Fergie doesn’t like the Dalglish family [video]

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Fergie got annoyed with Kelly Cates (Kenny’s daughter) tonight just because she was asking him some good questions. He is so threatened by her dad that now is also taking it out on the kids.

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  1. PRICK!
    whisky nose, bitter old scum bag!
    just because he knows we’re back. everybody knows we are BACK!
    looking foward for for them to travel down to Anfield

  2. To be fair, they were absolutely stupid questions.

    Of course he’s not dropping De Gea for Lindegaard and of course Ashley Young isn’t being dropped? I don’t understand why those questions were necessary at all.

    For the record, I hate Sir Alex, but I hate pointless interview questions too.

    1. I think you will find that most post-match football interviews are pointless and inane, but most players/managers have the good grace to be polite, unlike this nasty t**t.

  3. Guys take this video off or change the headline and description, it makes us sound petty however tounge in cheek it might be.

  4. I was watching it live, I had to pause it and remind it and you could see from the start of the interview that he was agitated, and you’re not wrong by saying that it was because it was Kennys daughter,either that or it was because she was a woman,either way he still looked like a fookin twat, whiskey nosed dick!!

  5. alex ferguson is fuckn pita fail go get more young kids in south america show more 2 the world u r sir pita fail

  6. she turned that around on him though and made him look the prick he is,very smart kelly,and she gets told what to say by sky

  7. red devils manager hates us and we r proud 2 hate. Lyk shankly once said, ‘some think football is a matter of life and death its far more serious than that’

  8. Such a cunt of misery… she didnt ask you did you sleep wid you goalie,,, the real reason why he was rested,,, choot fuckin dick… typical manure fucks..

  9. De gea has been a bit suspect since he arrived at utd and Lindegaard had a great game last nite and kept utd in the game so for me it was a valid question to ask. She asked it not because DeGea had been dropped, like Fergie thought, but because Lindegaard had played so well.

    At the time I saw the interview live I didnt realise it was kelly but thought he was out of order. However she did turn it back on him very well to make him look like the arse he is.

    Sometimes the media do ask stupid questions & the best way to deal with them is like kenny does in a light hearted way with good banter. But as I said before Kelly had every right to ask that question after Lindegaards performance

  10. so this is the behaviour of a Sir a knight of the Realm he is so arrogant he should start acting like a Sir or have it taken away.

  11. the sub keeper came on and played well so it seems a fair question to ask if that posed a selection dilema. fergie came accross as an angry old man and i thought the interviewer made him look somewhat stupid by keeping her composure and making him look a fool with his pointless outbirst.

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