to most of the hard working people who have to graft.

        So when anyone in life is great at what they do and they are committed and work hard and are fair with the club or company they work for, then im cool with it, but what im not cool with is. –

        two bit players (apart from soto who has had a great attitude and has shown he has wanted to be at liverpool – but just to slow now) that are hear for either a pay day or to sit and be in a comfort zone, no one told them they must come to liverpool, along with the club when we signed them, they had a hand in coming here? – so like now they must take a good look at their own self and move on..

        so when you try and tell me why and how i should respect – no way im not having it mate.. thanks.

        form a hard working stock broker who works a 70 hour week,,,,, and who pumps much money into a club he loves, im not having people at liverpool who are taking the piss, get it!!!!!!

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