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By Brian Reece
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Deadline day is over and the end of another transfer window is complete but what implications does it have for Liverpool football club, well first lets look at our rivals Arsenal Chelsea Man Utd Man City and Spurs.

Arsenal made signings of desperation and not of improvement, Per Mertesacker Arteta Santos and Benayoun all point towards panic buys and not ones of planned long-term improvement.

It’s true Arteta is a quality player but Benayoun is injury prone and Mertesacker and Santos have no Premier League experience and will need time to adjust to the physical and fast pace nature of the premiership, which is not what Arsenal fans or Wenger needs at this present time.

Chelsea have again turned to Liverpool to bolster their squad with the capture of Raul Meireles plus the signing of Juan Mata Chelsea fans would be happy but are these signings good enough to land Chelsea the title? I think not, Chelsea are a fine team but lack that cutting edge of earlier years.

Manchester United have made three signings which will prove good ones for the long-term, De Gea Young and Jones have all fitted into the first team rather well apart from a few early mistakes by De Gea which am sure will soon be rectified United seem comfortable with the signings they have made and will be the bookmakers favourites to win the title again.

Manchester City are the biggest threat to United now with the signings of the fantastic Aguero who looks superb along with Clichy Nasri and Hargreaves now added to the ever-increasing squad Manchester City will be a force in the premiership this season, the only question that hangs over City is can they sustain a season long assault when key players get injured or suspended? That is the key question only time can answer.

Spurs have blown any chance of securing a top four place this season with the clear lack of quality obtained in this transfer window, Adebayor and Parker will not win Spurs the top four place Harry Redknapp believes his side are capable of and what’s more alarming for Spurs is that the current squad have no depth to it, the defence is poor and what happens if Adebayor and Defoe get injured or suspended? Modric is unhappy and Huddlestone is nowhere near world-class so who is the natural leader at Spurs who is the game winner, I fail to see any clear candidate for that role.

So now on to Liverpool and what a busy and most successful transfer window we have had for a several years, in Adam Downing Henderson Enrique Coates and Bellamy, we have signed over a half a first team line up and that is the difference between Liverpool compared to Arsenal and Spurs, every single signing acquired apart from Bellamy was with the future and long-term vision of the club in mind but also players who can make an immediate impact to the squad such as Bellamy, if our early performances are to go by and we can continue the high standard of play then we will finish within the top four and with the new players settling into the squad with ease we will be a strong contender for third or fourth spot, most importantly we have also managed to offload the unwanted players all in one window which is pleasing to all Liverpool fans.

Aquilani Degen Cole Polusen El Zhar Insua Kyrgiakos Jovanovic N’Gog Konchesky and Meireles have all gone and so has our increasing wage bill, OK some are loan deals and we will be paying some of the players wages but it was essential we cleared out the players Dalglish or the club didn’t want.

What this transfer window has demonstrated to Liverpool fans is that we have the right manager and the right owners who want the club to push forward and become winners, Liverpool are in a fantastic place both in financial stability and Managerial quality, we can once again seriously challenge Manchester United and Manchester City for honours this season and at the end of the season with the prospect of Champions League football Liverpool will be in place to attract bigger names and better quality players to add to our squad, this is the time when I believe we will mount a title challenge.

So for Dalglish its back to business until the next transfer window opens in January and we start all the speculation and compiling of our wish lists again but until then Liverpool will continue to develop and improve under Dalglish and fans will be hopeful that our club will be back competing and challenging for every competition we enter, who knows Wembley could be on the horizon this season.


  1. You say that Arsenal panic bought in this window, but, I beg to differ. Arsenal made offers for three creative, attacking midfielders – Marvin Martin, Yann M’Villa and Eden Hazard. The clubs who currently hold all three players rejected substantial offers from Arsenal throughout the summer. Also, both Santos and Mertesecker are transfers that have been in negotiation all summer. Hardly panic buying, eh? So, as Wenger was unable to land his first choice targets, he moved for two players that have EPL experience, have showed quality in previous seasons and came to the club relatively inexpensively!

    1. Totally agree with the Liverpool part of this article good signings for the future which also hopefully brings immediate success maybe not a trophy this season but kk will build a winning mentality which will hold us well in the future

  2. Great artile and very spot on! We are in a good position! let us look forward and keep believing… we actually can now!

  3. I think the overhaul of the squad and the way we done it is nothing short of amazing, brought in quality, sold the deadwood, and loaned out the players whose value could rise significantly if they have a good season at their new clubs.All that and we still even managed to cut the wage bill by 20million+.We have got to be happy with our new structure.strenght in dept was our main worry but now have a look at our squad, reina,kelly,carragher,agger,enrique,henderson,lucas,adam,downing,
    suarez,carroll, 7 man bench, doni,kuyt,gerrard,johnson,skrtel,maxi,bellamy. now thats a squad.and as you know we will always have injuries, even more quality backup in the shape of coates,aureilo,spearing,sterling. and a batch of youngsters waiting in the wings, wilson,flanno,robinson,coady.This is the best and most well balanced squad ive seen at anfield. Great starting 11, great bench,great backup and youngsters snapping at thier heels for a chance to impress.THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT. THE FUTURE IS RED. YNWA.

  4. great article but I have to disagree with you on tottenham. I dont think they will hit top four BUT adebayor scores goals. Parker is a great player and van der vaart and bale are other players you couldnt think of that were world class….. If they are no where near top four surely we will win at white heart lane in 3 weeks time? It will be a tough one!

  5. I agree with this article very much so, and I do think LFC have made big advances forward. However, about Merieles being apart of the excess we don’t need, I differ…

    He is a quality player and one that links up with Suarez the best too. I don’t believe we have massive depth in the midfield now without him, as Gerrard is too injured and there is only Adam & Henderson left creatively. And sorry Lucas, Spearing, Sterling haven’t got good creativity going forward or though they are outstanding work hardened players.

    If it was me I would have at least tried to keep Merieles or Aquilani as they give you something different to the game, much like Alonso did. Plus both players range of passing and vision is second to none.

    Also removing almost all our foreign players isn’t a great thing to do, or though I do prefer more British players. Foreign players do tend to bring a “skill/art” to the game that gives the variation in tactics I am on about.

    Clearly we will have to see how much we will miss Merieles, and hope he doesn’t do wonderful football at Chelsea like Torres. But I’ve got a feeling he won’t be a Torres.

    Anyway, otherwise good transfer window for LFC, just think we should have held our own abit like Tottenham did with Luka Modric… They showed who is in command, the club not the players. Not sure if that was the message from LFC with Merieles, doesn’t it seem abit weak? Having a player put in a transfer request yes, but didn’t Alonso play his best football the season he was going to leave? They are professionals, and I think Merieles wouldn’t have lowered his game just because of a transfer that didn’t go ahead. So why let our prized creative playr leave so easily unlike Tottenham? And surely Merieles is much more better than Modric…

    I don’t know, but one things for sure, its left a little hole in the midfield strength we have have this early season, I just hope it doesn’t become a weakness for opposition.

    1. Well, if RM isnt happy at Liverpool, then he has to go…no point having a creative midfielder who is going to start sulking at some point.

      1. I just dont understand why some people rate RM so highly. i think youll find that he is overrated & will struggle to get into t he chelsea first eleven. Last season, even when none of the lfc team were showing any kind of form, for me RM didnt really stand out as the kind of player who can carry the team. Maybe im just wrong but can somebody please through in some stats from last season bout RM so we can put this argument to bed bout whether he was any good or not!

  6. So you’re saying Liverpool has a chance of making it to the top four this season ? Hahahahahahaha what a joke

    1. Well I think Liverpool have a better chance than Arsenal or Spurs as both are simply not good enough at this current time, but your welcome to come back to me at the end of the season and debate this again

    2. Liverpool has as good of a chance of any team in the premier league to qualify for champions league IMO

  7. Really pleased with the transfers, especially Coates, Downing and Craig ‘the golfer’ Bellamy!! A little disappointed with the departure of Raul, but if he wasn’t needed by KK or wanted to leave then it was best to sell him and £12m was a good price.

    I like the look of the team and I reckon we’ll do OK against the likes of Man U, Man City and Chelsea. It’ll not be easy but I’m more than confident that the team will finish in a CL spot.

    It amazes me that some fans still complain about the team – this time last year we were fu*ked and where closer to the relegation spots. This year we’re unbeaten and only two points off top spot.

    Time to get behind the team and support all those involved. This year is gonna be a good LFC year.

  8. I can’t help but feel the squad quality has been lowered. If you forget the 1st team that played last saturday we could have had on the bench mierelles, poulson, ngog, cole. All these options have now gone to be replaced by bellamy and coates. I think with kyriakos and aquilani leaving makes us short on 1st team cover.

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