The hardest goodbye

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The word legend is one that is constantly overused by many in the footballing world be never in the correct context.

But at Liverpool we have a true footballing legend in the form of Jamie Carragher a colossus inspiring player who has served this great club with honour and dignity throughout his time at Anfield.

Carragher is everything a young hopeful would want to become, only players like Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard have shown the same devotion to a club like Carragher has for Liverpool.

Which will make it even more harder to say farewell to the great one when he hangs up his boots, now am not saying he should go now all am saying its inevitable that Carragher eventuality must call it a day.

There are some fans who want Carragher to leave now and some who want a more gradual exit either way we will miss his presence.

The simply fact is we don’t have anyone who can fill his shoes now in terms of leadership or game reading, Agger is a great defender but doesn’t have the leadership skills in term of vocal presence and Skrtel just does as he’s told quietly and comfortably in contrast to Carragher who shouts orders like a lion and organises the defence like a military operation.

Jamie Carragher is a key part of the Liverpool defence and Kenny Dalglish has the hardest job to find or mould a player to fill the gap.

Over the past 18 months Carragher has lost a little pace and mistakes are starting to creep into his game which is down to age and loss of that extra yard.

We have to remember that Carra is 34 in January and there’s no way he will be able to keep up with players like Aguero or Defoe in a sprint for the ball.

But what is the answer and what role can Carragher play until it’s no longer viable to play him? Well one answer is to use Carragher as a sub and come on if we need a degree of calm or organisation on the field or we can use Carragher as a full back until the injured players return then place him on the subs bench.

Every fan will have different opinions on this and am sure not all will agree, also some think that Carragher should not play at all.

But its important to realise what Jamie Carragher has done for the club and how hard he works to keep up a high level of fitness so I would expect that every fan would grant Carragher that much at least.

It could also be said that if we went into the transfer market and purchased a 33-year-old defender what type of reaction would that bring? You can also argue that we need young fresh players to push for honours and that we need to phase out the older more experienced players.

Personally I want Carragher involved this season maybe not every game but in big games you need big players and no one fits the bill more than Carra he will shed blood for Liverpool and that’s what you need in big games.

We have young and experienced defenders but not ones with the leadership or organisational skills that Jamie Carragher brings and should he decide to hang up his boots then it will be one of the hardest goodbyes in Liverpool history, a true footballing legend that is Jamie Carragher.


  1. We could play him in like Impact player, reserved for only crunch (top) games, like Giggs or maybe like Puyol etc. I think coates would be in his roles aftr some yrs. Kelly or Fallanagan can also b future Cara’s. Who would hav thought? young Jamie would play for so many yrs 4 liverpool. U never know wht coates, kelly & fallano would b aftr 8-10 yrs.

  2. yes jamie is a lfc legend but father time takes no prisoners
    like greats before him he is in the period when his game is deteriorating the great sami was moved on even though he was more reliable than jamie is now

  3. It’s difficult to find an exact replacement for someone like Carra. The role he plays as a team leader and organizer is one that he has grown into over the years. To find someone to fill his boots immediately is impossible. The thing about Carra is, he gets everything about liverpool. The history, the fans and the future expectations. You simply can’t buy that in a player. Lets hope one of the kids can grow into his position.

  4. Just because someone plays so many games does not make him a legend. Jamie carragher has been a liability. The only reason he kept his place during benitez era was because he was a local lad. He gave a penalty away against stoke, doing what he has done for most of his carrer, grabbed an opponent because he hasn’t got the talent or the brain to deal with it properly. he’s negative, talentless + overstayed his welcome. bye, bye carragher. thank god

    1. I never expected to come across an opinion from a Liverpool fan which so diverges from the majority. You are entitled to your opinion of coarse but it’s wrong. Carra has a rock in Liverpools defence for years and has on occasion been single handedly responsible for keeping us in the game, when his time comes, hopeful not yet, he will be lauded as one of the greatest ever defenders to have worn our wonderful shirt.

    2. Bit harsh me thinks, Paul. Think back 2005 Euro final. Carra was a Goliath. And that game wasn’t a one off either. Yes he does get caught out now and again, but then, so does every defender in every leaugue. He has always struggled to make a killer pass but he has and does bring order and discipline to our defensive line.

    3. What planet are you on Paul, you can’t be a Red because although everybody is entitled to their opinion yours is so far away from reality you must be a Manc. Carra was Rafas No 1 CH because of the qualities he still has fantastic defending, great motivational & organisational skills & the heart of a lion not because he’s scouse. You’ve jumped from Benitez era to Stoke last week & missed out several seasons of quality football from a Liverpool legend, I can only put that down to the part of your brain thats been extracted when you bought your United season ticket you imbacile !!!

    4. I can’t see in your reply which team you follow Paul but I can guess it’s MUFC because for some reason you have always found yourselves way more interested in what LFC are doing than your own team.
      I am the first to admit Carra has made his mistakes but against those errors could post links to endless clips of moments where his fearless and intelligent defending and unerring communication to the defensive line have saved or won us points.
      You would find yourself in a minority with that opinion Paul, not just on here, and not just amongst LFC fans but amongst anyone who has ever truly loved and truly understood the game of football.
      I’m afraid I just can’t see you in that number so would just urge you to let yourself, for just one moment, appreciate a talent who is one worthy of acknowledgement, regardless of the badge on his shirt.

  5. Comments mostly a bunch of old tosh. The old well informed lfc fan shout is ageing as quickly as Jimmy C himself. Grow up the lot of you.

    1. Well for starters its Jamie C not Jimmy C mate, plus we all agree Carra is getting old.
      So please do inform me if am reading this wrong but is this not what the article is about? by the way what is “the old well informed”? if any one is writing old tosh mate its you.
      so maybe you need to grow up and stop wearing you dads pants and writing like a baby. its not grown up or clever.

  6. Jamie is an all time legend that’s not even up for debate but like the all Anfield legends the clock catches up with you. He has a wealth of experience to pass on to the younger guys so i hope he can find a platform to pass the on at the club

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