Footballers and celebrities lend a hand in getting the Hillsborough disclosure petition signed

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Joey Barton, John Bishop, Henry Winter, John W Henry and the entire Dalglish family are just a few who have urged their Twitter followers to sign the ePetition to stop the attempt of blocking the release of the Hillsborough files.

The petition needs at least 100,000 signatures for the case to be heard in the House of Commons and every single British citizen or those residing in the UK can sign it.

This is not about LFC or football but about a tragedy that cost the lives of 96 innocent people  and thousands of others who have never been the same ever since that tragic Saturday. It is obvious that something was covered up, if nothing was covered up why is the reluctancy to disclose?

Please pass the petition on to your friends, LFC fans or not, even those who don’t like football. Even if you are not a British Citizen or live in the UK you can always spread the word after all most of us have friends or relatives living in the UK.

Full government disclosure and publication of all documents, discussions and reports relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disater. *As requested by information commissioner Christopher Graham*


  1. i have signed the petition and will carry on doing what i can to give these people of liverpool and the loved ones respect and Justice that they should have had.

    Burn in hell all that will not let the truth out….

    hope mr cameron suffers so much pain untill he wakes up and will see that even people that are not from liverpool will fight this shambolic country and its sick politics….

    Liverpool is my country and for the people that have pain, god bless you i hope justice will be served….


  2. they know they were wrong they hated liverpool as a city hilsorough gave them the chance to show it. they are now trying to hide it – they are no better than the news of the world.

  3. Though we cannot sign, know that many in the US support this petition and hope to get all the facts revealed to the world.

  4. nice touch! unite all reds and stand for whats humanly right in this mad world that we live in,, lets give those that need it JUSTICE AND PEACE …..the country owes that to the people and families that have had to suffer this pain!!!!!


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