The 8-Month Overhaul!

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Liverpool FC has been through some tough times in recent years, both on and off the pitch, but when we were in that period, when you have to be a real supporter to hang on in there, no one would have imagined, given the promises made and broken, that the low-profile entry of FSG would trigger such an overhaul at Anfield, and in such a short time-frame.

Obviously we will never be able to get the figures right, in this instance we will need to speculate a little bit, but from the figures touted and indiscretions surfacing it seems like that this general re-model of the Liverpool FC first team cost something in the region of £30/£35 million! Yes, that is the reason why we may attempt to conclude that business in the last two transfer windows has seen us reach at least four target out of five: we squad has been drastically overhauled, we have brought in quality players for the present and the future, we have reduced the average age of the team and we have also managed to get the many highly-paid benchwarmers out of the way. Whether the salary expenditure has effectively been reduced remains to be seen but then again, John W Henry was very straightforward when recently asked a direct question on the topic: ‘No Issue!’

Can anyone imagine the tremendous amount of work it involved to get in nine new faces, thirteen players sold or released, and another seven sent out on loan? Because we all mention the money involved, but apart from the fact that estimates indicate that the Reds did an excellent job financially, moving 29 players around in 8 months is no mean feat.

Teams like Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea have spent without any particular return, Arsenal on the contrary have yet again been ‘profitable’ in this transfer window, but together with Spurs, it remains to been seen if this transfer market stutter will have its effect on the pitch, and presumable it will, possibly to our benefit. The Reds (mostly thanks to Chelsea’s persistence in satisfy our demands), have managed to come out with flying colours, and this because we are all satisfied with the players brought in, we are all happy to see the ‘dead-wood’ (Lord I hate that term) cleared out and there is an aura around Anfield and Melwood that evokes confidence and positivity.

I would dare to say that from a formation and squad point of view, we are already back in our top four comfort zone. What we have to do now is show it on the pitch. Comolli has worked his magic, and ‘My oh My’ what a show it has turned out to be. Now it is the KD, SC and KK to instill the right dose of hunger and motivation that will definitely be taking us places.
The Anfield Revolution has been ignited and completed successfully, now it’s time to reap the rewards. It’s time for us to witness yet again the ultimate Anfield experience!


  1. This is the same buzz me an my mates have, the bluenoses can’t understand it but the mancs I have to work with can see it as they’ve had it before. Exciting times ahead not only for us supporters but the staff the players and the owners. Can’t wait for CL with the crop we have an Hazard in Jan but there lies the belief, I’m already looking forward to European cos I know we are top 2 material come Jan when the graft really starts. Great piece Tonio, YNWA

  2. Good job Tonio
    I have to agree with You Ste the buzz has changed and it is All down to the owners Backing King Kenny. As long as he is there the belief is there. It was the best and boldest decision the owners made. Comolli has also performed excellently and our transfer dealings

  3. It,s a great time to be a Red but I still can’t help wondering
    where would we be now if Kenny had not retired all those years
    ago.I am sure our league record would nowhere near be challenged
    and how many more euro triumphs with Barnes,Beardsley and co.although I know Heisel was a main factor in that.
    Anyway let’s not dwell too much in the past and enjoy the present for what it is.

    1. Big Al. We need to look at the past with nostalgia and linger only on our achievements. Now we have the present and the future and it’s looking good. We now know that we have a competitive team and that we are geared up for a positive 5/6 year cycle. Do not even think that it stops here! Rest assured there will be some fine tuning in January, especially if FSG realise we are in for a shot for major honours and a top four finish. As I said, Comolli has done his part brilliantly and conducted an excellent transfer campaign, both in and out. We recovered from Torres as if it never happened and Meireles will soon be just a lovely memory of last season. People that hand in transfer requests may have their reasons but it shows you that there is no real love for the Club!

      1. Well put Tonio, its a fantastic time be a Red. Its a real turn around from last year where every comment I posted started with “Gutted…”. Cheers Tonio

  4. And eotk has been with me during the whole journey!
    Thanks tonio and thanks Zammit for the excellent articles.
    Also, big thanks to Kaushal… Loved the pepe reina letter and the piece on dalglish!!!

  5. Great read Tonio. Was waiting for someone to write something and dispel this whole ‘crazy spending’ myth conjured by the tabloids. FSG aren’t stupid (the way they managed to steal the club from H&G at a fraction of the market value is testament to that!).

    In essence we have brought in Carroll, Suarez, Downing, Enrique, Coates, Adam, Henderson, Bellamy and Doni for a net spend of £37million, and shipped out a cartload of players who simply weren’t good enough, slashing £30million off the annual wage bill in the process. This is without comprimising the quality of the squad!

  6. The buzz is great now. Could you believe the feeling is all over the world. It has always been great to be RED, but now it even greater.

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