The Daily L.F.C.: 17th August 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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In case you didn’t notice, I changed the name of the feature just in case I need someone else in the future to fill in for me :-)

UEFA is probing Man City’s stadium sponsorship deal more…
(Get In)

According to Danish media reports we could offer Poulsen + cash for Ryan Shawcross more…
(Now we are talking) 

Fanno targets area of improvement more…

Jose is proud of his Spanish link more…

And LFC’s quality has made it easier for him to settle more…
(What else can I say? YNWA)

And Raul Meireles is being linked with Chelsea more…
(Why? Because they have a Portugese manager?) 

And Rafa and his wife Montse is making headlines for a good cause more…

Ayala has completed his move to Norwich more…
(Good luck)

Comolli relishing NextGen more…

AC Milan have pulled the plug on the Aquilani deal more…
(Good )

Swansea are after Danny Wilson more…
(Hopefully on loan)

Celtic have rebuffed our interest for Paddy McCourt more…

QPR are after Degen more…
(You go boys) 

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  1. Good to know that some of the players are moving out… Hopefully to make a bigger impact at another club!

  2. Good to know that the wage bill will serve a better purpose and provide better value for money and create much needed resources that the club can rely on!!!!.

    Players are lucky enough to be doing what they do to earn the summs they do, if you not good enough i want you gone form our great great club, its that simple to me;

    cole – all done, he is over as a player.

    ngog – just not good enough for us, maybe another team but!!!no thanks.

    poulsen, – has got his head down and not heard a peep form hi, to his credit, but is a poor poor player and has been since he was playing for sevilla,

    degen – please dont, this player is just a mess, why we brought him just cant work it out, let him walk for free to just get him gone…

    aurelio – we all know what a guy he is and what a player he can be when fit, but thats over, just let him leave on a free, he is just a crock, he cant stya fit and i feel its time to stop glossing over it, he hardly stays fit!!!

    wilson – cant work out why a small number of deluded fans think this guy has anything that stands out!!! he is just poor at best and when you compare him to other so called young players, he comes in a distant 3rd, smalling, jones, etc are far better and are around the same age, jones is far younger!!! get rid, just to get his wages gone.

    insua – no thanks, just not good enough and is not even better than young robbo so between the two and there is never enough space for both robinson and insua, insua has to leave, id take 2m just to get his wages gone as well.

    aquilani – clearly does not want to be here and how people think we owe him something ?? jesus, this guy is ok but is not going to do it for us, while he ias thinking of returning to his home land his heart is just not in the right place, rather have raul over himanyday of the week, i want redmen who want to be here and dont talk through their dog shite agent!!!!sell him, yes 7- 9 mill would do, thats another high wage oearner off the bill too……

    soto – bring in another center back ( cahill, coates, godin or the last one dann) get rid of the great guy soto, but he is to slow and not at all the quality we need.

    cahill, raul (yes as back up – the ex real madrid raul, he can still do it and can scorer goals also)
    and either hazard, mata or banega for me.

    DONI GK.


  3. Raul might be ok in a slower league but would he hack it in the premier league? He could end up another morientes, plus his wages would be high, younger players offer a better long term cheaper alternative.

  4. Defo, kenny will not go for any foreign young player. Its either international and aged or british and young! And it is proved!

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