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We have a football team here in our village. I used to be the tactician of the team. When we prepare for a game I used to tell kids that I do not care what the result is, what I want is you to give everything you have on the pitch, when I say I really mean that. Because I want, my team plays good football, even against good physical teams. I used to include tricky, fast players in midfield and attacking roles and make sure that our defenders are good enough technically and physically to see of attacks and set pieces. Often these teams will not be that fast, so that will give you an additional option. So I used to remind the defenders about the second ball, and the need of no nonsense defending.  One more thing I used to tell them is, exploit what referee offers you. (I mean some referee will be tough on you on fouls, some others will allow the game to flow, they stop the game only if it is a necessity, and normally referees will be consistent in this)

See the above said things in the light of our Stoke game. I am frustrated now, not because Liverpool fc lost, but due to the reactions of some of our so-called ‘fans’. I saw a lot of comments, IN EOTK and in our official site. Some even find time to slam Kenny Dalglish for the loss. Kenny did all the things he possibly could. His team selection was good. His substitutions were good. So criticizing Kenny was not the need of the hour. The need was unconditional support towards the team. Supporters can criticize the team, but the team should deserve it, this team played in the Stoke does not deserve criticism. Instead, we should praise for the effort they put in. It is a tuff place to go and we never played well there before, I think last Saturday we played well and controlled the game; it is for the first time in four years. We played well throughout the match; just it was not our day.

There were many positives, and the most promising was Andy Carroll. He tried to pass the ball, tried some one-two’s, totally he looked better, and I feel good about the percentage of possession in an away match. I saw many criticisms towards Adam I concede some of his passes were not reached the target but some of them were due to the heavy pitch and some other were due to the good defensive work by the defenders.

Carragher, the only thing I have a problem with him is his passing, not his defending. As someone see the whole match I feel the penalty was a mistake from the official. Kenny was angry because the referee was not consistent. First, Carragher cannot pull him down like that (human anatomy). Secondly, there were incidents like that throughout the game where referee allowed the game to continue and thirdly, if Carragher’s was a foul Skrtel could have ended up seen red card for all the things he did when we defended the corners.

Our midfielders tried to match them when there is a high ball. We closed down on them well. We were good in not allowing them to take the flick on-s and second balls. We created many chances. That is why I do not mind see my team play like this and loses the match, because if we play like this we will not going to lose many matches this season.

I feel it is just a bad day in the office, get over it. The world will not end in Stoke; Kenny had not done anything bad, our team is playing really well, we had a problem or two in the finishing though, I am sure that we will improve on that at Lane.

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  1. i do believe u got it spot on my friend some people dont know anything about soccer and would rather spend their time critisizing. in soccer u have to loose some games but its the positives u take out of those losses that make u a better team

    1. may be not, but if they are they should understand it is not in the best of the interest of our great team

  2. i dont like losing any game, but although there were things we didnt do, and often too deep against a team that defends on its own pitch and didnt have a shot apart from their penalty, some “fans” already give up on the league, we dominated and even though we werent taking chances we are so much better than a year ago, impossible to compare..idiots even phone in to Lfctv to moan and havent even SEEN the game! ..the world seems to be FULL of fools! (or spoilt brats!) ..FFS grow up!

  3. SPOT ON! I agree with you 100% I cannot slam the squad or Kenny because I truly believe we were the better side and played with heart. We didn’t get the result but sometimes that happens, lets move on YNWA

  4. one most credible thing i noticed about the game is the heavy pitch. probably stokes way of forcing their strategy through. It paid off for them I think.

  5. hi my names are joseph from Nigeria liverpoolfans before you blame referee,blame your players first for not using their chancesandfor meireles for me i want back pls in jan. Sign somebody that can creat space f somebody messi,c.ronaldo and also play like a teams stop depend on man up front pls want combination of suares and bellamy starting eleven we need skillful players and fitness defenders.

  6. I too believe the team played well.The only thing that got me irritated was the lack of movement after a seems the players are waiting for a pass to be made before they make a other words they are too idle except for those few flair players ie suarez, downing..i would certainly love to see more fluidity though its still early in the season to have the team gel real well. we defended superbly, had and created many chances.but few of the players were not in the right position whenever a cross came in..or the crosser of the ball was not as accurate as he couldve been.i feel we must go for the ball instead of waiting for it to land on our feet.other than that it was a good performance and i would like to see some improvement in finishing and passing.Credit to stoke for defending their asses off.but if luck and composure were on our side that day, we wouldve been up 4-0 by half time.and i look forward to that in coming weeks..YNWA

    1. I got your point, but in stoke guys failed to give right weight to the passes at times due to heavy pitch.

  7. The team had played their hearts out and with appalling refereeing, it just wasn’t our day. So it is unfair to criticise the team. If we keep playing like this, CL qualification should not be a problem. However, we did miss some wonderful opportunities to score, but that’s football, name me a side which hasn’t committed this kind of blunder?

  8. It was a frustrating day and I feel that the players really worked hard. On Carragher blaming, I just think that as much as he may have his faults there isn’t anyone else that can organise the defence like he does. And without Gerrard, the only sensible option for a captain would be him to push everyone forward, but I would love to see the likes of Lucas being the 3rd choice captain!

  9. If Hemderson didn’t do so terribly, and it was an absolute shocker, with his 1 on 1 chance, it would have been tied up. Learn that you can’t just kick the ball straight at the keeper.

    You know when it’s not going to be your day out on the pitch. Those 5 or so shots proved that.

    Aah well, always next week…

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