Come on Reds…..It is a six pointer

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i am so happy for the response I am getting for my first post…. We are moving on, Next Saturday it is Arsenal. It is a ‘six pointer’ since they will be our direct rivals for the top four.

Well…, now we will assess where we are now after the first game of the season. I certainly feel we missed a trick when we choose to play our fringe players in some of our warm up matches. Some said it is a kind of window dressing to alert possible bidders! Any way we were a bit rusty in the second half against Sunderland. We could have played some of our regular first team players full time rather than giving 22 players a ran-out.

Last game Henderson was performed below par- of course we should give him time to adapt, especially after a disappointing performance for England (Under 21), but more than that I didn’t really liked where Henderson played. Henderson is a center of the midfield player. If Johnson is available I prefer him to play the role of right winger, because he has experience in that position and also because it is Downing on the left wing, who tried to switch places with Henderson against Sunderland with little effect but with Johnson he can do that because both are two footed and both can go past defenders.

For Flanagan I feel Kelly is having more experience and a bit more composed on tackles. He is one of our center back in making and I feel if Agger gets injured again Kelly will replace him or he may even get a place instead of Carragher in the near future so I feel Kelly should get an edge over Flanagan there.

On Charlie Adam, for all the good work he is doing when we go forward he is a bit careless in his backtracking and tackling it was the case even in his Blackpool days. It is a problem which can make the life difficult for Lucas. If Adam can make improvements in his defensive side then it will be great for him and for the club.

For including Kuyt in the first team-he doesn’t offer width in the right wing but neither does Henderson, so if we are not signing an out and out winger we can always use Johnson. Kuyt will be a good back-up striker, but he is more like a spoiler who will die for the cause if needed, if we are trailing and we are in need of a goal then we cannot expect Kuyt will give that. When we mention Kuyt I want add one more thing, whenever we speak about people like Kuyt, Carragher, Garrard we will get emotional easily. Because of our love for the players, even I don’t like the idea of losing them. They were that loyal to our club in an era in which the toresses and fabergasess live.

As for Arsenal they will be without Fabregas, Gervinho, Nasri, Wilshere, Song and some other from the first eleven. But it won’t stop them try hard to get a win, especially in their home turf. I saw them play in the Champions League and what I notice more than anything is their defense. It is getting stronger after vermaelen came back from injury. But I don’t know who Wenger will play on the left back position. Clichy is gone, Gibbs is out injured some other guy came in last game he also got injured, so that is an interesting question. But the middle of the park is where Arsenal struggling most. They were certainly overstretched in the champions league match against Udinese, especially Song. They are really lacking Wilshere there. Normally Arsenal is known for their open play, one touch passes, but I couldn’t see that in this season yet. I spoke to one of my friend who is an Arsenal fan. Oh….Boy we got to feel for these people…..I felt all the Pessimism surrounding Emirates right now from his words, I can understand him because we gone through all these last season. He is most worried about the midfield they has. I am copying something he said about it.

“ Look at midfield, No Cesc, No Nasri, No Wilshere, that means no creativity in that area, Ramsey is the only hope. I will really miss long & well calculated passes from Cesc, I  will miss stunning turns & quick moves from Nasri. It not only concerns me, it really turning me into tears…..Our most consistent player Alex song is out with 3 match ban, his cover Diaby is also out injured, Utility man Eboue has left the club…I think Wenger himself play in that area”.

So what I feel is, it is Taylor-made situation for Liverpool to go and get full points from Emirates, not just because they will be starting without 5 or 6 of their first team players but the overall pandemonium they are in. But we have to be at the top of our game to get all three points from them because, it is Arsenal and they are more than capable of giving a run for their money on any given day.

All and all we got all the requirements to beat Arsenal. We can hope we will execute it well.

Note: The things and ideas I share with you are not meant to say Kenny or somebody in our club is doing wrong. I am just expressing what I felt about things.

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    1. great article.YNWA!

      We need to play our best eleven this saturday and not make this season as a stepping stone for next but a season for us to win no matter what the odds are.

  1. Thank you!

    For restoring my faith that there’s still some non blinkered Liverpool fans left that talk some sense.

    Arsenal have never been for the taking at home in a long long time like they will be on Saturday!

    0-2 Adam and Carroll YNWA.

  2. Lets hope Kenny thinks the same words he mentioned to Wenger last time around after we have beaten them.

  3. I like the article, it has some great points and constructive criticism. Lfc are going up against the weakest arsenal side I’ve seen in 5-10yrs, it is a great opportunity to grab 3 points from the team that I believe will be our no.1 competitor for a top 4 position. Let’s hope adam carroll downing and suarez manage to link up and provide the goals we need! Ynwa

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but a 6 pointer is where you are 3 points ahead of a rival you are about to play. 3 points to then puts you level on points a win for you puts you 6 points ahead – hence a 6 pointer!

  5. I suggest our strongest team in 433…reina,
    suarez,carroll/kuyt,downing….arsenal 0 liverpool 3

  6. I simply cannot believe why not many people are commenting on the article, The article was great, the guy is good.

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