Can’t we forgive?

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I know I am going to get some stick. However, I feel EOTK is a platform to express our opinions. Therefore, I do not mind if somebody has a difference of opinion. I sawAntoine’s link in today’s Daily Antoine about Torres in trouble after a comment he made about Chelsea’s midfield being too slow.

FernandoTorres! We cannot forgive him for what he did to us, can we? We fans will be cruel sometimes. For us there is nothing more important than the pride of our club. So our anger will be justified…, maybe not. Let us analyze the Torres issue now.


Torrescame to our club and performed really well, He helped us in reaching above the money rich Chelseain a season. But in the next window we sold Alonso, A player who made a real difference in that season. We could not replace him with a quality player and in the next season, we ended up in 7th place. We were going down the hill. There were rumors of Gerrard andTorres leaving the club. Once Hodgson took charge, he metTorres and convinced his plans.Torres agreed. Any body thinks it is because ofRoy he continued in our club? It is because of his love for the club and the fans. Until that, things were o.k. After thatLiverpool football club went through a real bad period, both on and of the pitch. There was nothing promising in that period. For fans like us, we will suffer that because we had to suffer it if we truly supporting a club. Nevertheless, for a player of quality it is not necessary that he should suffer all this especially when somebody is offering a better salary, glory. After all, why he quit his boyhood club for us? It must be for better football, better salary and glory. Moreover, for a player, there will not be more than 3-4 years to in his peak. He might have thought of that too. In addition, for him it is his life, people who are less fortunate like us may not understand how he might have felt especially whenChelsea offering him a fortune.


Fans, including me was became disappointed maybe because we loved him; we made him an equal or bigger idol than Gerrard. I was angry with him for the timing of his transfer request also. He could have given a request a little bit earlier. Any way as time passes by we should forgive for what he has done to us, at the end of the day we have not lost anything. I hope that he will go back to Atletico Madrid and regain his confidence because Chelsea don’t give a S*** about the injured and out of form players, now I feel he is out of his mind and really struggling.


It will be painful for him for many reasons. Firstly he knows he took a wrong decision in going to Chelsea, secondly now he know the difference between the Liverpool fans and Chelsea fans, and finally now he know how people will treat him in the real world if you lose your form.


Let us forgive him. Wish him better luck in some other team in some other country and we can say as in folks, ‘we had a player fast as Wind, as strong as a Bull. We conquered many Cities and castles with him, but unfortunately he gone out of his mind, he went away and nobody ever heard of him ever after that’.


  1. can’t we stop speaking about him?

    he has made his own choice, we are growing up without him. The page is turned, and the future bright…without him

  2. Next you’ll be saying we didn’t give Roy Hodgson enough respect!

    It’s not even a matter of forgiving him. He engineered a move in the most inappropriate manner. When we needed him the most he jumped ship, nice way to pay back the fans who always had his.

    No, he got what he deserved. Forgive him? F*ck him! Seriously, who gives a sh*t about him anymore?! Laugh as the goals to games ratio gets worse and he digs bigger holes around himself, but seriously, I doubt anyone is interested in him anymore.

    Yesterday we were talking about would we take him back for £15M. Why on Earth would we pay £15M for a 1 goal in 23 games player?!

    Shall we debate the ins and outs of Micheal Owen next. Screw that! I’m all for backing players like Alonso who were shoved out of the club they love but the mercenaries can go whistle.

  3. I will forgive him if he comes out and admits he made a terrible decision forcing a move through to Chelsea because he thought the grass was greener & he thought he was joining bigger and better things.

  4. I mean torres made a mistake, everyone did. the nature he left the team was what that made us angry and dissapointed. but everyone makes mistakes, he just did not realize that at chelsea there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly would take him back for i duno 15mil i guese, play him as back up for bellamy, till he proves himself in training and gets a game, and does well, then we all could see what we wanted to see suarez+torres+gerrard and with the addition of downing on the wing.

    1. you want to spend 15mill on a player and use him as backup for bellamy who was brought in as backup himself,brilliant

  5. frankly speaking..i dont mind talking about torres..its the mancs id rather mock and boycott than an ex liverpool player.

    i thought we were educated liverpool, why moan and groan endlessly about a single player that gave so much memories whether good or bad..just take it with a pinch of salt for God’s sake.if you know and love the game then you know these things happen.if you just started following football..then i guess you have much to learn about it in the coming years.

    1. from the comments and can actually tell who was seriously in love with torres..they actually have serious issues to resolve regarding their

      he was a great player.we all loved him..but for some of us, it was a different kind of love..and they were hurt the most-those who support the club because of a player.not a player because of the club.

      no one is bigger than the club..and if you can accept it, you wont issues with any player that matter the manner.

  6. Lets forgive, after what he’s did i was annoyed but what has he done since? or even before he was out of form.

    What did we get out of it?? Two fine players on form. We win.

    I do hope he leaves Chelsea, goes back to Spain and returns to his former glory

  7. i had no problem with him leaving at all in fact i think he did us a favour, he is clearly past his best, as has been proved by his form with chelsea, we got good money from his sale, i think kenny was quite clever saying he wanted him to stay as it only pushed up the price chelsea were willing to pay and look what we got in return suarez and carroll a good deal all round ..thank you very much Nando.

  8. I think we did good business, 50 million for a player who’s been out of form for over a year. Also, I have heard rumours Chelski are looking to do a swap with Alexander Pato of AC Milan so looks like Torres will possibly be playing in January unless he pulls his fingers out and stops blaming old, slower team-mates lol.

  9. yes good business we had the best of him, and I dont blame anyone for leaving us during the Hicks-purslow-era (purslow left AFTER Torres) and compared with Owen (who wenbt to the mancs) the vilification of Torres is downright nasty, move on..

  10. p.s. and thanks for all those wonderful moments you gave me ..Milan, Marseille, Old toilet etc etc, fats 50 goals for our Club..thats the memory I will keep.

  11. I actually feel really bad for him and some what to blame for his bad form when he left I cursed him well not literally but I’m sure that so did most LFC fans cause of the manner in which he left.. However, forgiveness like respect is something that is earned and I don’t think Torres is worthy of our forgiveness just yet…

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