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By Pierre-André DEVOILLE

Thursday turned out to be this year’s Champions League draw. It’s now been two years in a row since Liverpool haven’t been in it, and it made me remember the day I actually discovered the team.

I’m French, therefore you have to understand that English football is not really broadcast(ed) here, except on encrypted channels, which are quite expensive. That means, back on a certain May 25th, at the age of 13, I had, how impossible it may seem, never heard of the Liverpool Football Club. I was interested in football, sure, but I essentially used to see French games which, are not the same kind of football as England’s. The only clubs you heard of here in France are Arsenal, because of Wenger’s “French touch”, and Manchester United because well, you have to admit it, they have won a lot of titles in the 2000s.

Heading back to the game. The first 45 minutes were a complete demonstration from the A.C. Milan side, and, seeing it through my teenage eye, it seemed totally impossible to see the cup heading to the sides of the Mersey. I mean, 3/0 half time, Champions League Final, game over. And, you know, when you’re a little kid who’s not as much into football as he will be a few years later, you tend to “support” the team which is leading, because let’s face it, you can’t tell anyone yesterday you supported the team that lost 3/0. I’m not going to relate once again what happened then, it is everyone’s knowledge. But, as a circumstantial Milan “fan” (the way a 13 year-old kid is, obviously), the way Liverpool reacted in this second half totally changed the view I had of football.

Indeed, when Stevie G. scored the first goal (I remember seeing the offside a few seconds before Riise’s cross and telling it to the referee through the TV) I couldn’t possibly imagine a comeback. And then 2 – 3. And then 3 – 3. In fifteen minutes, Liverpool had shown me some things, some values I couldn’t think of at this age : courage, mental strength, and pride. And started of this day, I joined the wonderful L.F.C family, and never looked back. Liverpool is an institution, and I am thankful for everything that it brought to me.

As a conclusion, of course the way I am into football has changed a lot since 2005. But a few days ago, when I saw rumours saying Liverpool might get Fenerbahce’s Champions League spot, I didn’t feel it was the right thing. The team won in Istanbul because they deserved it. It is the same today. I don’t want a unfair spot to this cup, and, as much as I would love to bring back the European nights to Anfield, I’d rather wait the end of this year than sneaking in it the day before the draw. Never forget where you’re from, YNWA.



  1. What a fantastic article, so articulate for someone still relatively young and writing in a foreign language.

    Welcome to the LFC family my friend :-) YNWA!

  2. What a coincidence! I experienced exactly the same thing, except I already knew LFC before that famous night.
    I wanted to write this article, you beat me.
    I am French too, and I also experienced that night as a revelation. But I was 16. :-)
    I never stopped loving the club then.

  3. fantastic article young man

    glad you found us, and thats why we’re so special, it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, or the language you speak, at LFC we are all one

    all we ask is that you believe

    hope to see you at anfield sometime

  4. Hi Pierre,

    I’m French too and a bit older (well quite a bit actually), it’s refreshing to know that younger foreign kids continue to support Liverpool and still get to know true the unique values of Anfield.

    Cheers from Lyon mate


  5. Fantastic article. You see it is fans like you that makes this club special. Those who understand the true values of this club, who will stick to the club in good and bad times. Welcome Pierre to the Liverpool family. YNWA! – Hans, Malaysia.

  6. Hey, thank you for all the positive feedback !

    @Andrew & Paul, thanks a lot, I totally agree with you on the LFC family !

    @Emilie,haha great to see some LFC French fans here :D
    Hopefully I’ll see you all of you at Anfield some day !

  7. I m an indian and can say dat boundaries cant stop emotions to flow. I waz going to bed aftr h-t but my father stopd me and said u r watching liverpool dear. And aftr dat rest is history.. I was 16. then YNWA

  8. @dany : Thanks ! I used to live in Lyon for the past 2 years, really great city ;)

    @hans : Thank you !

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