Why we can say our money well spend

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By Jos Midhun

Hi, another season with fresh hopes on the horizon for all the Liverpool fans all over the world. I had been checking every other hour for an update on the internet for a new transfer news.I feel we did really good business during the transfer window and what i like most is that we bought players as early as we could so that they can have a proper pre-season. here we can take a look back to the signings and money spend by our club since the new owners took over.- it is relevant since some of our fellow supporters are complaining about how overpriced our new signings are.

There are certain things effecting the valuation of the player,

1. How much club depending upon the player.Have a look at Henderson and carroll prices they were important to their respective clubs, especially Carroll, Mike ashley never want to sell him, but signing somebody in the place of Torres was really important for our club’s pride. Carroll was the best possible we can chase in that 11th hour.

2. Length of contract remaining-You all know about what i meant here

3. Age-For the last few years clubs are getting substantial income for talented young players. This is a reason why I Feel arsenal going to struggle with their policy. Earlier teams like Arsenal, PSV Eindhovan, FC Porto and Atletico Madrid who were dominating in finding the raw talent and presenting before the the world. They were fetching huge return on their transfer.For example take a look at number of teenage French,African,English players played for Arsenal, Portuguese speaking for Porto and Spanish speaking for Atletico Madrid. Those times are gone, now every big club is having scouts or agents allover the world.So these clubs doesn’t hold that monopoly anymore.

Alright now let us see How was our Business during the Transfer Window.

first we can take a look on the income side

Torres – £50 mil
Babel – £5 mil (though it is undisclosed)

so it is 55- (I am not counting the sum we might have received on Konchesky… and some other deadwood)


Suarez- £22.5 mil
Carroll- £35 mil
Henderson- £16 mil
Adam- £8 mil
Downing – £20 mil
Enrique – £5.5- £6 mil

So total it is £107.5 mil

Now we can do the valuation of the players

Torres – £25 mil( After the performance for the chelsea)
Babel is a £5 mil player.

so got a profit of £25 million on player selling.

Suarez- £40 mil
Carroll- £20 mil
Henderson- £8 mil
Adam – £13 mil
Downing – £15 mil
Enrique – £12 mil

we got players worth £108 million for £107.5 million

So we can say we spend £107.5 mil and received £55 mil. So we got all these players for Net £52.5million.
So money well spend.


  1. I think u also need to take wages into account, for example Carroll and Augero may have cost similar money initially but over 5 year Carroll will coat £50 million and Augero will cost £85 million. That’s initial transfer fee + wages for 5 years.

  2. Am sorry but why are people still trying to say its money well spent? When in fact know one knows yet if its money well spent.

    Time will tell. At least a season before anyone can say “it’s money well spent” If anything going by pre-season and the first game which is all you have to go on it’s far from money well spent on the evidence seen so far.

    So please wait until the players have a chance to prove them selves to the fans, manager and pretty much every other football fan who would love to see our great club fail with the new boys in.

    It makes us look like fools when we walk around saying “It’s money well spent” especially after one poor game. No wonder the teams fans say Liverpool fans are getting worse to listen to by the day

  3. Carroll isn’t even worth that much. Would rather of kept Babel then the way Amdy played against Sunderland. It was embarrassing to watch.

    1. No more embarassing than watching Torres before he left. Andy just had tired legs the second half and probably grew frustrated with long balls. I love Ryan Babel, but Carroll definitey offers more.

  4. Sam I agree we paid WAY too much for Carroll but if you think he played bad against Sunderland you are fucking clueless my friend.

  5. The best piece of fiction around supporters is guessing how much players are worth.
    Suarez- £40 mil
    Carroll- £20 mil
    Henderson- £8 mil
    Adam – £13 mil
    Downing – £15 mil
    Enrique – £12 mil
    It´s quite adorable and amazing. And irrelevant, of course.

  6. Are you serious or what?

    Pay per click advertising means that children/idiots/both now think they are journalists.

    It’s ghastly and embarrassing.

  7. Hi Gareth, I agree with you, I hope Henderson becomes what SG was . Shame every one passed up the chance to get Aguero since he was 17 years old and a self confessed fan of ours since Istanbul! We are relying far too much on Suarez like we did with our ex No.9. Not a good sign. With manure there are different players that create & cause teams problems, not just one.
    I sincerely hope Andy goes on to be our top scorer, and you are right to a certain extent to say a big signing was very important for the pride of our club, however please bear in mind Andy was injured and did not make an appearance until the manure game and even then and for the rest of the season was not really fit. We already had one big signing coming in and thank god he has been a revelation.
    May be, just may be we could have waited and taken our time and looked at all options during summer. This would have meant that we would probably have had C Adam sooner, who knows the impact he could have made for our top four spots then.
    Most players given the “right money” jump ship as a certain No.9 did. It would have been no different with Aguero. Getting shot of Cole & selling David Ngog would mean that we could have near enough afforded Aguero’s wages. As for his fee of £38 mil, I leave that to you to decide, out of spending the money on two of our summer acquisitions, Andy or Aguero I know who I would have gone for. He showed in half an hour that he was born to rule over the EPL. What a bloody pity it is not for us with Suarez.
    Just in case you have forgotten, Rafa also spent vast sums,the one he missed out on was David Silva who surprise surprise plays for the other half of shit hole. Hopefully you are beginning to get my point. If you want to play an accountant, you are already showing a loss of £15mil on Carroll,£8mil on Henderson and £5mil on Downing totaling to £28 mil ( and I must say I totally agree with your estimation), as for Adam I don’t think his value will go much higher however I do partially agree that Enrique’s value is probably twice what we paid.
    Using your own analogy proves my point that quality is better than quantity, I would have one Jaguar as opposed to five Ford escorts.
    Your valuation of of Suarez has gone up by 17.5mil which in a nutshell is what you are using to balance your accounting & figures. Great, quality outdoes quantity.
    We already had too many squad players anyway, we further needed players to unlock packed defenses like that of Swansea’s or Sunderland’s as well as a CB. A tired Suarez goes off and we are second best at home attacking the Kop end!! So money well spent? I don’t think so, Please god I hope I live to eat my words.

    1. Hi, Thank u for the comment. But without champions league to offer aguero was not an option because If we pay him that sort of a wage certainly we will have to offer new deals to atleast Gerrard, Carragher, Suarez, maybe even to Kuyt so it will effect the whole salary structure.

      1. Hi Midhun, and I do agree with you, two points;
        1-we could & should have gone after him a few years ago. Regardless, I think most players are mercenaries & money talks louder than CL pull.
        2-We are wasting money on players that should never have been brought to Liverpool.
        3 – I fully agree with your point regarding the salary structure, however you have to be worth it. Gerrard & Carragher (love them to bits, but are on their way out), and if Kuyt can put in performances like he did against manure (even from a yard out), it may be worth it, who knows.Anyway thanks for the article, it would be great to see us land Hazard.

  8. I have to be honest, I too think that Carroll is way overpriced hell I would have offered 25mill for Hazard.So I also believe it is too early to say money well spent, I am not a fan of Carroll’s but if he can 20 odd goals in the EPL than that would make me change my mine lets not forget he is a striker. I think Downing price was a little bit high but I like his attitude when he plays and he will be dangerous for us when he settles in. Jordan Hendo well lets just say as far as i’m concerned he really was not worth the price tag, Adam was a yes good player and a hard nut, now Suarez Suarez if we could clone you we would but i would and a bit more pace but you are still the best signing so far. Thats just my opinion. YNWA

  9. Money well spent?? Did you watch the match?? We paid 110m for about 60m worth of players! Carroll is worth 10m at most..anyone who pays more than 10m for a Brit striker is a fool.. they are by and large mediocre crap relative to their intl peers.. who can be had for much cheaper and with much better quality.. 16m + adds for Henderson is a joke! 2 very good buys in Enrique and Suarez and a decent but overpriced buy in Downing.. We could have done MUCH MUCH better but Dalglish went for passport over talent and value…he even left all the top foreign talent on the side in favor of the new Brit signings.. Aqua (best player in pre-season by a longshot), Meireles (PFA Player of the year!! ).. Kuyt (miles above Carrol in quality and energy!) just pathetically poor decisions and it cost us 2 pts…

    @Bracey.. if you think Carroll showed quality.. you are fucking clueless.. give me Kuyt over Carroll any day!

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