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The Liverpool revolution under Kenny Dalglish continues, and following another win this weekend, comes the confirmation that Sebastian Coates will sign to bolster the defensive ranks. But what do we know about the Uruguayan starlet?

‘El Patrón’ (the boss) is his nickname and that points to one of his principal strengths. Considering his tender age of just 20, he is a natural-born leader and defensive organiser, something that will be essential if he is to be the successor to Jamie Carragher at Anfield.

He began as a widely-touted child prodigy and was captain of every age group of his boyhood club Nacional, from under-11’s upwards. His reputation grew with some masterful performances at youth level and he was incorporated into the national team setup by the time he’d reached under-17 level. In the South American under-20’s championships of 2009, he was the only player in the entire tournament not to end up on a losing side.

Following such an impressive showing, he found his way into the first team squad at Nacional, and eventually made his debut, winning a man of the match award for his display against Bella Vista. A week later he was man of the match again and also got his first goal for his beloved club – an equaliser against Liverpool (the Uruguayan version).

Becoming a fixture in the side, the young Coates (pronounced Ko-wah-tess) impressed in the Copa Libertadores – the South America Champions’ League – and was part of the Nacional side that won the 2008/09 domestic league title. Following a year of sustained excellence, Oscar Washington Tabarez could ignore him no longer and he was selected for the Uruguayan national team, although he wouldn’t make his debut until 2011.

Following yet another league title for Nacional, with ‘el patrón’ a key pillar of the side, he was included in the squad for the 2011 Copa America – the only Uruguay-based player apart from third-choice ‘keeper Martín Silva.

He finally made his debut for the celeste in a pre-tournament friendly against Estonia, replacing Mauricio Victorino for the second half. It’s now likely that this change is the long-term one also, as he excelled in the Copa America after replacing his aforementioned compatriot. Uruguay went on to win the Copa with Coates starting at the heart of the defence.

As far as Liverpool are concerned, many fans will be wondering what they are getting from Coates that they don’t have on offer from other young defenders at the club, like Danny Wilson or Martin Kelly.

Well Coates is a 6ft 5in centre-half for starters, and although usually centre-backs begin their career at full-back to ‘bed them in’, so to speak, this was never the case with Seba. He is immensely strong in the air but his acceleration and reading of the game have led him to be used as a sweeper in national team games, something that may come in handy if Dalglish decides to use a three-man defence as has been mooted. He also boasts a good passing game for a defender, which enables him to bring the ball out of defence. Such an ability is a priceless commodity at the highest level of the English game, and in Coates, Dalglish has not only found a bargain, but an exceptional young talent.

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  1. Now we need another left footed centre back to cover excellent but injury prone Agger and another defensive midfielder to cover Lucas and we are back to fortress Anfield and set up defensively for years to come!

  2. heard lots about him hopefully he’ll play well in epl but i doubt he will dislodge agger carra or skrtel from the first team as he is inexperienced but after coates replace carrol with cavani skrtel with godin gargano as back up to lucas and sign alvaro pereira

  3. hello, I’m Uruguayan and a big Liverpool fan, so you can imagine my joy after the magnificent display of my compatriot nº 7… It’s good news that we’re about to get another one to enhance the team…
    But what I find amusing is that Mr. Coates family comes from Scotland (probably his grandfather or great grandfather was scottish). So his surname should be pronounced ‘coats’, but people in Uruguay mispronounce it in a Spanish way (Coh-Ah-tess), so it’s hilarious that people in England will pronounce his surname in a Spanish version… Probably the lad prefers to be called that way, he’s used to that but it’s interesting isn’t it? haha

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the name, lets hope he is a great success hope he understood his grandfather because he’ll need it to understand King Kenny.

  4. We know he’s very good defender at his age 20yrs old, we need him as a replecement of jarmin charagher.

  5. I must admit i didnt know so much about him until he was mentioned for us, but since than have done alot of research and watched a bit of the copa america and from what ive seen he looks top drawer.This new liverpool will go far, the players are absolutely loving playing at the moment and long may it continue

  6. Looking forward in seeing the Giant in a red shirt ..
    Hope he shines just like his fellow compatriot …

  7. It’s gonna b a great pleasure seeing d young lad play 4 liv’pul aving come 2 watch d match against bolton diz weekend wit his family,Seeing coates play d copa america wit his fellow compatriot NO 7 av shown d uruguayanz are d next spain,so itz gonna b a gud idea seeing dem transform d 2 d merseysiderz,sign him.Never mind u signing d uruguyanz full squad.YWNA!!!luv u till i die

  8. Felicitaciones al liverpool se están llevando al mejor defensa uruguayo de los ultimo 20 años ,al CLUB NACIONAL DE FOOTBALL le ha dado muchas alegrías, jugador de partidos clásicos,ganador 2 veces campeón uruguayo con 20 años,semifinalista de la copa libertadores y campeón de américa con URUGUAY en fin este gran jugador y persona es fruto de la cantera del club mas laureado del fútbol uruguayo al igual que LUIS SUAREZ ESTO ES LA CULTURA NACIONAL GRANDE SEBA SIGA EL CAMINO QUE USTED SE FUE POR LA PUERTA GRANDE DE NACIONAL Y VA A VOLVER POR LA PUERTA GRANDE!!!ABRAZO ATODOS LOS HINCHAS DE LIVERPOOL YNWA, COMO ACÁ LA BANDA QUE NO ABANDONA!!!!

    1. Gracias por tus buenos deseos Seba es un jugador fantástico que va a tener una gran carrera en el Liverpool, que va a jugar en el mismo equipo de Luis Suárez y que es una gran noticia para los aficionados del Liverpool que también será muy bueno para el Nacional Uraguay equipo.

    1. Seun, I have wanted us to get these two since the last transfer window,ola toivonen was scoring goals for fun last year, and adam johnson is just brilliant would set up Suarez every time, plus he scores enough goals himself.
      Those two would realy give us strength and depth.
      We can only keep asking.

  9. Very good last transfer, kenny has very good squad, just need to connect every role. Since we have good lads in academy, no need the seventh. One more winger would be good, but if he can maximize joe cole, better. There is no good natural winger in academy, right?

    1. Raheem Sterling!

      I’m not going to dream of signing anyone like Adam Johnson or Afellay this late in the game but I would be happy with Bellamy, especially if we can offload Cole. Bellamy was extremely dangerous for City 2 seasons ago and he could give us some additional pace up front. Hopefully we could get him on a contract similar to what Owen has at MU.

      About Coates, great signing. He was brilliant in the Copa America. It is just going to be interesting to see how Kenny gets him involved.

  10. if we get adam johnson so play him first 11 and kuyt as a substitute on the right flank.as maxi is backup for downing on the left flank. upfront we can combined suarez and toivonen. make carrol as a substitute.

  11. yup… agree with seun an nawi, i think we need right wing, because henderson (despite he’s a good investment for the club) not winger enough for me. he can’t dribble, so he can’t torn enemies territory apart just like downing. really love to see adam johnson or any right wings with dribble and crossing ability join our club.


  13. Seems to be a good strong lad. Hope to see him in that red shirt.

    Hehe I still cant figure out how Arsenal and Tottenham after 3 and 2 games respectivly are sitting in the bottom of the table with -8GD and -7GD :) These should be the teams that will pip us from fourth spot!! Champions League here we come!!


  14. Happy to hear the arrival of sebastian, we’ve got a good start and i hope we’ll maintain that because stability is what we need to get to the top of the epl table.

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