Who’s In, Who’s Out, Who’s Parked: Part 5!

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There is no point in writing any details about this player. Everything that is known about him has been written twice over such was the protraction of the saga that finally saw Liverpool FC land what is considered to be one of the best left-backs in the Premier League.

It was believed that the transfer kitty was set at the Stg 50 million mark (give and take a million here and there) and that is the sum the Club has spent to bring in these 5 signings (one of them arriving on a free). The owners could have put more money on the table, but there have been no significant sale of players and it is also likely that the attempt to reduce the wage bill will prove to be unsuccessful.

On a personal level the surprise signing for me was Henderson. If Aquilani stays, I feel he could well be the surprise of the season because the talented Italian midfield virtuoso is on a roll and if his form continues on this trend he could add that additional zest and flair to the team.
We could see more movements in the coming weeks but I feel the Club is more willing to see some players get offloaded. Scott Dann and Gary Cahill remain potential targets, but without income from player sales, I doubt FSG will stretch their spending any further…..for now!

Welcome aboard Jose!
JORDAN HENDERSON – 20 YEARS – MIDFIELDER – (Sunderland) – Stg 16 million (Stg 4 mil add-ons)
CHARLIE ADAM – 25 YEARS – MIDFIELDER – (Blackpool) – Stg 8 million
DONI – 31 YEARS – GOALKEEPER – (AC Roma) – Free Transfer
STEWART DOWNING – 26 YEARS – WINGER – (A.Villa) – Stg 20 million (estimated)
JOSE ENRIQUE – 25 YEARS – LEFT BACK – (Newcastle) – Stg 6 million

CHRIS MAVINGA – RENNES – Stg 1 million
TOM INCE – BLACKPOOL – undisclosed


Out On Loan:

Total Outlay: + Stg 49 million (+/-)


– No speculation, only deals confirmed on LFC’s website are considered.
– Quantification of deal according to internet sources or Club statement.
– Updates, comments, rectifications, alerts are all appreciated.


  1. We are very lucky to have John Henry, his direction, damien comolli, king kenny and his staff. I think we’ll sign a central def before the end of the window

  2. Who knows, maybe Aquilani will be the new Lucas….call for his head one season and then award him player of the year the next!

  3. Am so hapi abt d new left back signing jose’, atleaste we now have a better replacement 4 johnson. All the same i want 2 say hurry 2 kenny on his recent signing, he is indeed a gud coach and am sure we will prevail diz season. Never walk alone.
    Ik Ozioko from Nigeria.

  4. “Scott Dann and Gary Cahill remain potential targets, but without income from player sales, I doubt FSG will stretch their spending any further…..for now!” For now lets not take John Henry for granted and talk like spending more is no big deal. He has put in millions for Liverpool and their fans and for me there is not enough thanks for that. As for other targets, it is enough now. We have players now that will do, wait until we are in the Champions League and challenging before we think of anyone else. Players that performed for me last year was Maxi and Lucas. I hope we still have these players in the first team because it would give Liverpool some stability. Too many new faces could cause disruption and time to gel which is not what we need since we need to hit the ground running this season. There’s one bad thing about spending a lot of money, the price tags these players have will put pressure on them to perform. But can Kenny really afford to have Carroll(35 Mil) on the bench when hes playing bad. The media will rape him alive and there will be negative feedback from fans. Personally there is too much risk with all that money being spent and it doesn’t pay off unless the player is willing to work hard. Hopefully Carroll lays of the beer and learns a thing or two from Suarez.

    1. Gary. I did say ‘they remain potential targets’ but I did not say FSG are going to splash more cash. Aquilani is probably the only player which might still leave by the end of August and the one that may fetch a good transfer fee. In such instance, FSG might want to re-invest in a CB and both Cahill and Dann remain available. Personally I think that FSG have been brilliant from Day 1 and anyone that loves LFC should be grateful. I am very grateful!

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