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Kenny Dalglish and Co. seem to have little injury worries ahead of what may prove to be second direct clash for a top four finish of the season. With Gerrard being gently nursed back to full fitness but perhaps not yet completely ready (it was so refreshing to see pictures of him in training action at Melwood finally) and Martin Kelly back in training but again possibly a tricky gamble to risk so soon, the only real dilemma lies with Glen Johnson. Our first two right backs may not be available so Kenny will have possibly two options: Skrtel and Flanagan.

It’s practically the only position where we have some issues at present and the Manager will need to decide between youth and experience, speed and physical strength. It’s a gamble, especially when you know from starters that it’s the area where a certain Gareth Bale will by plying his trade!

Kenny will probably opt for his preferred 4-4-2 game-plan but take a look at what I am proposing for the game against Spurs in the layout above.

So why 4-5-1? In essence this is more a mash-up between 4-3-3 and 4-5-1 to be honest and that is because I always thought that a great manager should be able to change the shape of the team according to the changing conditions of the game. If the game is a tight contest then a 4-3-3 set up would give more balance, if on the other hand we produce a spell of pressure on our opponents that a morphing to a 4-5-1 would add more containment from the half-way line and possible give our midfield more options, if not the chance to strike a goal themselves. I also feel that the Downing, Suarez and Bellamy trio will give our forward line speed of movement and execution which may cause the Spurs defense come serious issues.

Needless to say everyone has his formation and his favorite players. I’d love to have Gerrard and Johnson in place of Kuyt and Skrtel, but it is not to be. If they had been fit and available for selection, than that would be my choice for the starting line-up, hands down!


  1. Nice lineup, would expect to see kuyt and downing switchin though as downing has played cm several times for both villa an middlesborough. Also i would be interested to see coates a go, either in the rb o pushing carragher out to rb and coates slipping into cb.

  2. Nice formation but my only concern is Kuyt isnt a midfielder and I would prefer Henderson in that slot. This is not to say that I rate henderson more than Kuyt. Boy woudnt it have been the stuff of dreams if it were gerrard in that position and Kelly at right back. Not even Gareth bale can handle a fit Kelly. He is a terrific footballer for his age I just hope he doesnt become injury prone

  3. only possible change to the line up above id suggest would be to swap kuyt fir henderson.
    jordans contributions so far have been debated left and right, he,s done ok by me,especially when you consider he has been out of position. being in the center alongside adam would work well with good old lucas supporting defensively. no argument kuyt is an attacking threat but is bettet suited out wide.

  4. best lineup to beat spur but l want KK to corret the formation by using bellamy to strike not suarez because suarez always score when playing behind a striker pls good line up also l want to see maxi in the game thanks.forget henderson is a big game we needed the big boys for spur encounter.

  5. i miss carrol to score, kenny should try on this trip. with 451 or 433 we are very strong at attacking way but lack of goal scoring and carrol could be the answer.

  6. Kuyt as a centre-midfielder? Are you high? I’d also bet Kenny won’t start Bellamy. He’s supposed to be an impact player, not a starter.

    1. You know very well that an formation is fluid in its movement. Perhaps as per previous comments (the ones that did not accuse me of being high), Henderson would be more suited for that role and Gerrard (when fit) would be even better. Kuyt may not be a central midfielder if you take my formation to the letter, but he is not a winger either because if he has so many qualities, speed is not one of them!

      1. I agree to that formation Tonio. Henderson is a better midfeilder but Kuyt offers a genuine threat on goal when liverpool is on the attack as he proved last season. Also kuyt has developed a nice patnership with suarez which could prove crucial. Kuyt being in that position is a situation were you might loose the midfeild battle but win the game.

  7. carrol should play on suarez position n kyut should be replace by suarez.. with the pace from the wing will able to cross for carrol to meet…

  8. I’d go with a front 3 of Carroll, Suarez and Downing. 3 CM’s- Henderson, Lucas and Adam. However I feel the side will remain unchanged from the Stoke XI. Kenny will keep the faith and probably give the same XI another go. Everything was perfect but the win last week. YNWA

  9. Lets use our money we spent so far like others wat i mean is to play cotes to stop adebayor bcos cotes has hight more dan any defender in anfield

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