How does Luis Suarez stack up next to the LFC legends?

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The optimism amongst Liverpool fans at the moment is self-generating, this is our year and this is the future. Luis Suarez is the spearhead for the future of this great club and his goals, along with his many other attributes, will bring us closer to the silverware we crave.

So, in another of the endless debates about the resurgent Liverpoool, the struggling Andy Carroll and all-conquering Suarez, the question was raised about how the Uruguayan stacked up along side his illustrious peers so early in his Anfield tenure.

I took the goal scoring records of Liverpool’s Top 15 All Time Goalscorers and worked out an average goals/game ratio. I disregarded the competitions in which the goals were scored, though it would be interesting to compare just the League goals.

Ian Rush, as most fans would expect, is top of the goal scoring charts but when comparing the goals/game ratio is ousted by South African born, Gordon Hodgson, who’s 241 goals in 377 appearances at a rate of 0.68 goals/games stands tall at the top of the chart.

Luis Suarez has only featured 17 times for Liverpool and has managed 7 goals. These stats are a mere pinprick when compared with the appearances and goals racked up by our best. Former no.9, Fernando Torres, scored at a rate of 0.70 goals/game for his first 50 goals, a stat that gave the Spaniard possession of Liverpool’s “fastest to 50” record.

Suarez when evaluating his goal scoring prowess in cold stats and so early in his Liverpool career performs admirably in comparison, his ability to bring team mates into the game, in my opinion, will see him leave Liverpool as a great. Thus far, Suarez has provided more goals than he has scored and will continue to be a goal threat with his incisive runs and bold play.

The stats were provided by LFC History and just out of interest, Jamie Carragher has a scoring rate slightly less than 0.01 goals per game.

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  1. It would be interesting to see Torres on this also..even though he is gone..his strike rate was top draw. Wasnt it?

    1. Torres didn’t quite make it into the Top 15 scorers but he had a rate of +0.70 for his first 50 goals which is unbelievable. It would be interesting to see Torres’s record statistically at Anfield.

  2. Not fair, Torres should be included in the comparison. watever happened, happened. If he lost his class not need to be us to lose our dignity. He is a brilliant part of our history.

    1. I assigned the rates based on the goals they scored and not an opinion I have of the striker. Torres did not do enough to get into the Top 15 goal scorers.

  3. I believe this article was comparing Suarez to Liverpool legends…as good a player as Torres was, he is in NO way a Liverpool legend!

  4. I hate articles like this, they prove absolutely nothing. How can you take the record of a player who has been with the club for less than a year and compare it to others who have played 2 and 300 times for the club. How are you comparing like with like, if you were go to make acomparison shouldn’t it be comparing Suarez’s 1st eight months with the records of others over the smae period.

    Its all suppostion and not based in fact or reality. (Admittedly he isn’t a legend) but for argument’s sake if you compared Torres’s record for his 1st season with the legends, then what conclusions would you have drawn. You wouild also have assumed same as you have for Suarez that he would’ve been around for years scoring goals but we have seen that not to be the case.

    Why should a player who has been there for 8 months have his record compared to others who played for a lot longer time,where’s the fairness in that?

    1. Completely agree. Yes, everyone knows suarez is a fantastic player and a catalyst for our revival. But this proves nothing. Furthermore, one could be a goal scoring dynamo but if you don’t win any silverware, you are not as valuable. Let’s allow the chips to fall.

    2. I have to agree with you on many of the counts. The post was no attempt at a concrete legened validation excercise, but merely an inquisitive look into his start and the records of the top 15 liverpool goal scorers.

      The original title was “Luis Suarez on the path to greatness, a PREMATURE prediction”, I have a feeling Antoine is trying to get me lynched ;)

  5. As much as it pains my heart to think of him, Torres should be on here too. and was a little taken aback when i saw the name Hodgson. :P

  6. Personal opinion – I think we need to give suarez til the end of the season to compare him to our legends. Give a full season to do what he does without the pressure ay. Not that Im not saying he wont be, but lets not put too much pressure on him. Re Torres topic – Some of our best legends changed clubs, so even though the way he did it hurt a lot, he should still be considered

  7. Suarez I have no doubt will be a spectacular success at Liverpool. The 1 million dollar question is how long will he be at Liverpool before the likes of Barcelona, R.Madrid or even any of Mancs, Chelsea will pay millions to buy him. Today’s players are only interested in money and CL football and if we cannot provide, for sure he will hand in a transfer request when a CL side and rich Spanish or PL club wants him.

    As a matured fan, I am more concerned about the capability of the manager and the owners than the players. Once we have this in order, then they can build a strong squad to compete with the elites. Players will always come and go through retirement or going to greener financial pastures like Fabregas, Nasri, Torres, Meireles.

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