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So many opinions going around about the Stoke game. So many views and counter-views. Some call Carra old, some say Suarez misses sitters, some say Kenny should have had a different combination. While everyone is entitled to his/her opinion at the end of the day, why do we forget the three names mentioned above. One of them is someone who we call ‘The King’, another has been our legend, someone we would weigh in ‘Gold’ and the third one is basically someone who has propelled us to a pedestal from where we can dream and probably also given us the right to crib about points lost.

To dwell in the past is never healthy but why do people forget where we were. How soon have we transformed from strugglers to challengers and would soon, hopefully, become champions. Last year we lost some dreadfully humiliating games. Against Man City and Eastlands (or whatever oil soaked name you want to call it now) and at Britannia too. I remember the lot complaining about the style of football more than the result. People said – ‘it’s OK to lose once in a while but our display was pathetic, toothless’. Some called it humiliating, some embarrassing, some disgusting, some all of these. When we lost last Saturday, did you guys witness any of the above attributes in our game?

We had 73% possession (stats from guardian)! 73% guys. I’m sure you would have heard it a lot over the weekend and ever since as well but can’t you see what that number means? For every 10 minutes that the Potters held the ball, we held it for 30 minutes. We had 8 times as many shot as them. Their only shot on target was the spot kick. We had seven! Screw the numbers. Did we ever, for a moment, look under threat? Screw that too. Did we ever even look like we’re not dominating the game? Of all the moments from the game, the only ones you can pick are the Carragher arm-wrap and Suarez’s added time miss? And, is Henderson your new Lucas? Can we please, welcome a youngster with open arms and give him atleast some time to show us what he’s got? Haven’t we shamed ourselves enough by being on Lucas’ case for the first couple of seasons?

I remember last year’s home game against Chelsea. Apart from two moments of individual brilliance – a pin point accurate lob from Kuyt (as far as I remember) and a super curl from Torres, and some pressure when the opponent was on the ball, there was hardly anything to inspire any confidence. The second half was a mad scramble to hit the ball away from our box.

God only knows how much have I craved for the brand of football we’re playing now. Saturday was a day when we totally dominated the proceedings. May be we were unlucky. May be there were few lapses, which they are bound to be in any game, even the most perfect one. But I cannot be pessimistic like some of us are. I cannot start belittling the King or a legend just because we didn’t come off with 3 points. It was one of the better games of football.

I am not saying that I’d take the loss against Stoke over that win against Chelsea. Winning never hurt no-one. But what I would expect is for us fans to appreciate the team when they’ve put in one of their finer performances. Instead of just picking on the minor points. Imagine what would the players be thinking? They put of a magnificent (nothing less than that) performance and they’ve got every right to feel that the world is against them after a result like this. At such a time, do they really need the bickering they’re getting from our end? Whoever thinks that we are going to go an entire season without losing is acting a little bit naive in my opinion. There was no shame whatsoever in that loss.It is alright to be disappointed but try to be a Liverpool fan and stand by your team.

What else do we need? May be a bit of luck, may be some goals and some silverware. But the way we’re playing right now, they’d automatically have to come our way.

It’s a little bit of a cliche but don’t moments like these truly test how much do you actually believe in the saying – You’ll Never Walk Alone.




  1. Great article Kaushal. I think you’re right maybe we just need a little bit of luck. With the positive, attractive football we’ve been playing i’m sure there will be alot more positive results than negative. I think sometimes we start to panic a little in the final third and rush the final ball or shot. I think once the season goes on we will see more composure though. Even though i’m always a little downbeat for a few days after a disappointing result, the performances definatly sweeten the pill. Bring on Tottenham!

  2. spot on. I agree. We can only get better. Our style of play is improving. At least we are creating the chances! On another day we would have prob grabbed 4 goals!

  3. Utter rubbish! Get you head out of your **** and realize we need goal scorers. You may be content with 6000 chances and no goals but I for one am not!!!

    1. exactly Blindside..thats the point i always try to make..we need ruthless goal scorers..i dont know about you all..i love suarez but to see him miss that was so painful..put hernandez or rooney or now aguero..and see what happens there..my point is they should be ruthless in front of goal..Henderson’s own pissed me the most(not that am hating on him before someone jumps on me now) but it was as if he just passed it to the goalie..sooo hence why am complaining is because the difference between this game and the one in roy hodgson’s time is that we played much better but the result still says we lost.

      1. We had a goalscorer, he wanted to go to Chelsea because we couldn’t make enough chances to win enough games

        If we replace Suarez with a goalscorer we wont do any better if we can;t create the chances
        Why am I even bothering to explain to you people who are so simple that you can’t understand a simple game

        Did we not score against Bolton. Did we not score against Arsenal when we actually created little?

        Will you types please not support Liverpool if you think so little of the side

        Did Man City, the richest side in the world win last night, with Aguero Deko, Tevez, etc etc

        If you dont want to make your stupidity so apparent then keep quiet and watch a game you can understand like ‘snap’

  4. whether you like it or not..apart from the referee messing us up..it was embarassing that we didn’t kill stoke off..put rooney or hernandez or aguero where Suarez missed that chance and see what happens…or where Henderson was??….your talking bout possesion and what not who cares..the main thing is the final results..and we lost..73% wont win u a league..all am saying here my main point is..its good we play well..but i rather we play bad but be Clinical..and ruthless..lool go ahead and curse loool

  5. Things are about to change Stevie G is coming back that should put some more balls in the net. The performance was good only missing some bite, we got new players and playing style takes time to gel. After how much money and years did it take Man City to break top four compared with that I feel pretty good about Kenny and the boys right now. Thanks for the great Article

  6. Good article.YEs we need ruthless scorers and etc. But cant help but notice how fucking naive most of you are here commenting.not everyone.but most of you.The team needs a solid foundation to be challenging for titles year after year.if some of you want instant hits this season go support mancity or chelsea.they can buy success easily and it seems like thats what you want.fucking have some common sense and stop blabbering out with your emotions and start looking outside the box and focusing on what will benefit us after a proper build.you dont go scaling a mountain without proper planning and strategy.you dont open up a business not knowing what business you want to do.For God’s sake, it annoys me to know there are fans like this out there.have some fucking patience and faith.you know? the same patience and faith you didnt have with lucas for example.if you cant go fucking find another club to support. theres no room for moaners and pessimist in liverpool.GET OUT!

    1. Well said Adam, a lot of these fuckin idiots that post on here want instant success. It ain’t gonna happen I’m afraid. It’s a long term rebuilding job that’s only just started. Forget the ruthless goalscorer bollocks, we may attract one when and if we get back into the champions league. That’s our aim for this season, and we are going to get a few disappointments along the way. Stop your whining and support your club. YNWA.

  7. Stevie G is comming back so we are now going serious downhill.More win ratio when he is not playing.Look at some [most]of his performances over the last three years.

    1. The reason why Stevie’s performances have dipped over the last few seasons is because the weight of carrying the team single handedly has taken its toll.He has got a much stronger team around him now and maybe the fact we wont be relying on him solely anymore will take some of the pressure off. He is in the top 3 liverpool players of all time in my opinion, and still one of the best midfielders in the world on his day..Don’t write him off just yet….YNWA

  8. Great article chief, and for you twats that give it, ‘i’d rather be playing bad and winning’ etc etc, hows that been working out for you this last while ??? the king aint building a team to hopefully win a cup here or there, he’s building for longevity and total success and the process has only begun, we gave the frenchman and the spaniard long enough christ give kenny his chance, we dont have a god given right to win the league we must earn it. Me for one I’d have Kenny over any of them, just cast you’re mind back less then a year !!!

    Think we’re playin amazin football and I’m more confident than i’ve been in 20 years that Glory is just around the corner. Get behind the team, (through wind and rain etc).


  9. Unfaithfulness! Wen torres left becoz we were not at our best som fans hated him for that, now some fans are guilty of not being true to liverpool coz we lost on saturday. Stay true!

  10. Superb article, we were all dissapointed with the result but lets be logical n understand our position. Stop the comparisons with united n city for now but we will get there. We have all the reasons to be optimistic after such a prolonged spell of pessimism. Knee jerk reactions r not wise as judgement should be passed at the end of the season. Keep the faith and by God support your team through thick and thin

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