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Not done this in a while, so bear with me…

It’s common knowledge now that Fernando Torres isn’t happy at Chelsea. Accusing the squad of being too old, slow and it’s not helping the team. And he’s got into trouble at Chelsea for saying it. Only scoring one goal in eighteen appearances, and it looks like he doesn’t want to be there. He’s looking the same as he did last season for us, lazy, lethargic and like he can’t be bothered. For me, he’s missing the passes from Stevie, Lucas, and what he could have had from Downing and Adam. So I ask, for no more than £15m and a FULL public apology to the fans, and the team, would you take him back at Liverpool?

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  1. No. Simple. He had his chance, he made his decision. + He has a £100million buy-out clause in his contract so its irrelevant.

  2. Hate to say it, in fear that I’ll be mobbed by a lot of angry fans, but yes I would take him back at the club. For the right price, and providing that he admits he was wrong and apologises. And then scores 20 goals a season for us, including 5 against Chelsea…

      1. i think i kind of agree with you, but i’ll pay no more than £10m as i quote from yassine itani September 12, 2011 at 9:47 pm.
        he was and maybe he’s still good player, but with lack of motivation. so if we pay him only after he’s score a goal that would be good motivation for him. :)

  3. If he hadn’t left in the way he did, with total disregard for anybody but himself I would have him back. But unfortunately he left in such a disrespectful way.

  4. I don’t know if I’d take him back. It takes motivation for Torres to score goals… he didn’t have it for us last year, he doesn’t have it for Chelsea, and that’s not all owing to his own fault. No doubt his finishing is some of the best in the world, but his pace comes from passion, and passion doesn’t come from money (which he’s getting). He also seems to proud to issue a full public apology, nor would Chelsea return him for a mere 15 million… Sorry mate, doesn’t look possible at all, nor would I welcome it.

  5. i don’t remember he said something about the fans when he left,
    i don’t remember he said something about LFC when he left,
    he decided to leave when finally the club was better,
    and with money we bought Carroll and Suarez,

    so, i don’t know who is fernando torres !

  6. Well, no. First of all, I thought Liverpool wasn’t a big Enough of a club according to him and the fact that we have to ask for an apology? Pftt! He’s got no respect for Liverpool and frankly I don’t think we need any dead wood, we’ve just goTten rid of them! Meireles is making some interesting acquisations, I’d rather discuss that than old traitor but that’s just my opinion :)

  7. No. I think it would be a catastrophic idea to try to integrate Torres into this new look Reds side that is beginning to and will soon mesh very well. At the moment, he’s a non-factor in the EPL, bringing him back would serve little good other than, perhaps, to bolster Rafa Benitez’s ego.

  8. I want to say yes as i remember the good times and how great he was and how that same player would fit into the attacking team we have now but on the other hand i do not want someone who can unsettle the team at any point, far to much work as been put in over the last 9 months to get the attitude around the club to be right.
    But i would trust in KD and DC if they could/would bring him back admitting he was wrong to leave.

  9. No.. He’s not the same player as in his pomp & that’s the only player I’d take back with an apology. But that player would be far more than £15M & probably wouldn’t be sold!

  10. In a heartbeat. Not that either of those things would ever happen. Although, I did think the same about him leaving us for them in the first place. ;)

  11. yes I would. Despite my hatred of him at the moment, hes a class player and we need to think what would make us successful as a team. £15 mil tops though, and he would have to understand that 2nd time round it would be liverpool who are in charge and not him,

  12. As tough as it was to give him up when we did. We are a much better squad without him. This shows a pattern of him not scoring then placing blame on his fellow players. I loved having him at Anfield but not like this.

  13. 15 million for Torres to warm the bench and watch Suarez and Bellamy play? No go for Torres , i’d rather we buy Sturridge :)

  14. Ha! No.

    Torres did great things and should be remembered in liverpool’s history books.

    But that’s it, he’s in the past.

  15. That’s the problem, its not about what he’s done. If he improves at Liverpool like the way he was 2 or so years ago, then I wouldn’t mind him back. But right now, its a no-no. We have more younger people who want to be at LFC and are learning. Suarez and Carroll. Dirk, and for short term – Bellamy. We need not Torres.

  16. Torres linked with Luis and back where he was loved I think we would all forgive him form is temporary class is permanent

  17. Never.let the old crock walk alone.
    We got an upgrade worth twice as much as him that has a heart and knows how to kick a ball and not the club he plays for.

  18. I am not clear as to why you want a full public apology to the fans ? Torres is a professional sportsman, and did what he thought was right for his career (how wrong can you be, eh Nando ?) and others have done that before, and will do it again.

    I was really disappointed when he left, in part because I had just got a new Torres shirt for my 16 year old daughter (she was gutted that he left), but if he doesn’t see the club as the place he wants to be then you can hardly force him to stay, can you ?

    Would I have him back ? Yes, for no more than was paid for Downing or Henderson, in a heartbeat. Can you imagine him back on the top of his game teamed up with Stevie G and Suarez, it’d be amazing. . .

    I can understand why fans were hurt when he left, I was as well, but we need to look at this as a professional arrangement – players are paid more in a week than most of us will earn in a year and are supposed to play at 100% week in week out which most of them do. In addition to that they presumably hope to be in a squad that will challenge for top honours, and Torres didn’t see LFC doing that, so he asked to leave.

    Do I respect what he did ? Not at all. But ask yourself, in your job, if you didn’t see it going anywhere would you try and change ? Probably. I know I would. And that’s what Torres did.

    If anybody owes us an apology it’s Hicks and Gillette, their idiotic behaviour seems to me to be what led to the decision that Torres made.

  19. 100% Yes. I think he was a little impatient leaving the club when he did, would have liked him to stay until the summer and seeing the investment that went into the club he might have stayed. The thought of him and Suarez linking up is mouth watering. Really don’t see it ever happening but never say never.

  20. I wouldn’t be taking him back for the simple fact that I don’t think he fits with the plans that Dalglish has for the team. I’m sure that he’ll find a way back to form but it won’t ever be at Liverpool.

    As for an apology, sorry but get over it. That’s just a garbage notion of self-entitlement.

  21. Whoever says a front line of Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres isn’t mouth watering is in denial!…having said that, “el nino” made his grave, you know the rest. YNWA

  22. Not a chance. And certainly not for 15 million. He is 27 with 2 dodgy knees and suspect hamstrings. He jumped ship too early for me, should have stayed and looked at the situation in the summer. I agree with a few people above saying Torres and Suarez would have been dynamite but he found out that the grass isn’t always greener.
    He would have been a legend here and probably won plenty under the King, but down there he is just a price tag.
    So in short FUCK HIM. Onwards and upwards

  23. even though you say his form wasn’t the best last season wasnt he our top scorer before he left, with all that dead wood around him? with no gerrard

    now compare that to chelsea and you will see where his heart lies in the english league…

    we don’t know the real reason he left he said himself he will only give the real reason when he retires.

    if we can get torres back for anything less than we paid for suarez i would say yes

    it would be brilliant buisness and also getting a top class player as someone said form is temporary as we can see from wayne rooney last season to this season…

    for all you fans who think he betrayed just remember him gerrard and pepe carried the club on their shoulders for 2 years ( not sure i should add carra into it) true he won a few point with his defending so i will add him into the list? you guys can make your own decsion.

    although i only think the chances of this happening are around 5% i would 100% have him back at liverpool, but that said with gerrard coming back stronger than ever we would have 1 hell of an attacking force.

    rant over lol

  24. First of all, it would NEVER happen. He knows he’s a hated person at Anfield and if he is to leave Chelsea, I’m sure he’d rather return to Spain.

    But to answer your question, no I don’t want him back. He has past his prime, his attitude is lousy and last but not least Liverpool has moved on since he left, it would be a step backwards for Liverpool to have to readjust to fit him in and we’re having a headache already trying to suit the struggling 35 million guy into the team and to have another guy to accomodate would be a disaster.

  25. Practically speaking, if he truly apologises and accepts that his role may be limited to a squad player and he has a lot to do to earn back the supporters’ trust, I’m fine with it. As long as he eats humble pie. It would also do him a world of good to just shut up to the media too, that could spare him some degree of shame and pressure.

  26. Yes, i would like to see him back. Liverpool needs an all out striker as seen in the recent Stoke match where they lacked the finishing touch. But 15 million is way too much for a striker who can’t score, even if it is Fernando Torres. If he shows a desire to come back, then yes, perhaps in the region of 10m or less.

    Suarez has nice assists waiting for him there. It is up to Torres if he wants to score more goals and get back into his national team by starting at the bottom of the pecking order or keep his pride as an expensive striker.

    Well, it is up to Chelsea if they want to give away a 50m striker. But Chelsea is rich, so it is up to KK. I wonder if KK wants to accept Judas back into his ranks.

  27. I would, but only as long as there was televised coverage of King Kenny slapping Torres on the forehead like a bad dog and just saying “No! Bad!”

    1. very good point yet to be raised. ian rush moved on because he wanted something new and he came back in a heart beat…better than ever!

  28. wow..i’m having a laugh reading these comments..

    for me, yes for his footballing ability. i can forgive and forget.its not like he joined manu.

    on the other hand..no..cz by the time he decides to leave chelsea he would be too old for the club and we wouldve had our team fully developed and challenging for top honors.

    whatever the fans said..torres did give us great moments and did leave a stamp in the clubs history..future liverpool fans will be wondering who this guy was and they would still love him for being a liverpool player that they didnt have the chance to see play.the same goes with us fans at the moment and how history of the older teams make us love the club even more.This club has tradition.no matter who comes in and out..the moment they put the jersey on they are playing for liverpool fc. and when they leave we wish them the best.

    i dont see stevieG or carra or any other player that goes on moaning bout how he left.as a matter of fact they understood his situation and wished him the best.it was great to play alongside him and nothing lasts forever.

  29. its an interestibg thought…many on here have made very valid points…both that he has made his bed so lie in it,or richards post making a point about perspective.
    for me im undecided,as with everyone i was aggreaved about the manner of his parting. my biggest problem,especially after this,isnt his talent or skill its his attitude. that is the thing that kenny would take issue with.
    i dont doubt if he swore fiealty and was a knock down price kenny would give it serious thought. like it or not his form has been getting better with each game,so there is no doubt he would be an asset in our old school attacking style.
    if kenny said “he realises he made a mistake an i belive him” id back him all the way. “attitude” and “desire” are key buzz words for kenny,and i dont think torres has either of them.

  30. There is no comparison to Ian Rush. Rush didn’t lie about wanting to stay at the club and hand in a transfer request. Nor did he put down our club while he was at Juventus.

    Let’s not forget what FT had to say about us even 6 months after he left


    What evidence is there that he would suddenly find form in our team?

    A marque signing in January would be great, but not FT. He served us well and deserves to go down as someone special in our history but the manner in which he left should tell us he didn’t want to stick around and become a legend.

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