Carroll and Henderson Getting Stick

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I find it amazing, that only two games into the new season that Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson seem to be getting a lot of criticism that I find totally unfair.

Jordan Henderson has just moved from his boyhood team Sunderland during the summer, Liverpool spent a lot of money on the youngster and this obviously adds to the expectations of the supporters, who are expecting an instant impact from the club’s investment.

We have to remember that Henderson is still a youngster and with no disrespect to Sunderland, Jordan has moved to a bigger club with bigger expectations. He has also found himself played out of position on the right side of midfield due to the competition for places in the middle of midfield.

I personally think Henderson has played well on the right side of midfield he is playing in a position where you can be out of the game for long spells compared to playing in the middle you are more involved. He is not a Downing type player who is going to dribble past two or three players, and maybe with the way Downing has started his career at Liverpool is adding pressure on him with the supporters expecting the same type of performance from Henderson on the other flank.

Jordan has worked really hard in the games he has played and his strong runs forward have been impressive, some people thought that he left Flanagan a bit exposed in the Sunderland match, but we have to remember that it was such a big game for him, and especially against his old club.

I hope Henderson gets a run in the team to prove himself as I think he will be a great asset to the team. It will be difficult for him to stay in the team with the competition for places, but I think Kenny will give him a fair crack of the whip, especially after spending so much money on him.

Like Henderson, Andy Carroll has been getting some stick from sections of the Anfield faithful. Carroll has been at the club a bit longer but he is still early into his Liverpool career due to his lengthy injury spell on the side lines.

The massive price tag doesn’t help Carroll either as he settles into his new club. Last season was a stop start season for him and he never really looked fully fit. But with Carroll having a full pre-season behind him, I’m sure we will see the real Andy Carroll soon.

Liverpool’s summer signings will only help Carroll and his style of play, with Adam and Downing supplying the ammunition, not to forget Gerrard’s return to the team soon. I’m sure the goals will start to come.

Carroll has looked sharp in pre-season and bagged a few goals too. Last week against Sunderland I felt he was harshly done out of a goal when the referee’s assistant ruled out his great strike.

Then on Saturday I felt he worked very hard for the team, without much joy as he was mostly isolated on his own. He was unlucky with a headed effort that was saved and he created a good chance for Kelly.

With Carroll being a striker his goals coring record is what the supporters are going to look at so the sooner he starts scoring the better for the big man, but like I say, with the creative players we now have in the team I’m sure the goals will come.

But it has been disappointing to hear some supporters’ discontent so early in the season regarding these two players. It is far too early to judge players and we have to show patience towards the team. Getting on players backs will not help anybody and we need to show why we are the best supporters in the world.

Good luck Jordan and Andy from the best supporters in the world.


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  1. some people are just fickle fuckwits, when carrol bangs a few left footed city esque crackers they will be calling him the next shearer again, ask yourself are these people even supporters or are they just painfully disguised bollocks who regugitate anything an ill witted pudit or commentator prescribes.

    1. Get over yourself. As supposrters we’re critics. If you suck up a players ass every game they turn out like Torres, thinking he can play shit and we’ll all still be happy with him

      1. Would rather have supporters than critics. Internet warriors like Sam here are in no way beneficial to the club.

  2. Agree that we should give the young lads some time to settle into our team. However, with Andy I do have concerns that we get away from “pass and move” style of play too often. When pressed a little we hoof the ball to Andy and then he looks bad. If we would use triangles etc. and then cross to Andy when appropriate we will look better and score more because Luis is such a terror to other teams with his skills and Andy does have a great head, even though that beard doesn’t do him any good.

  3. as far as i could see andy carroll scored a perfectly good goal against sunderland and then another agaist arsenal both wrongly disalowed because referees believe his false reputation. had they done theur jobs properly we would be saying andy is a marval.

  4. Coates will sign with Reds!!!!! YNWA…..confirmed by his Current Club president from Nacional of Uruguay. Now Rodallega!!!!!

      1. he is 100x better than ngog and we need another suarez type striker to link up with carroll’s head downs he is good enough hees young and if kenny wants him i have faith in him :) chill out

  5. Calling people ‘fickle fuckwits’ who are questioning his – in truth – poor form, is pretty narrow-minded. People are allowed their opinions whether they are Liverpool supporters or not. They may not always back our players in their opinion, but that is their prerogative to think that, is it not?

    If we all agreed on everything, the world would be a pretty boring place.

    1. any one wrighting carroll off is a fikle fuckwit we seen what he can do against city last season – 1 win + a draw from 2 games hardly poor form give them a chance.

  6. I find it disgusting that Liverpool fans would be writing off Carroll and Henderson so soon into their Liverpool careers. Henderson is extremely young attempting to live up to the standard required. After 2 games what are you expecting 10 goals and 13 assists, get a grip people. He is young and is yet to fully learn his role in the team, with the players around him and with the King in charge we have a gem in Jordan Henderson but a tree doesn’t grow overnight! As for Carroll, scores great goals for us against City but again a player that hasn’t established a full understanding with the players around him but under the right guidance he will be bangin in goals left and right like everyone knows he can, so all the haters and doubters I expect you to cower away when they make you eat your words.

  7. We spent a lot of money on these 2 players, and whether they are cheered or jeered they are going to be on the team for a while to come. We should get behind our players and show them support, that would make it much easier for them to settle. IMO there is no point in jeering players as it will not make them play better, it will just make them more nervous to make a mistake. We need to get behind all the players sporting the red shirt and let them know that they will never walk alone. And I personally believe giving Henderson any stick after 2 games is absolutely ludicrous. Hendo and Carroll will both come good, and as supporters it is our job to support them thru thick and thin.

  8. I don’t think Henderson has looked that bad to be honest. He shows a good touch and a decent eye for a pass. But Andy Carroll hasn’t exactly set the world on fire and he’s been here for longer. I think the thing that gets to people isn’t that he’s a bad player but his affect on the team’s play.

  9. Henderson is yet to win a header or a 50/50 in a Red shirt. If that is what a 16m central midfielder looks like, someone like Khedira should sell for 60m+ … oh wait, he went to Real Madrid for less than Henderson?

  10. i think with both it’s about the price tag, many feel we could have got better for value by going for foreign, maybe we could or couldn’t KK’s made his decision and we should get behind him and the team. At the end of the day it’s not Carrol’s nor Hennderson’s fault the club paid so much for them, so don’t blame the players blame the club but your stupid if you don’t give them a chance and don’t get behind them.

    What a difference a year makes, from hardly any money being spent unless we sold player and even then not all the money raised was being spent, to now spending massive amounts on players. Stop all the moaning and get behind our team, the seasons just begun and theres a long way to go yet to achieve our top 4 goal……YNWA

  11. It’s true that carroll needs time to settle but what this artical is not understanding is that Carroll is not suited for the way Liverpool fans want to see their team playing. The problem with carroll is that even if it’s not his fault players like carra & skrtel as soon as they get the ball first thing in their mind is to hoof the ball up to him.

    On the other hand he still has a big problem in controlling the ball with his feet which in most cases results in us loosing the ball before the wingers and central mid had even the chance to get forward.

    Also he has the same problem as crouch had. He is tall!! Meaning even if the defender goes in with a flying kick it’s not deemed as a foul. While on the other hand even the slightest of touches from Carroll would result in a foul given against and occasionaly even a yellow card.

    Their are also issues of movment from him and the players surrounding him and his lack of pace which I will not go trough.

    That means most fans altough wrongly criticising him have a good point. They simply have to Aim their critic at other members of the squad.

  12. Carroll is the weak link in the team, Maxi did a great job there last season, cos we paid £35m for carroll it looks like he will always get picked – this could be the only reason we stutter this season.

    you read it here first.

  13. My problem with Carroll is really, in truth, not actually with him; rather, it is how we play when he is on the pitch. KK needs to remind the players to continue pass and move when Carroll is on the pitch instead of just lofting a 50yd pass in his general direction. The lad is decent with his feet, rather than be expecting to nod it down to the nonexistent midfielder making a run forward, pass it to his feet and make him hold it up. Then every once in a while whip in a good cross and see what the lad can do.

  14. The reason Henderson and Carrol are getting so much stick is cos the players signed at the same time as them have performed so much better – Suarez, Adam, Downing, Enrique.

  15. To a point I can understand some Reds fan criticizing Hendo. This is because we have in-form alternatives (Raul) on the bench and would love to see him as a starter.

    If I was KK, I wouldn’t have started Hendo against S’land, first game, and against his old game. Massive game mentally. But it’s nice that KK is giving so much opportunity to him.

    As for Carroll, criticism is bullocks. He played good so far, had a goal ruled out unfairly in the 1st game, and that killer header saved brilliantly by Schezny. He’s not Torres, he’s not Suarez, he’s just our strong, powerful in the air, number 9. Give the lad a proper chance!

  16. caroll and henderson is totally waste of money! no quality at all these 2 player. this article is right, both these player plus adam is rubbish!

    1. your a clueless twat that knows nothing about football. go support chelsea or sure they will fill your needs. no class. nob head

  17. any person who is criticizing Carrol and Henderson is either blind or doesn’t understand football. just watched d replay of Saturdays game both were impressive. every one can not be like saurez. they both played well .

  18. Re HENDERSON. The reason people get exasperated with him is for all the reasons given to support him – he is young, he needs time to learn and get experience – for the future. However he was bought for £16M+ and may be one for the future, but not for this year and that money could have been used to buy a player for this year in one of the positions were we are in need of someone. IE – it is not really about him, but about who his purchase has stopped us getting. For example, why do we not go for MATA, except that we have spent the money on Henderson INSTEAD. Not Hendersons fault, but this is hoe he is perceived – he needs to play as good as MATA now as that is what buying him has cost us.

  19. i actually wrote to kenny pre season (he might not have read it) re how to get the best out of andy carroll – dont pump the ball up to him as an easy get out when he has nobody near to head it to or he can only knock it on to the goalkeeper, this was what happened last season, little has changed, if you must use him as a get out give it to him chest high or a ball he can jump and make chest high, this way he will hold it up or be fouled from behind also at corners we need to have different ploys (this was done in the last game)let him go far far post and head it back or have him start from outside the area running in, not just the jostling match.
    the team and andy need to use their brains. he will make the grade no mistake on the ground too.

  20. Caroll and Henderson getting sick, huh? This title should instead be renamed as “LFC fans getting sick with caroll n henderson”. Not only them we are sick with all those stupid signing our team keep going for every year.During the previous regimes of hodgson benitez and even houiller, poor signings including the likes of diouf,sinama pongolle,heskey,poulsen,keane etc to name just a few could have been attributed to lack of sufficient funds and so a need to go for 2nd rate players.But this year with our new owners generously giving us all the money we need to buy all the players we want I was dissapointed with our transfers so far.they may be good squad players I`m not saying otherwise but they sure are far from having the quality that a side challenging for honours would expect from them!It pains me to see my team struggling to win games sometimes again really week oppositions and especially those two last seasons.You supporters blindly supporting these idiotic players doing nothing special for the team are fools!Blind faith in KD and the players is not the way of a true LFC supporter.Why is it that its only with our team that excuses have to be made concerning our players?Why is it that only our players need time to adapt? Why do players of our rivals adapt faster and deliver results instantly? did you watch the match of manu n tottenham?
    PS: chelsea is buying mata…I heard it on canal+

    1. you clearly dont see the bigger picture,sure kk coulda bought all these ‘stars’ every1 so desperately wants at the club,1st we cant offer CL footy,2nd stars are at peaks of their careers aged 26-30,so we’d be buying them (if they’d come that is)for the short term which is NOT the policy our new far challenging for honours, just take a look at manure (as hard as that may be)where are their ‘stars’???thats right,there are none (with the exception of 1 or 3)but they have hungry young lads who stop at nothing to get a win, and now we have that too,young lads with an appetite for silverware!!hendo price,agreed may be hefty but when developed and in a few yrs if we sell him,i’d bet my bottom dollar we’d get more than what we paid so all in all it would be good business which we all guilty of forgetting at times that yes while its jus footy,its business too

      oh and bout blindly following kk, kindly submit a copy of your resume so we can compare it with the kings…..knob

      1. The idea behind my post was to illustrate the fact that we keep signing players that are not of LFC quality and that some fans keep having faith in the management who keeps find excuses like: the player is not yet acclimated to the league, he was injured and is not fully recovered, he lacks match fitness, he`s cat was run over by a car or he`s mum just got raped last night or whatever pathetic excuse they keep finding to explain the lack of good performances from their signings…Also I pointed to supporters like you zaid how our rivals`signings on the other hand “magically” deliver instant results no excuses being needed for them.If you compared the matches of liverpool with the other top teams you would have noticed how our team paled in comparison to them. If you watched city vs swansea you would have noticed how city kept creating occasions on occasions until finally swansea cracked under pressure and conceded 4 goals.Same thing if you watched the match of man utd against tottenham. Although manu started slow they started in the 2bd half attcking so hard on the tottenham defence that the latter could not do anything to prevent those 3 goals. And did you notice how many saves the goalkeeper of swamsea n tottenham had to do? Now compare this to the 2 matches of our team…How many occasions did we create? How many saves their goalkeepers had to do? Not much it would seem, for a team like ours supposed to be challenging for top 4.The moral of the story pal is that good signings will always perform well…Remember suarez last season? or torres a couple of season ago and ronaldo for manu etc and poor signings on the other hand will always be poor no matter what excuses you try to find for them.I still believe we could have got better players with these 100 millions + of money we wasted from our generous american owners.
        If you still don`t get my point man don`t worry there are still some intelligent fans out there who share the sane point of view than me…

  21. The reason Henderson is “getting so much stick” is 1) Dalglish is dumb enough to start him every game instead of playing much better players at the expense of pts to the team. 2) He is really not that good! If Henderson is not on the pitch we win the Sunderland game. He was utterly lost and useless. He should not have been on the field to begin with and that is the fault of the manager! As for Carroll.. he is just overrated thanks to the “suck up to anything Brit” British media…he will never be world class and we should have not even paid 10m for him much less 35m. We could have gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH better quality for much less by looking outside of the EPL. Right now we are once again a one man team. And until Dalglish starts to bring world class talent instead of overpriced mediocre Brit crap.. we will continue to be on the fringe of Europa…

  22. We buy hendrrson for 16m or 20m if you look to the boy he dont know how to run every time he took the ball ivfeel nerves,, look to other teams they have cheper players and better than him,, if we sign mata for 20m what would think


  24. Haven’t you heard? Henderson and Carroll are the new Lucas and Kuyt, LFCs new scapegoats. Henderson only completed around 90% of his passes and Carroll is unlucky not to have at least one goal on the season so far. So many LFC fans are a complete embarrassment for the club.

    1. well said, but i think your wrong saying so many fans,as i think these are not true fans. even in our darkest days, how mant times have you heard a bad liverpool team booed off at anfield?? not many eh. so if there was that many we would have been booed off alot more etc. look at chelsea for example, they go in at half time drawing and get booed.would old trafford be even half full if they had won wat we have in the last 5 years? arsenal on sunday regardless wat wenger has done for them? spurs fans, say no more.
      my point is, true liverpool fans, most are not like these impatient deluded idiots so called SUPPORTERS. as in SUPPORTERS that SUPPORT the team they grow up to love.
      its wat makes us real liverpool fans unique to others. FACT

  25. This is not about carroll and henderson playing only 2 or 3 or 4 games,its about their technical and character in their play during these 2 games which shown they don’t have what it takes to be a top players to play or help LIVERPOOL to become a force to be reckon with,Do you DIG DUDE….

  26. Once again it’s not Carroll’s fault if the team plays in a certain way when hes on the pitch. It’s KK who picks the team so if you’ve got a problem with Carrol then you’ve got a problem with the King. Carroll is just as capable with his feet as his head so it’s not his fault if players like Carragher or Agger etc keep hoofing the ball up to him, the coaches and management want to play in different styles and not just one way. We have proved were not one dimensional when we have Suarez on the pitch we can play more fluently. I don’t remember Crouch getting the same agro when he was playing for us and Andy’s 100 times better……YNWA JFT96

  27. Caroll is alright.Our technical team have to train him to increase his mobility.He cannot be a large and static No.9.If yall watched Edwin Dzeko’s play and movement during the weekend you know taht atall and strong forward can play pass and move football.
    The tactical gurus have to work on his movement on and off the ball.
    He is not like crouch.

  28. carrols attitude needs to be better.but potential he has could make him a legend, its down to him. henderson looks a tidy player hopefully can only get better. all these negative so called supporter or anti-pool need to fuck right off. your the bad side of football

  29. Not getting on Caroll or Henderson’s backs but I agree with people who say Andy doesn’t suit our style of play. I also feel Henderson may well be one for the future but I feel £16m is a lot of money for a position that didin’t need filling. An out and out right winger would make more sense.

  30. Not getting on Caroll or Henderson’s backs but I agree with people who say Andy doesn’t suit our style of play. I also feel Henderson may well be one for the future but I feel £16m is a lot of money for a position that didn’t need filling. An out and out right winger would make more sense.

    1. but all in all he is gerrards replacement so get of his back and support him why he plays out of position

  31. Listen chaps, look at Lucas, got slagged off left right and center for two seasons look at him now, last season arguably our best player, give it time, let’s stop behaving like ignorant manc twats! Just get behind them!

    1. so we should be as patient as 2years again for someone like Henderson especially to adapt??…what is there for him to adapt to..people just kept saying its good we buy british players who “already know the game” henderson doesnt look anywhere close to knowing the english game..he is actually shit…we could have bought craig Gardner or Larsson in his place just saying…he just runs round the pitch with no aim and purpose..i dont av anytin against carrol just needs to improve his link up game with the other forwards and general improvement…as for henderson he is my main problem..someone said lucas was shit for 2yrs but now he is a good player at least he was young and foreign..henderson that has been playin here all his life looks lost and what how long shud u wait for him to adapt..2 years? as long as lucas did?? no way he should adapt straight up its nt his first season here so no excuse

  32. we must treat every LFC player with the same respect and expectation, Rooney was very young when he joined Manu, what about Cesc he was pretty young also, i don’t think we spent all that money on these players to wait on them to find thier feet, they make good money, and should prove thier worth, if thats the case lets play the players that are already gell and play Carrol and Henderson off the bench.

  33. I’m realy suprised @ what some fans are saying, Carrol has NEVA been a great player, just average. 4 35mil u get very good players like Torres, Aguero, Suarez, F. Llorente. Even young Iker Muniain is more talented than Carrol, d boy Henderson is total waste. Good players dont need much time to adapt, if Suarez had started poorly, what’ld be d case? British players not good enough, Rodallega beta than Carrol!

    1. certainly not better than your spelling you dont even know how to spell our number 9’s name its carroll fuck whit go support united you fucking bum

  34. The only reason some (neglegable) fans are not supporting Andy is because of his price! Which frankly, is not his fault! Most lfc fans are with solidly behind him. scored a beauty (wrongly disallowed) against Sunderland. YNWA

    1. agreed :) hate all the armchair fans slagging carroll and hendo off henderson has been out of position no one gets that he is gerrards replacement !

  35. carroll is shite. we could have had aguero or falcao for that price or else a decent forward and a centre back. suarez, downing, enrique, adam are great. i will give henderson a chance as he is young and has tryed his best. But andy carroll is LAZY, HE SULKS, DOESNT TRY AND HE DOES MORE ARGUING WITH THE OFFICIALS THAN PLAYING

    1. go moan at people that care keyboard warrior carroll is 1 year older than henderson your fucking hypocrit – carroll needs some one to get onto his balls he sets up and no one was there against arsenal go support man united you fucking joke.


    2. We cuda shuda wuda who gives a toss coz frankly Kenny obviously doesn’t. If he had wanted Aguero or Falcao he would have put a bid in for them or Mata for that matter, but he didn’t he wanted his own choice. Now instead of complaining with Kennys buys get behind the team……YNWA……JFT96

      1. i would have liked any decent striker and i agree with you that kenny did want andy carroll but i cant get get my head around it. I wouldnt mind if he put effort in but his attitude is disgraceful

    3. What would the wages of aguero or falcao be compared to carrol? He’s a good young player that will be a great player in time let the team gel before we start judging people

      1. You’re right about the wages but i would have preferred a cheap backup striker for suarez with cheap wages. I have already said that i’m not judging henderson as he is putting his all in to the games hes played but andy carroll, yes he can head a ball, yes he has a powerful left foot but hes slow lazy and a moaner and thats not going to change in years to come.

  36. To be honest, Kenny should realize on how much “pass and move” is influential when they attack. It flows and it moves like a smooth music. He knows he have 2 very different strikers. One of plays with elegance, skills, touches, flair, pace, and style and another who destroys, bash in, bump, powering anything with his advantage physical attributes. He needs to mix those properly. Whether or not it is cross and hope or pass and move, Kenny should know when to use it. Maybe use both so we can have more dimension. As in Carroll, I believe he has much to offer. Not easy coming to a big club with lofty price tag and then bomb! Making things happen like how Aguero did for City against Swansea. I agree with some fans about Carroll issue. But he wears a Liverpool shirt. Then I doubt him, that means I doubt Kenny. So do Henderson. Of course, we supporters criticize. It’s human nature. But you think it’s too much? 2 games ONLY. I know you are sick with the “give him time, let him adapt” thing. See, things changed. People are not really patient on what they are seeing. Expectations are high. What can you do? So if you are really a supporter, stop complaining. Back your players and support King Kenny. Sometimes, it’s right to have disagreement but there’re boundaries.

  37. Personally, I’ll give Hendo some time to get fit and acclimate to his new squad and teammates. He’s young, he looks okay, but certainly not dynamic, as of yet. Meireles would be better right now, and Aqua showed a dynamic nature in the preseason, even if he doesn’t want to play for LFC.

    I just don’t understand the tactics when Carroll is on the pitch. It’s like a flashback to the end of the Rafa and the entire Roy era; Boot it over the top to our striker, provide ridiculous crosses that are off-target and be virtually no threat to score. With the exception of Downing dribbling and firing a couple of times, without Suarez in the game, I don’t feel confident we’re a legitimate threat to score. There is no quality passing in the attacking half, little creativity and poor runs. I feel Carroll is working at a high enough rate to be successful, but without quality service to the box, how can he be solely responsible for not scoring?

    Of the new signings, I have been more than happy with what I’ve seen from Enrique. His defending has been excellent, his touch spot on, and runs have even been quick. Downing has shown flashes, he’s well quick and has a great left foot. Adam has been okay, but looks to get really worn down in the second half over the first two games. You can see the quality of his left foot, however, when he puts it all together. Hendo has been okay, but nothing flashy.

    Overall, much room for improvement. Our overall fitness doesn’t look tremendous, although Arsenal looked far worse off, in the last game. Lack of fitness leads to poor touches/lazy passing/etc., and once we play a team with enough quality to capitalize on that, we’ll be in trouble.


  38. Caroll and herdenson are excellent players so let haters go break the sky thats my own King kenny dont mind them carry on with ur lovely squad U guys are doing great.

  39. Too be quite honest Lucas had a horrible game too against the gooners…….lost the ball too many times…they will all improve…..At times great teams play to the level of bad opponents……lets pick it up! And get behind them…… ynwa!!!!!!!

  40. JKlasser, I was at the Arsenal game, the rain was atrocious but what it did do was to absolutely knacker the Arsenal defense in the first half having to physically man handle AC. AC needs crosses to be moving at real pace for him to attack the ball, then I believe he will not only score goals but also get us penalties, simply lobbing the ball to him is a total waste of time, so our defenders need to take note. Quality crosses will hopefully be provided by SD & others.
    CA’s passing needs to slightly improve, should have put AC clear through but the weight of the pass was too much Kelly eventually shot against the post. So what I am getting at is that the service to AC needs to vastly improve.
    Yes, I too wish we has Aguero as well, had been saying it for over two years no LFC website, but what the hell!! I now wish him to miss the goal like our ex El Whorro.
    We looked much better with LS & RM on
    We did not have quality crosses from the right hand side, a point which I am sure KK will have noted.
    In a nutshell we are doing fine, and could/should have had 6points, but so far so good- remember we had four new players + AC playing together.
    Judgement day will be when we play manure again, remember you had not heard us out sing Arsenal fans at the Emirates previously, you can only beat the team put in front of you even if a thug manages to get himself sent off for what should have been GBH.

  41. Guys, is anyone else super irritated by manure’s form what the hell are they on? some sort of winning steroids? they must go down real soon.

  42. I think the bigger problem here which will affect Carroll’s performance is he is a target for the referees. Whatever he does physically though legal is called a foul, which ultimately affects him. If there’s one thing KD needs to change is his approach to aerial balls and he will flourish…
    That said, the same fans who are criticising Carroll and Henderson 2 games in are the same ones who will deem this season a failure coz we haven’t won the EPL!!

  43. The special and unique relationship between Liverpool Football Club (The Manager, The BOD, The Players etc) and the supporters is what makes this great club special. We (supporters) must back our club through thick and thin. This includes supporting and getting behind our players. Get behind Carroll and Andy. Otherwise, go support the mancs or some shitty teams.

  44. i dont care what you say in this article but whether you like it or not..jordan Henderson is a really shit player atleast so far…shelvey and spearo are both more useful than him..he just doesnt cut it..he roams round the pitch aimlessly..on the other hand carrol is a good player..but just needs to work on his game play and linking up..but generally he will be good..but henderson was totally not needed..Aquilani or Henderson?? i take Aqua even though he is “not premier league material” so they say..spearing lacks height but makes up for it by being a pest to oppostion kuyt lacks pace but is hardworking..Aquilani is not so physcically strong BUT he makes up for it with his vision footballing brain and quick one-twos come on u guys av seen dis guy play before..Ngog has done by farrrr better things that henderson has ever done

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