Why settle for fourth?

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So tomorrow is the big day and I for one can’t wait for the return of England’s Premier league of football. I have been thinking long and hard about what to expect from the forthcoming season and the general consensus from the media is that we will battle it out for 4th with Arsenal. To be fair most Journo’s expect us to pip them to the post!!!

The thing that is really winding me up though is the lack of belief that we can do any better. As of NOW I feel we have three areas covered that are equal to any other top team in the league, those area’s are

: Our goalkeeper Reina who is as adept as any other keeper in the league and with the retirement of Van Der Sar is know the best keeper in the league. Doni is fantastic as back up!

: Our midfield is full of quality, Downing, Gerrard, Aquilani, Meireles, Lucas, Adam, Spearing, Henderson Cole and Maxi (sorry Poulsen you just don’t cut the mustard). Also I feel Shelvey must go on loan to get more experience as I can’t see him figuring whatsoever. I would love an out and out right winger!!

: Our Strikeforce which has an immense starting front two of Carroll and Suarez. I am a little worried about the lack of depth up front (Ngog will leave) with only Kuyt as back up but the aforementioned abundance of talented midfielders should help massively with Gerrard, Cole and Maxi capable of supporting up top.

I feel the only stumbling block (at the minute) will be the Centre Back positions, as much as I love Carra he is getting a little sluggish and getting done for pace on a far too regular basis. We need reinforcements in this area and I expect this will happen. Agger get’s injured way too much, Kyrgiakos is nowhere near Liverpool quality and I have never understood why Skrtel get’s as much time as he does…. he can’t even head a ball!!! Expect either Dann or Cahill to sign within the next week (hopefully both but that’s just wishful thinking).

The only positions I didn’t mention are the wingbacks, Now Enrique has signed I am more than happy we have adequate cover in this area with RB covered by Johnson, Kelly and Flanno and LB by
Enrique, Mr I’m made of glass (Aurelio) and Robinson.

Now I’m not going to go mentioning every player in every top team in the league but sit down take a few minutes and compare every position like for like. Is our starting eleven any worse than that of those that will challenge for the title…. I don’t think so!! We have also now got strength in depth now which will only stand us in good stead.

My thoughts are that we can mount a serious challenge for the title and I wouldn’t expect anything less with KK in charge. He won’t settle for fourth and neither will I. Let’s get behind the lad’s and enjoy a season which could surprise most of the critic’s out there.

For a bit of banter I would love to know your starting 11’s for the game against Sunderland. The closest on the day doesn’t win a prize but get’s the acclaim of his/her fellow Liverpudlian’s

In an ideal world I would like to see us playing the following starting line up (on a regular basis): Reina, Kelly, Dann (Carra), Cahill (Agger), Enrique, Johnson, Gerrard, Aquilani, Downing, Carroll, Suarez. I really can’t predict how things will go and that creates further excitement.

A more realistic starting eleven for this weekend will be: Reina, Kelly, Carra, Agger, Enrique, Kuyt, Meireles, Lucas, Adam, Downing, Carroll.


  1. We ain’t settling for 4th but saying “at worst”, 4th place. I hope and pray we who the league

  2. I think the line up will be: Reina; Agger, Carragher, Skertel, Enrique; Lucas, Meireles, Downing, Adams, Maxi; Carrol only striker… Johnson I heard got an injury last week, KK will give to Suarez to play the CA, And Gerrard is a little injured too… I prefer on the left side Agger than Kelly or anyone else… This will be our season, and recover our place… We diserve it.. GO REDS!

  3. Without Europe and injuries, I believe we can go far but we’ll see. I think in our mindset (as fans), we are aiming for fourth as a minimum, anything else is a bonus.

  4. Lets get a champions league place first! You don’t jump from 6th to 1st! And no Lucas in your first team? You gotta be kidding me..

  5. My starting Eleven against Sunderland would be: Reina
    Kelly – Carra – Agger – El Toro
    Hendo – Lucas – Adam
    Kuyt – Carrol – Downing

  6. This is my team; Reina Kelly Carra Agger Aurelio Lucas Adam Meireles Downing Kuyt Carrol. Depending on how we fare Suarez will be introduced if not just to welcome him and congratulate him on his Copa America exploits. Just like You I wont settle for Fourth as we have to aim higher

  7. Most probable team will be: Reina, Johnson, Carra, Agger, Aurelio, Kuyt, Lucas, Adam, Downing, Meireles(Aquilani), Carroll

  8. What would be optimal
    Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique
    Gerrard, Meireles
    Downing, Carroll, Suarez

    1. I quite like that look. Although Gerrards not starting so I would have Aquilani start there. Aurelio at LB because i Doubt enrique eligable. Kelly at RB as Glen is injured. I would start Lucas over Adam then if we need to be more offensive sub Adam on. Maybe start JC aswell. Finally I would swap downing and suarez round :D. I would like Kuyt to start because his Stamina is just insane and he can just keep going when other teams are failing.

      Kelly, JC, Agger, Aurelio
      Aquilani, Meireles
      Suarez, Carrol, Downing

      Adam, Hendo, Kuyt, Maxi – Deffo use Adam and Kuyt

  9. great post. I dont think our defence is that bad. And i cant see Meireles making our starting 11. He had minimal involvement in our preseason friendlies and i dont think he is going to walts straight into the starting 11.
    My starting 11:
    Kelly Carra Agger Aurelio
    Hendo Adam Aqua Lucas Downing
    Subs who Will play:

  10. Enrique won’t be eligible for this weekend, so realistically Aurelio will be playing at left back.

  11. My Formation:

    GK Reina RB Kelly CB Carra CB Agger LB Enrique

    DM Lucas CM Adam CM Aquilani

    SS: Suarez CF Carrol LW Downing

  12. we are the only team in the league to really improve their squad so far. the top teams were quite poor last season no matter what the so called experts say cos they have an agenda and must sell the league. manu and chelski are their for the taking. hopefully city will struggle with CL and arsenal are liverpool 12 months ago we all know how that turned out. kenny is a winner who never aimed for 4th in his life he aint gona start now.

  13. 4-2-3-1…v Sunderland
    Doni, Enrique(if eligible, if not Flanagan), Soto, Spearing, Henderson, Maxi, Suarez.

    I hope to see Aquilani given a run in the team with Gerrard injured. I also think we’ll see Suarez at some point and I hope not instead of Aqua, because I really think that these 2 together can cause a lot of problems to opposition defences and could create a lot of goals!!!

  14. pepe
    carrol – thats what im hoping for anyway 4231 i think it suits us best. On the Article i dont actually think its a lack of belief saying 4th is realistic after all united chelsea and city have all improved on the superior sides from last year (maybe not chelsea that much) i think major in roads to the top 4 this year and push on next season for the glory

    1. United haven’t really improved in my opinion…. If you think of the players they have lost all they have done is take a step sideways. De gea is no better than van der sar was, yound is definitely no better than scholes. Like you say chelsea haven’t done anything really and have an ageing squad. I fully expect city to be our main rivals

  15. My formation:


    -Very attacking lineup
    -As we have reliable full backs…

    Subs: POULSEN (kIDDING),
    kYRIA, Henderson, Kuyt, Meireles, Maxi, Coady( shocked)

  16. For those unsure whether enrique is eligible to play tomorrow he is, in hindsight though i do agree with the notion that aurelio will start ahead if him.

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