What does the face rub mean?

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Of course you all remember Roy’s classic face rub against Newcastle last season. Now it seems to be catching on as Arsene Wenger tried a similar rub however you have to give it to Roy as his was far classier. The meaning of this face rub probably means “I am f**ked” , “I lost my plan” or “I am in deep sh*te”.


  1. Unless there is nothing in it and unless they have have enough at teh club which is not the case, – then why are Raul and Kuyt coing under fire from our very own and then linked with moves away….

    Any liverpool fan who thinks we can simply just chuck these to fine players to one side and think we have enough to cope without them is so very very wrong.

    Make no mistake kuyt and raul are top players that you have in your squad if a ckkub thinks it can challenge for more then one tittle or to win things!!!!

    Fans should take a wake up pill, kuyt will get games, carroll is not ground breaking yet either and we all know at some stage kuyt could and well be massive for us. As for Raul he links up well with the footballers of tne team, suarez, downing, maxi, and links up well with lucus and with the latin lads overall, for us to even think we can just let these players go would be total madness and not what we call building for the future.

    We havent got that deep a squad and its clear to see that!!!!

  2. hendo should not be in first 11. midfield was open in until substitutes came.. verm nasri n pong guy were havin a free run there… seemed like our middies had a loss on position sense…… even the arsenal school team we playd were better than us until the red card came….apart
    from being happy abt the points there s nothing to be proud of abt the team.. Arsenal gifted us the game…. thanks pong.

  3. team v exeter city. (if fit)

    flanno skrtel kelly robinson
    johnson spearing henderson maxi
    carroll kuyt

    and please tell me that cole poulsen ngog and aquilani are well gone by then!!!!!

    then buy;

    seb coates and a frontman

  4. At first I thought Roy’s rub was in fast forward. He’d scrape his skin off if he’d do this often :D

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