Is Andy Carroll a massive waste of money ?

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By Brian Ker

31012011_andy_carroll_signs_for_liverpool_football_club_4506983 Its a question that is getting increasingly asked a lot around the stands and online money?

I think we need to think back to a statement made by Kenny Dalglish when the young forward was brought in – “We didn’t by him for a month or two months we bought him for the next four and five seasons”

That statement rings as true today as it did back in January. We simply do not know  and we wont know until the next few seasons play out.

Carroll has been compared to Newcastle legend Alan Shearer, Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, and also to former Newcastle and Everton striker Duncan Ferguson due to his skill in the air.  He is referred to as a classic No. 9 centre forward, owing to his strength, powerful shot and excellent heading ability.

Former Newcastle United manager Kevin Keegan stated “he is probably in the top three headers of a ball I have ever seen in football”.

After Newcastle’s game at home to Blackpool last season Ian Holloway described Carroll as the best striker in the Premier League.

Isa complete of player as– Nope then again who is? players like Suarez don’t come around very often the impact of Suarez would put 99.9 % of players on this planet in the shade and its a possible reason for us to look at the investment of Carroll as a waste of money however Carroll can have the same type of impact  in the next five seasons?  definitely!

Liverpool know they have a massive and unique talent in Andy Carroll. They also know he is not Luis Suarez or even dare i say it the man he replaced Fernando Torres.

He has however a very unique set of skills that when used properly  will be invaluable.

A fact often forgotten about last January was Tottenham came in with a bid of £25 million for Andy Carroll weeks before Liverpool needed a replacement for Torres. Newcastle turned down the bid straight away citing him not for sale Harry Redknapp already had Peter Crouch in his team so it he must have thought there was more to Carroll’s game than being a big man he already had one

Can all the above people possibly be wrong? possibly.

He may not turn into the world beater we hope but there’s a very good chance he will,and that was worth the gamble and is also worth the support from the fans for the next season or two.


  1. I personally have 100% confidence in Andy Carroll. I think there is a beast inside him that we have only seen glimpses of.

    It will only be a matter of time before we see exactly why we paid £35m whether we think he was overvalued or not.

    I genuinely have no concerns about Andy Carroll.

  2. people forget how old andy carrol is,having a big price tag on ur head is hard,starting ur season with suarez and reading what idiots in the press wright,i no if i was 22 and had that presure on me i would struggle.all we can hope is everyone gets off his back and in time he will become the player we all feared when we played newcastle again,so lets no let him walk alone and get behind him .

  3. Great question and reply.

    The jury is still out but we need to encourage our younger players. AC didn’t ask to have the £35 million tag around his neck, others forces decided that and it can’t be easy for him with, let’s face it 1 excellent season in the championship and half a season in the premiership when we got him. Besides selling FT and Babell effectively paid for Carroll and Suarez. And he is worth more now FT or Suarez??

    He needs time and he’ll learn under KK, from Luis and Bellamy.

    I think the best thing is to ignore is price tag and just think of him as a young player in our squad breaking through and then let’s see what he can do.

  4. We seem to play the long ball alot of the time to Andy, he’s obviously good in the air but he can play on the ground hopefully we can play it more along the ground to him and I’m sure the goals will come. Had no idea about the Spurs bid.

  5. since his arrival from Newcastle, Andy Carroll has not yet proved himself as that money worth Liverpool paid for him. But I am confident that very soon he will be at his best and will deliver the goods as expected by the Liverpool fans. We must not forget that he is still recovering from injuries and must be given time. Come on Andy we still believe in you. “You’ll never walk alone”.

  6. I’ve seen him play. Right now his ball-skills are almost zero so whatever Dalglish saw in him, it wasn’t his dribbling or general ball-skills.

    Still Carroll has time…maybe 5 years from now he’ll have learnt how to run with the ball

    1. You obviously never saw any of the goals he scored when he was at newcastle you douche bag. Keep your shit replies for websites like the s*n and maybe in 5 years time when you’ve got something worth typing you try it here!

    2. This is true. 35 mil for Carrol is total insane. My prediction is that he will be sold in the end of this season if he don’t start to score!.

      This is the player Chelsea should have got not Meireles.

  7. Being 22, i dont mind if he starts playing subs role. We know what he did at arsenal! Kuyt is better option, we hav plenty of time, lets talk abt it when he would be 25-26, still remmember that game LFC 3-0 MaNC

  8. There is still a lot to come from the big man, at times he looks like a brick wearing boots and at others he looks a world beater. I believe that we will see more of the world beater in him as the season progresses.

    If Andy Carroll gets quality service then he will be able to deliver more on the park, I do not believe he has had the service he requires just yet.

  9. YEs itis total waste of money on him and also he’s waste of space. Dalglish’s choice to buy him was a complete misjudgement.

    should never need him!!!!

    1. dont sink to far into your armchair numpty, dont bother cheering when he comes good. no dought your the type of sad case who will say ” i always knew he was good”
      go support chavski or the like, idiot

  10. There is no doubting Carrol’s quality but the current lack of influence and goals from him is due Liverpool style of play. At the moment he just seems to static to fit into Kenny’s pass and move philosophy. The injuries are behind him and his back to full fitness so thats no longer an excuse. Its all about him getting too grips in the way Liverpool play. Currently the reality is that Liverpool are just much better with Kuyt partnering Saurez.

  11. Suarez and Carroll need to form a partnership, which might involve some changes in style of play from both of them. Also the other players will need to know how to provide for them. The success can be judged after a full season.

  12. Very poor first touch, incredibly low skill with a ball at his feet. This cannot be denied. Of course there is potential, however the same applies to everyone surely? Clearly he and Suarez do not form a collaboration. Two separate strike forces have been created by accident rather than design. There is no doubt we do not look strong when AC is playing. He brings the worst out of other players too with goofing it up and huge reliance on balls in from the wing. Currently a one trick pony.

  13. When Andy Carroll broke on to the Prem scene with Newcastle you could tell there was bags of natural but very raw talent there. My initial thought was this kid will be a ManUre player within a couple of seasons and Red Nose will turn him into a class number 9. I was stunned when we signed him and immediately thought that’s one up Kenny has over Red Nose. In my naturally bias opinion, the only manager in the Prem today who has the ability to rival Red Nose’s success is Kenny. Kenny has a proven track record in bringing players on and had he stayed at LFC and never left we may never have seen the rise of ManUre and Mr Red Nose, I believe 100% that even though he best of us can make mistakes, Carroll will not be Kenny’s and he’ll prove to be a shrewd piece of business over time. With the backing of the fans Carroll’s confidence will only grow and we all know footballers – especially strikers – thrive on confidence. I am sure a lot of sceptics will have changed there tune in a year or so from now.

  14. thank you for not posting another anti carrol article you are completely right – not every player will hit the ground running but he can definitely become a big player for us!

  15. Judge all at end of season not after first 3 games of season. He scored goals in pre season dont forget yes against lower teams but its all a gelling in period at moment. 10+ goals this season easily

  16. He`s not impressed so far has he? Not 35 million sqidley didley`s worth thats for sure. Andy Carrol is his own man so comparing him to other players combined with his price tag is unfair. Andy all true Liverpool fans want you to be a great player its to early to judge you and i bet you know there`s room for improvent.Believe big man believe.YNWA.

  17. Didnt think we needed him to be honest especially in jan as he was injured. Personally the fact that we played so well without him means we dont need him. We have to conpletely adjust the way we play because of him. We are immobile in final third, we dont have the fluidity

  18. He needs to take a leave out of Hendersons book and get stuck in and take his hands of his hips and stop feeling sorry for himself! He battered teams last year with his strength holding the ball up knock downs for his mate Nolan.

  19. To this “guest writer” and to all those people with the same topics day in day out, week in week out : are u all idiots?
    Put your brain in motion ’cause it’s not!
    Our team have made the best start in the last 17 bloody years!!!
    Why so much misery ?

    1. Amen to that. Cheer up guys, you’re sounding like Chavski fans. Support the boy because now he’s in a red shirt and that’s the only factor that we need

  20. Forget the money, just look at the player. We have a strong tall English striker who is only 22 and has bags of potential with a willingness to learn. He is now surrounded by quality players and coaching staff so that potential should come good. I do wish he would get rid of that stupid ponytail though, maybe he may be taken more seriously and the referees may give him a decision or two instead of thinking he’s just a big girl falling over all the time.

  21. hah stupid unpatient troll fans, I just can’t understand them, he’s young, his contribution on arsenal is evident, has goals disallowed, has good goal on carling cup game, out muscle most of premiership defenders. and the season just started, still 35 games to play, and you bashing him already? what happen with YNWA spirit? sorry to said harsh comment but f*ck off for those stupid fans!

    1. obviously I don’t attacking Brian Kerr or this blog but the fans that commenting this blog. Brian Kerr is spot on in this matter though. It just reading the comment from fans or the other blog by Tony (Borini /or something) taht made me mad.

  22. Sorry I understand the article is supposed to support the players but the TITLE is a complete shit. When it gets tyweeted and linked peopele will think the site is criticising the guy. The title scream the opposite of YNWA.

    1. Agreed. Purposefully sensationalist title that effectively creates bad feeling amongst fans. We can’t use the boy for hits on a blog. Let him play and support him clearly and fully.

  23. The deal to bring Suarez in was NOTHING to do with the sale of Torres and the money that brought in as the Suarez deal was already ADVANCED for crying out loud.

    Its simple. We paid £35m for Carroll. When we sold Torres we could have hypothetically had…

    1. £45m plus Sturridge and then signed Hazard (£27.5m) and Young (£17.5m).

    2. £45m plus Adam Johnson had we offered Torres to City then bought Young (£17.5m), Charlie Adam (£7.5m), Sturridge (£12.5m) and still have £7.5m to put towards buying Cahill and Enrique.

    3. £50m all in and spent it on Young (£17.5m), Sanchez (£25m) and Adam (£7.5m)

    But no… we bought Carroll (£35m) and Henderson (£16m). I don’t know about you but I’d have gone for any of the other options because £35m on Carroll is a complete WASTE of money!

    1. This is just silly. We are not in the champions league, so those players would not have come and their clubs would likely not have sold them to us.

      Even when city were offering 200,000 a week, they couldn’t get anyone better than Yaya Toure (I’d rather have Lucas). They have only been able to attract the sort of talent that they have by paying double the salaries that we can afford and by qualifying for the champions league.

      Without an Oil Daddy, our only chance is buy players with potential and train them on. We don’t and won’t have the money to compete directly at the very top end of the transfer market, as players will not accept our wage structure and certainly won’t accept the Europa League without those wages.

      Remember, AC cost 35 million over 5 years, with added wages of 17 million over that time. Adebayor cost City 35 million in wages and more than 17 million in transfer fee. I know who got the better deal for the same cash.

    2. He is our player, so I ‘ll support him as long as he stays with us.

      But you are so true. I can add one more options to spend the 50mn

      1. Buy Mario Gomez – 25mn, Ibrahim Affaley – 13mn (from Barca)& Zarate – 12 mn.

  24. For once, I would just like to see people talk about AC the young football talent and FORGET the price tag! Remember he had only half a season in the top flight before we captured him from Newcastle and if there is any truth or we have any faith in KK in terms of judging talents, he is surely going to further develop himself as a good if not fantastic player we all hoped he would become. Someone just quoted KK mentioned when we signed AC back in January we signed him for the next four to five years….meaning he is going to also take a little time to further evolve to fulfill his full potential.
    There has been a lot of people saying he doesn’t fit into our team formation, etc…..again surely KK and Comoli must have thought about the kind of team and the type of formation in mind before they decided to pursue AC…he is just 1 piece to the puzzle that KK and folks are trying to put together. We need options and different formations to win nowadays and we need players that can contribut differently to win! Give the lad a chance to prove himself when he is fit!

  25. He needs time to learn how to play the Liverpool way. Newcastle way of playing is very different from how we play. When he has learnt our way he will be the most feared No.9 in the league. His raw potential of taking strikes at goal is amazing..

  26. In Kenny we trust! If the King thinks he’s good enough, so do I. There’s a reason he’s in charge of this club you or I are not. YNWA!

  27. massive massive panic buy! 6 good months of football and bought for 35m? wow? big deal he can header a ball, he cannot control a ball, pass a ball or run with a ball. and so what he is young, so was Rooney and he didnt cost that much! anyone who watches our games will know we play better without him. We should have turned down torres’s transfer request al la Spurs, kept him and bought Suarez. Fernando would have been happy by now and we would have the best strikeforce in the world!

  28. Can you specifically name to us the “sets of skills” Andy possesses? No doubt he is a great header of the ball, has a lethal left foot and good height.

    But I find him to be a lazy player. His movements off the ball is not quick enough. He does not attack the ball in the box often enough. How many times have we seen Downing whips the ball across the goal mouth and Andy was nowhere near to take advantage. Every time he is on the field, we seems to play the long balls into the box. Maybe Kenny needs to think of a way to take full advantage of his “skills”.

    With the price tag that he came with, I think he was overvalued. I would like to be proven wrong but lets see over time. Hopefully he lives up to expectations. But for the moment, he needs to work harder and smarter on the field especially in the box. He is a striker and he must attack the ball in the box.

      1. Basically we only paid 20 million for him the rest was payed by Chelsea. They had an offer on the table for Torres and we were unwilling to let him go without sone kind of replacement. When Newcastle upped the fee to £35 million it was put to Chelsea that to get Torres that bridge would need to be overcome hence them paying so much for a poor Torres.
        Carroll is a machine you wait and see!!

      2. I’m in the 90 out of 100 that hasn’t bothered to read the full article. I’ve been unfortunate enough to read one of your ill-informed pieces before. Minutes of my life I will never retrieve. Once bitten, twice shy as they say. A one word answer to your title question however is, no. I’d rather see £35 million being spent on an ageing League 2 journeyman than being spent paying the interest off bank loans. Any money spent improving the playing squad and the competition within it is money well spent. I’ve absolutely no doubts either that Andy Carroll will prove to be a pivotal member of Liverpool Football Club for the next decade. As sure of that as I am as sure of you producing a blog extolling his virtues over the course of season.

      3. But if the title wasn’t so obviously provocative and misleading maybe the negative sentiment wouldn’t come. We don’t want another Kanwar on our hands do we?

        1. This is not the first time the title has caused a problem. As you said people don’t read it. It is asking them a question and people are responding to it not the article.
          I would hate Carrol or Kenny to see this as it is sensationalist

  29. I think he is a great talent just not sure if he can play our pass and move game? Hoof ball isnt our way or style.

  30. He will be a great aquasition in the future. You all think success is by goals and he will be a success. We are very fortunate to have suarez and the success he is. All have faith he will be the future.

  31. Look at it either way,long term or shot term investment, it’s still a waste of money,Personally i think is not a wise choice

  32. Andy Carroll, what can i say. So far he has not proved anything to me.
    Cant turn a defender
    Cant dribble past a defender
    Cant pass accurately
    Slows the game down whenever on the pitch
    Long diagonal balls
    Poor first touch
    Good aerial ability but inaccurate headers on goal

    Oh, i hear some of you guys are saying 35 million is a heavy price tag to carry. Poor guy! Get a grip on yourselves guys. I mean seriously.
    He has potential but must work really hard. This is not Newcastle. We expect the best from our players.

    So, forget trying to justify 35 million. Try by justifying 5 million for now. At the moment, he looks like a guy who, had he been 6 inches shorter, would have been on the dole

  33. carrol didn’t worth to purchase with that huge amount of money. He is player between 10m to 15m pounds

    1. least he has a british name and wont jump shit given the oppertunity, ie torres. you know jack shit, shut it

  34. There was a recent article too which showed monies spent and monies recouped and basically showed our lay out per player was £4 mill. Look at it in this way too Carroll is a bargain!!!

    Still a machine!

  35. Oh my GOD I hate all these morons they are not Liverpool fans AT ALL, AC = FUTURE INVESTMENT every manager in the prem has talked about him and how good he is, why do you basher’s seam to think you know more that them??
    Sit in your chair with your beer and stfu go support the manc’s we don’t want you, anyone bashing a 22 year old lad who’s just uprooted his entire life for OUR CLUB needs shooting.

    SUPPORTER is the word so do it, stop moaning about the money it’s not like it’s the only 35million we had he could have cost 70million as long as the owners saw we needed more and provided it. Do you think him seeing all this crap online will help him?

    Momma always said if ya aint got anything good to say fuck off and die

    1. lol well said, just a small bunch of glory hunting impatient cunts. fickle little pricks just dont understand. its hardly a welcome to liverpool fc listening to some of you lot, have a kick in the bollocks while your down, we want messi, the owners are shit because they wont buy us him. actually lets start on kenny,wat does he know about football, wat would he know about seeing quality in a player, oh we want jose now.
      do you get my point, all you negative wankers make me sick. ive SUPPORTED and FOLLOWED liverpool all my life, and when we win, win a trophy or beat the mancs and toffees or finish second or third, i appreciate it big time. and when its shit i still SUPPORT, FOLLOW and wait to ride the storm. we are not city or chavski. we are LIVERPOOL FC we stick together no matter wat. END OF

  36. Andy is not d type of player we need at lpool. We need player dat can manipulate to give goals. Have you ever watch fc barca in spain? Carrol is a waist of money may i say it is bad market buying andy.

  37. So Ant in response to your message, please make sure the title of the article is informative so people who don’t read the first line and go off at a tangent. This causes more problems and the discussion is always full of pathetic people who just have no understanding of what it is to support LFC.

  38. Better to sign Aguero? are you the manager or is King Kenny, if he had wanted Aguero im sure he would have gone for him and got since he states to be a LFC fan, but the fact of the matter is Kenny never wanted the guy just like Rafa turned him down. Even if we had gone for him we would have to pay some silly wages. Then few years down the line Barce or Chavski would probly offer him some silly money and he would make some pathetic excuse to leave the club. Atleast with the likes of Carroll Downing Hendo n Adam theres more chance of them being loyal to the club

    1. “Atleast with the likes of Carroll Downing Hendo n Adam theres more chance of them being loyal to the club”

      Carroll knows absolutely nothing of loyalty, I can assure you that. he left Newcastle, his boyhood club, where he was owner of the famous no9, at the very last minute after weeks and weeks of saying he wouldn’t go. just because Newcastle wouldn’t double his wage a matter of weeks after getting an improved contract. that’s not loyalty. that’s greed.

  39. Funny that!!

    Garath Bale was a bust until last year!
    Ian Rush took 2-3 years before he came through at Liverpool!

    Last week it was Henderson taking the flack and now he gets a goal and strings a couple of games together it’s Carroll’s turn

    Everyone is an expert!

    Can a make a recommendation to the nay sayers! Read ‘In my Liverpool Home’! It’ll give you an insight into how things transpired in the past under Dalglish and how football works in general.

  40. Well its good to take our mind back liverpool style of play:playing on the ground in a fast and furious mood. Thouh Andy is good in the air but he is not a tactical playmaker on the ground and fast enough to support suarez. Moreover he is just changing our style of playing to a sluggish footbal. We need results not Names.

  41. Andy i believe in you !king kenny believes in you!
    if you really believe in yourself you can move mountains,
    and dreamers move mountains!dream of the greatness within
    and that will become your reality,greatness is ready to
    explode from your boots and the legend will live on
    in stories yet to unfold,go grab it kid!

  42. Carroll needs to lose some weight and the ponytail. Dalglish needs to get firm with him fast. He needs to be more mobile and to drop deeper to find space and to pull centrebacks out of position. It is ridiculous for LFC to expect Suarez to do all the work up front. Bryan Ruiz or Sturridge would have been a great signing to boost the striker options. Signing Bellamy is a disaster, all he ever had was pace and now that is gone. He is not going to score enough goals to justify his lavish wages.

      1. The article echoes the comments I have been making it is not the transfer fee but the salary you have to look at.

        It is not Andy’s fault that he was signed on for such a high fee.

        1. Any club aspiring to finish in the top 4 needs more then 1 goalscoring striker. Carroll,Kuyt and Bellamy will not contribute the amount of goals required. There is also the problem of the Euro’s next summer in relation to its proximity to any potential Champions League qualifers. LFC needed to get either Sturridge or Ruiz in order to try and finish in at least 3rd place.

      2. Do you think paying Bellamy a reported 90 grand a week for a virtual nil goal return makes sense? LFC will not make the top 4 with only one goalscoring striker.

    1. You are not a liverpool fan fella,you talk bollocks,though i agree that he needs to cut his
      ponytail off,and bellamy is class and he has took
      a pay cut to sign for king kenny!

      1. All fans should start to realize that unless LFC somehow make the top 4 at the end of the season, the club’s only decent goalscoring striker will start to think about pastures new. He has won the Copa America and will want to test himself again in the Champions League. Spurs failed to qualify last season because of the shocking goal return from their strikers. Carroll,Kuyt and Bellamy will manage no more then 15 between them.

          1. I am a realistic LFC fan unlike you. Torres left because of LFC’s failure to compete for the major trophies. He won Euro 2008 for Spain and started to get tired of not being in contention at club level for the major trophies. Suarez will leave next summer when LFC fail to qualify for the Champions League yet again and who could blame him. The lack of ambition from the majority of LFC fans is shocking.

  43. If people got behind him and stopped slaging him off it might help.
    EVERYONE that’s knows anything about football knows confidence is a good 50% of a strikers game.


  45. Hate people who have a go when just giving ymtheir opinion on players, there is a big difference between stating your opinion on a website and supporting your players in the stands or down the pub. If you don’t think your opinion is worthwhile then shut the fuck up I on the other hand do and will comment whbe given the opportunity. Carroll is and always will be over priced!

    1. @Rolando: You have conveniently left out over-rated, lazy, slow, poor attitude, technically limited etc. Given his performance thus far, Andy Carroll is worth no more than £35,000. That SHIT is playing like a donkey and unless he gets rid of the silly pony tail, he is starting to look like one too.

  46. i don’t think CARROL is or willbr a waste of money,in football any player who just recovers back from injury must fight hard to get back to his best form,so am sure CARROL will cerntainly pick up his form in the colour of our club [lfc].

    1. I agree with Rolando to a point. He isn’t a waste of money, he obviously on his day is a decent footballer. But lets have it right. He isnt world class. He isn’t fast, he doesn’t open defences, he hasn’t been scoring, he doesn’t put the fear of God into defenders because if they figure him out, then they figure him out. If as the others say he has been injured, why then is he being played? I wouldn’t play someone who isn’t fit would you? These guys who say get behind him, are the same people that said get behind Rafa, in Rafa we trust, short memories eh?. I don’t care about the wage structure, I don’t care about his confidence, I don’t care about his fitness, I do care about my football team, and I want to see us winning games. The general idea is that we do that by scoring goals and Carroll isn’t scoring goals, I don’t want to wait another decade to win a title. Luckily Fenway Sports won’t suffer fools and if all of Kenny’s shitty signings dont get it together then he will be out the door. Im fed up with the romantic boot room notion. Liverpool fans talk about Loyalty, then slag off Torres, and Mereleis, they slag off people wanting to be winners. They have no cutting edge, no ruthless streak, they can’t wait for the return of Gerard even though he is in the autumn of his career, if Gerard had been playing at United, Fergie would have sold him already, and do you know why, because he would have someone faster, fitter and better lined up to replace him. Liverpool Jesus we are effing stagnant and I worry that Kenny is shipping out the talent we had and bringing in overrated overpriced so called English talent to bring us back to a bygone era where Liverpool conquered ‘old europe’. A British team full o f passion. Fuck me.. Aguero or Carroll, Dzecko or Carroll, Hernandez or Carroll, Drogba or Carroll, Torres or Carroll, I could go on all night.

      1. You sure you follow football?
        Gerrard shipped and sold out if at Man U , what? like they did with Giggs no wait still there, wait played till his last legs, Gary Neville?..nope. Garbage no team would sell Gerrard.
        And No They aint all the same “Rafa we trust” people supporting Caroll, they are just the proper supporters who like to give players a decent chance first. Look .. Hendo was being slagged off as much as Caroll but now goal against bolton , good goal for England U21’s and now everyone is talking about how great he can be. Caroll has talent , he’s still scored 1 in 3 this season with a good goal disallowed. That isn’t awful. I’d say getting rid of the 12 or so deadwood players we had this window is a pretty good indication of being ruthless.
        And you play players who arn’t fully fit to get them match fit. Torres & Meireles both handed in transfer requests in the last hours of deadline day, fans arn’t so mad at Meireles but they are/were at Torres and fans of most clubs would agree rightfully so , all these fans of other clubs are also the ones now also writing off Torres as it has become a joke transfer.

        Kenny hasn’t shipped out any talented players beside Meireles.

        and on the last note, well it all depends on what form your looking at the players in. Caroll might not be in cracking form now but he is capable of it.

        Dzeko now, YEs, Dzeko last season hell no… but look what happened

        Torres at Pool YES, Torres at chelsea.. no..
        Drogba has about the same strike rate as Caroll his past 12 appearences or so , infact not at good.

        We have a good team , and its getting better all the time YNWA

      2. What a load of total fucking bollocks!!!! There is an ethos at Liverpool Football Club where you back your players to maximum, especially the ones that want to stay. Torres and Merelies handed in transfer requests at the very last moment, knowing it would be difficult to replace them. I suppose thats the loyalty you talk of is it??

      3. Fuck me…how negative are you Shane? Obviously the wave of optimism hasn’t hit your neck of the woods yet. Kenny’s ‘shitty’ signings have so far produced some of the most positive, attacking football I’ve seen at Anfield for a good few years. Carrol may yet prove to be an expensive mistake but he’s not even been here a year so give him a chance. As for your Gerrard comment, Ferguson stood by Scholes when he had a career threatening eye injury and knee ligament damage in 2007.

      4. miereles handed transfer request and if you look at him he’s been struggling of late fitness wise and injury wise..we got a descent fee for him though although i would have prefered we have Aquilani stayed but since he doesnt wanna be here best thing rid him off.

  47. Carrol not been the player we seen he can be, out of shape and slow too many beers this summer. He really just needs to get his fitness in order and he will deliver again not to mention some great passes from Gerrard.

  48. How many of these silly articles must we endure? How constructive – let’s beat our new striker down before he beds in – like we did with Keane and Cole. That’s great support coming from a Liverpool journal there guys!

    So much has changed quickly since KK came in – and last season was a crisis in many ways. Carroll is still learning and adjusting – but has shown glimpses of good finishing. He’s forced his way into the England squad and adjusting to a completely new midfield and forward line at Liverpool Some of the comments on here are embarrassing. He’s not a Suarez or Kuyt type of forward – never will be. He doesn’t and can’t do the things those players do. He has his own attributes and strengths – and with a bit of support they will come to the fore. In the pre-season he was no worse than Hendo – and they will both improve game by game. And for the love of God stop going on about his price. Torres was 15 million over his worth too – it was simple market economics. Carroll will be a great player – now will you be proper fans?

  49. Yes Carroll is indeed a waste of money who slows the play down whenever the ball comes to him. Other then his heading ability he doesn’t offer much else so lets stop kidding ourselves. No pace and no vision only height doesn’t do it for me!

    I am sure the money could have been spent much more wisely on some other forward or creative midfielder. At £35 million i’d expect a world class forward with pace, strength and vision not someone with potential that may come to pass in five years! At such a massive price i am seeking the finished article!

    Kenny has made some very good signings like Downing and even Adam looks good, building a team is like fixing a jigsaw so we’re not looking for eleven superstars for every position. Moreover, not being able to offer any European competition means we’re not the most attractive destination for the top boy’s at this moment in time so lets get real!

    I want us to play good attractive football with many options and challenge for top honours but will give Kenny time to build his team before calling for his head! His teams style of play is much better then that of Rafa’s anyway!

    1. What a shame you don’t back players as supporters are supposed to do
      As long as carrol is at Liverpool wether you like him or not he will Never Walk Alone. remember that when you write

  50. Andy is an integral part of our side. Just having him on the park ensures that the best oposition defenders are kept busy. This allows the rest of our attack to flourish. Lets support the lad he’s only 22.. by the time he is Luis’ age he is going to be scary! The media will do their best to keep the negativity flowing and we as supppoters shouldn’t buy into it. Dzeko was playing like a dog last season too.. have a look at him now.. I wonder how many of you will be changing your tune when he’s banging them in for fun again?

  51. If you can’t even spell the names of the players you are criticizing, how are we to take your opinions seriously.

  52. Why are u all blaming a 22yr old boy,this guy is young and will still improve because he has good 10years of active football…kenny his a greatman and wil work out his magic on him,i believe he will come good this season or next….

    What wud u say about bebartov,,,torres and Dzecko in their first season??they were not better than Andy carroll the first time they came into their new club..

  53. I can imagine if the author of this article had ever been to a game over the last 5 years he would have been booing Lucas with all the other idiots who boo our own players!! Lets not forget that Carroll is still relatively young, and inexperienced at this level. He will come good, but like all Liverpool players he needs the fans support and no to be reading total trash on 2nd rate websites!!! Its not his fault the 35 mill price tag is on his head and as Kenny said “he was bought for the long term”

  54. Think back to Owen or Fowler at 17 years. Raw talent. . but all the skills required to put the ball in the net. I can’t see any of this in Carroll and I think too many people believe the hype. I’ve seen him miss headers from point blank range. He will score goals because they will be made for him but anyone who thinks he has an ounce of the skill Shearer had is sadly deluded.

  55. I really don’t get it why people are so on about him, as a long term liverpool fan I have never seen this before about a player in the squad. To me it seems like it goes way beyond football. So many people just talk like they absolutely and truly hate Carroll and just want him out of the club, all I can say is I don’t get why people want to see him ruined. I need proves soon that I am not mistaken, what I have seen and read since Carroll came to Liverpool has made me in doubt about what I have always thought about the club. Two days ago someone wrote the comment. I hope Meireles does well at Chelsea, because the Chelsea fans aren’t so nice as the Liverpool fans. Well can it get any worse than what Liverpool fans are putting Carroll through since he came?

  56. Andy Carroll needs 5-7 games to get into his stride unlike Suarez who only needs 2 games. Some players are like that, but when he does he will be a monster and with world class Gerrard back aswell… my word what a team we have.

    1. For crying out loud, Chris, stop preaching Hodgson’s “judge me after 10 games” doctrine. Andy, like Hodgson, just don’t have it… PERIOD!

      1. Jack, you my friend, are quite clearly not a liverpool fan. probably not even a football fan. the future is looking bright at LFC so im not surprised the likes of you are shaking in your boots. YNWA

  57. Never say something if u’re not well convinced of it. As far every good football analyst is concern Gerrard with one leg is better hundreds playing in his position. The brain behind the ball alone is heavier than 10x the speed of Usain Bolt in his position. In every team if there no architect the team struggle n waste precious energy. Xavi is to Barcelona n Stev Gee is Liverpool FC take it or leave it. Mark it anywhere, the return of Gerrard will be the turn around of players like Carroll and even Luis Suarez n all opposition will shy.

  58. Isa complete of player as– Nope then again who is? players like Suarez don’t come around very often the impact of Suarez would put 99.9 % of players on this planet in the shade.

    Yes players that cost £35 are supposed to already be at that level or Players who have CLEAR potential of being in that 1% of great players…
    On both fronts Carroll is fail, unfortunately!

    You don’t £35m on a potential unless if he hits that potential he will be worth atleast double!

    Even if he hits his potential he would be worth no more than Llorent at £25m max.

    Right now Carroll is known allover the only for his price tag and not because of anything he’s done on the pitch. I’m not saying hes not a good player… He is!

    But let’s just say that Real or Barca will or wouldn’t have paid a penny for him!

    So in nutshell you just don’t spend £35m on player that even if he reaches hid potential won’t be good enough for the big boys.

    Andy has no place in this system… It will be Suarez upfront with Gerrard playing just off him.

    There will be games when we can him I’m sure… But for the being he will be an expensive bench warmer…

    This deal reminds me of the deal Wenger done for Jeffers!

  59. Sad sad sad.. Bunch of morons, checking at Liverpool’s blogs n saying bad things about this team..I could easily ignore comments from non-liverpool’s fans here, but fuck, some bad comments r coming from our fans..I’ve been a fan of Liverpool for 20 years, n I’m used to with the words : patience, hardtimes, pain.. The glory days I had is only Istanbul, but that’s enough to justify my loyalty to this team..
    for all the haters out there, pls have concern to ur team only n stop checking other team’s blogs..and to “LFC fan” who don’t have enough patience,Man Shitty is auditioning now..#YNWA

      1. Adidas stripes and Candy were the first thing that caught my eyes back then..the more I learned the more I get fascinated by this team,their glory, their struggles to reach back to the top..I didn’t lose my patience and hope when we’re playing with young Carra,Jamie,Robbie,Macca..heck,neil ruddock,Phil Babb were my favorite backs :) I’ve been faithful to this team, n I don’t have any reason to switch team just because they cash more to quality players or win more yes, patience is the key..
        Our time will come. #YNWA

    1. dont believe the muppets elia. us true lfc fans can see that something special is happening again at anfield. YNWA

      1. reina, johnson, agger, carra, enrique, downing, adam, lucas, gerrard, suarez, carroll.
        that is a great first 11.
        subs: doni, coates, skrtle, kelly, flanno, hendo, maxi, kuyt, bellamy, spearing, aurelio (not sure if i have missed anyone).

        loads of young lads coming through. if you can think of a stronger and more in depth squad in our recent history than that then please feel free to let me know.

          1. maximum would be to win the league. realistically i believe we can get 3rd this year. a good cup run would be a bonus. 3 championship starndard strikers, i assume you are talking of carrol, bellamy and kuyt. lets clear this up, Kuyt is first choice for holland. bellamy is first choice for wales and has been captain in the past. carrol is going to be englands main striker in years to come. what planet you on kid. a championship striker IMO would be someone like james vaughan, jermaine beckford, ricky lambert. clueless.

  60. One thing for sure, Carroll should wake up and soon! he’s taking much time and many excuses to get fit. I would like him to succeed and to perform accordingly to his salary.

  61. Andy carroll? He just simple can’t play in EPL level. He’s just below average championship standard striker.

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