Breaking: LFC Opens Academy in Delhi, India

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Those who would have read my previous blogs, would have known how I would have felt about LFC’s ignorance to India. LFC have me a very pleasant ‘in your face’ a few days back when I came to know that they are planning to open an academy in India, that too in the city I live – Delhi.

I was fortunate enough to be present at the formal announcement a few hours ago; an event attended by Steve McMahon who would be the mentor of the academy, Ian Rush, as an ambassador of the LFC and LFC’s Head of Academies/ Soccer School – Steve Turner.

The academy in India would be called Steve McMahon Football Academy and Macca seemed full of enthusiasm. What’s more, in a one one one with him later, he admitted that he would be present for more than 10 days a month in India, going forward.

The Head Coach of the academy in India would be Paul Masefield, and ex-footballer and a TV pundit.

The academy aims to begin in October and we hope it is able to serve my ultimate goal of having one Indian play for Liverpool Football Club sometime in near future.

Thank you to Steve McMahon, Steve Turner, John Henry and Liverpool Football Club!


  1. Quote: “we hope it is able to serve my ultimate goal of having one Indian play for Liverpool Football Club sometime in near future.”

    If a player is good enough then they will be able to play for LFC, nationailty does not come into it. If the academy can help produce a player of the quality required to play for LFC then that would be a fantastic success, however I think that for you to have an “ultimate goal” of having an Indian play for LFC is misguided.

    1. That’s what I’d like Anon. It’s just a far fetched thought but may be a reality some day. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

  2. Hope liverpool football club will open a football academy in nigeria. We havd young talent but fewer mean to help them develop it. Hope to see on lfc academy opened in nigeria

  3. Awesome news. Hope academy produce quality player for indian national team and ultimately to the club. Football in india needed this boost. ynwa

    1. Nick,
      SMFA has tied up with Genesis Global School, so the academy would be in Sector 43, Noida, Delhi-NCR.
      The event was held at Shangri-La Hotel in New Delhi.

  4. now i hope there’s going to be someone who is going to be more indians who will be more popular than Mahatma Ghandi and Sachin Tendulkar…….YNWA

  5. Its gandhi not ghandi! Bhutia and chetri is the closest we got to EPL Paul masefield and steve always support lfc on t.v.and b partial 2wards Get one in MUmbai.pls. I bet at 16, i play better than

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