The Daily Antoine: 8th August 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Stevie talks on how Suarez can outshine Tevez more…
(I think he already did in the Copa America)

Unfortunately for the U-16s they lost in the final in Switzerland more…

Charlie Adam has received praise from the Scotland boss more…

Carra talks about the best way to stop Man Utd is for LFC to win more…
(Agree, if we can’t stop them no one can)

The assistant skipper hasn’t given up on his title dream  more…

Henderson has mixed feelings for Saturday more…
(Always tough facing old clubs, good luck)

Kenny is not looking forward to the International games more…
(Crazy stuff, they always do this right as the season is starting

Fabio Aurelio believes that not having European football will help the players stay fit more…
(Agree, let us spend this year rebuilding and then we will do European football next season) 

Rick Parry claims that a new stadium is the only option for LFC more…
(That is why he built one when he was MD) 

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  1. Why have we left it this late to fill maybe the 2 most important roles within the team – squad?????

    Yet again liverpool are at it, anyone would think we have done enough to be just sitting back??…..

    You can’t even dream this stuff up, we have agger who we all know will almost not play all the games, because of his injury record, and please check his stats before having a go at me! he just doesnt play enough back to back games in a row for us to count on him being a certain starter!!

    Then you have skrtel, getting more injuries now!! and for me has not been tha same bfoe his bad injury at city 2 seasons ago.. he has done nothing in pre season, because he has not even been invloved??

    And then we have the left back role, while the kids are doing great, dont tell me when we need to get back into top 4 we are going to just rely on them, agger doesnt look great at left back, gleh johnson people are saying can cover, well at the moment he cant even stay fit and he has had more injuries of late !!! then you have insua, – who is just not good enough and then aurelio.

    So just because aurekio was fit v valencia means all of suddern we dont go and buy a left back – what a load of crap….

    why have we sat there all summer and not moved in a center half and left back, its lazy, slow business, and its about us being penny pinching,, when we should have just gone and get on with it and got these roles filled,,,,,,,

    Crap summer for me, and now we start the season without skrtel, maybe johnson and agger who could get an injury just at any minute and yet fans think we have done enough!!!!!!! what a load of crap…

    untill we wake up and get a proper set of player to come in to the roles that we badly need, we are not going to get anywhere,

    and please dont tell me that wilson soto and wisdom are what we need, just look at that lot down the road,, they have smalling jones, ferdinand vidic,,,, what have we got,,, its a joke and im pissed of with the club for not doing what they knew needed fixing way before the market even opened!!!!!

    very poor market and its makes you think why did reina have a change of mind????

    1. Mayte. We’ve dropped 100m quid on players since Jan. What do you expect? Plus it has surely been difficult to get rid of our unwanted players due to wages or lack of quality. We’ve been left with a lot of dead weight.

      I would have liked to have seen the things addressed that you mentioned by now but do you really believe Kenny, Comolli and Co. are not aware of these issues? Plus, there are still over 3 weeks left in the transfer window. There is a good chance that Enrique and possibly Dann or Cahill will be joining us.

      We lost out on Jones who was obviously a main target. It wasn’t because we were lazy or slow, we just don’t carry the prestige that we used to. We have however taken 5 teams’ best or most promising players in Henderson, Adam, Suarez, Carroll, and Downing. I can’t see how you can knock that.

      Please just stop acting like KD & DC aren’t aware or are being lazy. Every Liverpool fan knows where our weaknesses still lie. I guarantee our management is aware as well. If it comes down to our youngsters having to fill the holes then so be it. We did beat City, Chelsea, and Man U with youngsters in the squad and gave Arsenal a tough game at the Emirates.

  2. insua still here, poulsen still here, ngog still here, aquilani still here – fans just cant get it into their heads he really doesnt want to be here!!!!!!!

    just get rid of these players…… and joe cole well,, he is all done, he is just not even worth having in the squad ,, let him go,, for free – if needs be!

    then you have el zhar and degen,,, jesus who is going to take them???

    work to do liverpool but not much action,,, dear god its like pulling teeth with liverpool in summer market,,,,

    very poor show by the club..

    1. Are you really a fan of LFC? Every comment I see from you on here is negative. It’s quite depressing thinking of how terrible your outlook on life must be.

      1. Completely agree Swanson. I’m getting fed up with these hysterical asshats. Either a Manc/Bluenose wum, or a hopelessly impatient bellend. Catch a f-cking grip.

  3. Incredibly negative comments may as well shut up shop now and enter a pub league. Theres still time to get and get rid of players, this is a rebuilding project great teams aren’t built overnight!

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