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Oh the joys of being a Liverpool fan!

We are so incorrigible. We behave in a pattern. And for every reaction there is another one equally loud and sensible (or not so sensible). So basically there are two sets of fans.

One set would want us to win the league this year, the other would ask us to be ‘realistic’ and not pressure the team too much.

One of us would like to spend spend and spend. The other would tell you how so and so is overpriced.

One of us would react sharply to Carroll’s misses, the other just wants to give him time.

One would absolutely love Suarez, the other can be ‘positively’ critical of his mistakes.

One would lose his mind over Flanagan’s inclusion, the other would try to find reason (young lad?).

One of us wants Aqua to stay, the other says that he shouldn’t if he doesn’t want to be here.

One of us thinks Henderson ain’t worth £16m the other says he is a prospect for future, .

One thinks we should have bloody well won the last game, the other thinks the draw is alright for a new team with 4 debutants.

One believes that we should have scored atleast 6 goals in the first half, the other says bad decisions and some misses are a part of the game.

One raves about the Downing run and what if, the other is softer in his praise.

One says that we should rebuild Anfield, the other believes that the owners would take the right decision.

There are two sets of fans – one slightly more passionate and emotional; and the other little more reasonable. Surprisingly, each individual has both of these two phases. I am not advocating one path or the other but what is unfortunate is when fans from either category start slagging the ones from the other category who would have expressed an opinion; from insulting in general then to personal to the extent of calling names. Since when did being opinionated become a crime?

Having said that, here is my two cents for the knee jerk fellas. We’ve endured years and years of title drought. We’ve been without the PL for 20+ years, were without EC for 20+ cups. We are the most graceful and loyal supporters that a football club can wish to have. We’ve endured years of Gillet and Hicks. Even Souness and Roy. When we’ve done with all that, why want someone’s head because we dropped 2 points?

YNWA guys (better felt than said).



  1. Well said lad the whole country is now now now, same with football just like Citeh they are buying for now. Gotta remember a lot of young, FIFA generation have the ability to put forward the inexperienced view. It’s not just the young though but these people are entitled to there view just like the more ‘reasonable’ of the fan base. These are the people who walked out of instanbul, turned off the tv an radio and walked out the pub when we were at our lowest. Have faith, pull together as 1 an have respect for peoples view, be it wheat or chaff. YNWA

  2. Can I add a third type of fan – the one who appreciates the observation that there are two types of fan? Nicely put. Thanks.

  3. I would respectfully like to add one more type, myself included;

    incompetent, useless & perhaps cheating refs that change the course of matches who are absolutely not accountable to anyone.

    There is no other club in the world like ours, with or without trophies.

    YNWA (all of you)

  4. The thing is, it is not about now it is the fear of not making top 4 this season. I believe we will lose players such as Suarez and Reina if we don’t make it this year. Buying British i guess is the best policy because they cant go anywhere. I have a feeling the reason we cant get better players for the money is because we were 6th last season. As we can see teams such as Spurs and Arsenal can lose players if they are not showing ambition and winning things. Therefore they will have to keep on rebuilding teams and this will happen if we don’t perform now and achieve nothing in the end. That is why i guess some fans are nervous spending a lot of money for Carrol and Henderson. Let me put this way as a player you are attracted to play with say Aguero or Carrol.

    1. It’s a fine line BCG. Most new players sign not because where the team IS but for where it CAN BE. Though the term is casually used, the signees have to believe in the ‘project’. To answer the attraction of having specific names- a player may NOT want to sign for a team that has Aguero because that might mean that the signee would get fewer chances/starts.

      Anyway, in the language you speak – if you were a player then who would you like to play alongside, Aguero (untested in Britain) or Suarez (dynamite in field, MVP Copa America, promise of bettering his form)?

  5. Defo agree. It’s never been this bad. I think a lot of it started with the civil war during Rafa’s reign and it’s an interesting aspect of tribalism.

  6. Here here! Less tha 30% of the games this weekend were one! Ffs lads, lets get a grip! Just because we made good signings this season does not entitle us to didily squat! Yes we all have determination and passion once our beloved Pool is concerned but nothing gives us the right to think we are unbeatable or the fact that we can draw a game at home.

    In saying that I’m as disappointed as any other fan on Saturday. Did we deserve to win… Well not in 94 mins we didn’t but as far as the first 45 mins goes… well… lets be honest lads we could and maybe should have closed up shop! I for one will not ever lose faith in Liverpool, NOT THE TEAM. NOT THE KING, NOT FENWAY! As long as there is football at Anfield and there is the passion of “THE KOP”, I for one will never lose faith in what we have, especially with the fact we’re the most financially set up we ever were! We might not have the bank balance as other so called teams… But we are LIVERPOOL and we will NEVER WALK ALONE!!

  7. BGC689…. Cmon bro lets be realistic here… We have a v good team here right now…. Prob the best squad we ever had bar one or two additions to centre half and back up for the front two. Less of the PESIMISM and more of what we are used to! You just had to look at what suppost we had in Asia to realise how SPECIAL our club is. We might have to wait 9 months, we might have to wait 9 years for our next trophy… The fact is LFC will always have tradition and HISTORY… We all want to win… some want it here and now and some are more rashionable and BELIEVE THE LFC WAY!!

  8. Great one. I love liverpool fc, although im not from there.i just dont get why most of the fans have to be such smart mouths.It ticks me off that they claim to be the best fans but seem to lose grip on reality when things dont go according to their daydreams. What a pathetic bunch of plastic fans.they should support chelsea or manure.

    Peace out!

  9. Brilliantly put,I was the knee jerk reactions after the game on twitter and its unbelievable to see. People go from one extreme to the next in a matter of 45 minutes!

  10. Totally agree.. This exact thing has been in my mind for a while now. Being LFC fans do not permit us to in any way be against our fellow brothers and sisters!


  12. The problem is many fans have virtually given Kenny a semi divine status and think he is incapable of errors of judgment. This is patent nonsense of course,Kenny goofs up like any other manager. He goofed up with Flanno on Sat. I don’t know what sort of half time motivator he is but I think he should go on a course after Saturday. We haven’t the time for a bedding in season. Having spent big ,a top 4 finish is the least FSG will want for their outlay. If Kenny cant deliver that he is as vulnerable as any one else.Legend or not

    1. Fans have not handed it to Kenny on a platter, Drake. I think he’s more than earned it and more than deserves it. However, I agree to the extent that any manager can get a few things wrong and to expect Kenny to be above that is unfair.
      I think the manager lays plans and it’s for the players to execute them. I’m sure he would have had a sound reasoning behind playing Flannagan but if that didn’t work out both are culpable.

  13. I’d like to remind people that Man U have made a habit of losing their first game of the season. Only to go on and win the league.

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