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If dawn gives you a good indication of what the day is going to be like, than the first 10 minutes at Spurs told us that Liverpool were going to struggle, and struggle they did, big-time!

I find no excuses in our humiliation at White Hart Lane! We can continue to imprecate on bad luck, we can continue to discuss decisions that don’t do us any favours, but when Spurs came out guns blazing, we were all over the place. They identified our weak spot from the word go and they gave us destructive left hooks relentlessly! I will avoid mentioning players in this instance but those who saw know what I am referring to!

I also fail to understand why we persist with this format. Hoofing long balls for a pivot player to lose possession of the ball 9 times out of ten is not going to get us anywhere. We have players with speed and we leave them on the bench, and it well and truly makes no sense!

We went onto the pitch with the wrong mentality, and we were on the back foot instantly. I was so bewildered by the first ten minutes I was tempted to switch my TV off! Then it got worse! A yellow carded player that goes in with his studs two feet into the air in the second challenge he called to make. Red card, ten players and more agony!

I don’t know if this is due to those wretched international breaks, or perhaps because we became too over-confident. What I do know is that today Spurs thought us a lesson of football which we will remember for a long time to come. The fans continue to shout Dalglish’s name and so it should be, but we well and truly need to get our act together and start to play some positive football because this was not only a wake-up call, this was a performance that brought back horrific memories of games we played under Hodgson and which we all thought were history!

I’m sorry; I find no positives in this game, none at all. We failed miserably and this evening I am feeling humiliated! I am a Reds fan, and I give credit where credit is due, but it will take a few games and some positives results to instill some confidence back in me!


  1. Would things changed if Bellamy start? When he came on, he made quite an impact but too late. I would like him to start in League cup. Spearing Lucas Combo looks good. Maxi is WAY BETTER on the right wing than Henderson. We missed Johnson’s crossing and running. Enrique is getting the ball more than Henderson and Carroll. Suarez needs to come back abit. He’s no match for tall and big defenders. Ground ball should be played more often.

    1. Charlie Adam had no interest in that game. Spurs gave him no room and with that he was crap we where better when he got sent off. With Gerrard back for the League cup game and Adam now suspended for the Wolves game Charlie Adam could find himself a bench warmer for a while and the way he played today he deserves just that. Skrtel cant be blamed too much a centre back playing right back against the fastest winger in the league it will end in tears. What is wrong with Johnson, Kelly and Flanagan they must be injured.. Well Wolves next week they should be there for the taking………….

    2. yeah. Spearing better than joke like Henderson, what Henderson do just pass the ball to near team mate. not trough ball or cross the ball. and why Henderson play in right side, maybe because big transfer fee not because he can play in the right. and buy Henderson is a joke. 20 million pounds can buy better player.

  2. We need Kuyt, Gerrard, Johnson maybe even Maxi back in the first 11. Shame today but we have a young team with a lot to learn still.

    1. It’s ironic how last year, we were so good on the right wing, tearing opposition apart. Our weak point was on the left. This year, weak on the right and stronger on the left. We need to balance. We also need to play abit faster? Kuyt Maxi are old but he are good. I don’t get why Maxi is benched. I’m expecting him to play the next League game tgt with Kuyt up front. Spearing and Lucas pairing up? Gerrard back? Kelly for RB?

    2. but we have a young
      team with a lot to learn still.
      That’s why we have academy. You don’t sell or loan out your best players for young inexperience and overpriced players.

  3. Everything was wrong from the off. Wrong formation 4-4-2 away from home? Against a better midfield than ours we should have played 4-5-1.

    Then the was the decision to put Skrtyl up against one of the best left wingers in the world. Skrtyl has no pace at all. Should have been Enrique on the right. Agger on the left, Skytl centre back.

    Carrol and Henderson were awful and should not have played. Bellemy for Carrol, Spearing for Henderson for the next game i would say.

    I belive in KK but today he got a lot wrong.

    1. Hi Sean. Read my article about the formation I wrote a couple of days ago. I firmly believe we would have done much much better! Tottenham packed their midfield and we sent out Lucas and Adam to fit a titanic battle which they lost miserably!

      1. We were chasing shadows all game Tonio. I just cant see the method behind the madness today.

        Im hoping we can brush this off get Brighton out of the way and get back to buisness on Saturday.

        Untill then. I will have to go and face the Evertonians at work. lol.

    1. yeah, absolutely agree. totenham play an inch better than us. kenny must prepare captain fantastic to beat everton and united in october. YNWA

      1. Its sad that we have to keep wishing Gerrard back from injury, he won’t be around forever and isn’t getting any younger. He is, behind Dalglish, our greatest ever player but Liverpool should be a team of 11 not 1!

    2. it really sucks if you think tot is better than us what about stoke i guess you’ll say they are also better than us. Our team is getting worse game by game thank to K dalglish, benitez would have done better with that money given to him.

      1. I agree with u linc…in kenny i trust BUT trust me when i say Rafa might waste some money but he wud av bought better..Fucking Henderson my footh..for ur information Aquilani jst scored..Dalglish messed up our midlfield…u indirectly forced meireless to leave then loan out our best player in pre season just to keep a fucking Henderson who is not as good as Spearing…why is Maxi on the bench?..whats the logic of Carroll playing on the left today? Why was Henderson still in the game after playing shitttttt..why did it take late for him to change…do we have to play a 4-4-2? Fuck it all but by the end of the season if Carrol hasnt improved he shud jst leave ..we had a chance to buy Mata but went for Henderson …i actually dislike Henderson and hes my scape goat since hes sunderland days i dont see anytin special in him….BTW checkout Everton’s Ross Barkley…now thats the only youngster i know that is similar to gerrard check him out Ross Barkley

  4. Today’s game was to me was d most annoyin game in wks. Man utd will take on chelsea, 1will lose and we’ll go up in d table, only 2watch d rubbish performance. Please don’t start carroll in an important match, i don’t think he fits into d first eleven. Kuyt and suarez or Kuyt and bellamy or bellamy and suarez are still d best option for a first eleven

    1. if only the stupid manager can listen to you, but i don’t think he will after wasting 55m on carol and Henderson, may God help us before he drag our club into relegation zone.

  5. this was the worst game i have ever witnessed, i have been a liverpool supporter for over 32 yrs , and i feel really down after this match. Spurs run the park, they never allowed us to play, they were allover us, we were destroyed from start to finish. We cant find excuses to be honest the red cards were justified although i think the ref should have booked suarez. i cant understand what happened not even a pass, not even an action from us, its hard to take. We were shambles all over the park and i am not going to be nagative but i think selling mirieles was a big big mistake …. We cant play with henderson he is too fertile we need a player like modric, who can create and make passes, we cant play skretel ight back bale was doing what he wants … i am very dissapointed with the performance…… i had high hopes this season things were donr good behind the scenes but to be honest i have not seen improvement at all YNWA

    1. I agree, I was there and it was a sorryful state…Adam is so not a 1st team player. He looses the ball 90% of the time. Henderson has potential but need to be slowly brought in. Carrol I truly wish him luck but just can’t see it working the way things are setup, he’s too one dimensional and predictable. Flanno would have done better then Skirtel for pace and maybe 3 central defenders would have worked 5-4-1 formation. Lucas was oudstanding as usaual and prevented an even more humiliating loss. Last season with Kuyt, Maxi, Suarez and Miereles the pass and move style was flowing as were the goals…why trying to fix something that aint broke cos now it looks a shambles. It could have been 8 or 9 -0 and even with 11 men Tottenham were another league from us.

  6. It is simple. We have the wrong men.It has come to haunt us what I said months ago – What the Hell do we need Adam for. A completely mediocre player who was shown last season to be the best of an absolutely mediocre Blackpool. We seem to have replaced some excellent players for rubbish!

      1. your is stupide…he’s right. i think Dalglish is living in the 80s…football moved on a hell of a lot from then

    1. arsnal is better than us, at least they didn’t say millions for the reserve team they are using instead of first team. Henderson adam, carol, are suppose to be in reserve not first team.

  7. i have to say,the choice of players today,was lack of organization and creativity.looking at the number and quality of the defenders left to play,i really worry for the future!

  8. Lucas may have improved as a player but in my opinion, he’s still not good enough for the first team. He lacks the tenacity of a defensive midfielder and before anyone blast me for my view, take a good look at the previous games. He tends to run parallel with the opponent, loses possession in a tackle and most importantly does NOT provide the necessary cover for the defense. His passing rate success is high only because he passes short most of the time. He does come up with a few good through balls from time to time but like I said it’s still not good enough. We need a strong and tough midfielder like Souness and Mascherano. I’d prefer Adam to drop back and cover the defense and Gerrard to control the midfield when he returns. Drop Carroll and bring back Kuyt.

    1. you need to watch the games again…he’s by far our best most consistant player at the moment. The amount of important tackles he makes are amazing and some of his passes. People like you only look at when he messes up. Look at him properly with an open mind against some of the other LFC players and you’ll see how important he is to us.

      1. lucas is still shit for me. call this bias but I never liked him. I believe he does not bring anything special to the team and should be sold. For all those of you naive supporters believing he is our unsung hero let me bring some light to this case…Pundits praising him are just stupid and the stats backing lucas are just misleading. There is a whole soap opera surrounding him. The once disliked player who was forced to play out of position and despite all hardships managed to game after game progress and win over the fans by making this position his own and producing some outstanding performances there is indeed a very “romantic” right?
        Let me tell you the true statistics of our hero and most supposedly most consistent performer during the hodgson era.

        here is a list of the top ten players with most tackles to their names in the league last season:

        name tackles won tackles lost accuracy%
        1. lucas 111 61 64.5
        2. vaughan 104 37 73.8
        3. parker 093 28 76.8
        4. clichy 090 21 81.1
        5. alcaraz 087 42 67.4
        6. murphy 084 33 71.8
        7. mulumbu 083 25 76.9
        8. salgado 082 21 79.6
        9. holden 081 36 69.2
        10.kompany 080 80.0

        As you can all see lucas may have won the most tackles but on average he lost 3 times more than any other player. He has the least accuracy among all the above players and I did not even do a complete analysis since I included only the top ten players having won the most tackles in the league. I`m sure he is one of the least accurate tacklers in the league. If someone got time do the complete statistics to confirm this…

        In the light of the above making the most tackles does not make you the best player in the team especially if its the only thing you can do. So everyone please stop with this crap about lucas being our best player he is not and will never be…

    1. your words are very depressing for a player(lucas) you bought with that little money and still have to convert him(from AM to DM) let the guy be the only person you need to blame is dalglish.

  9. No doubt Spurs deserved their win but from the first whistle the Ref looked like a man on a mission to get us a man sent off giving out yellow cards like smarties. Really need to see more consistencey in decision making.

  10. Thanks Tonio for posting something so representative of my feeling so soon.

    right now i feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, fed up etc etc…

    i cant find a single positive about that performance.

    We were tactically naive…and that’s what worried me the most. One of the arguments against Kenny’s return from some voices was that being out of the game for so long may have blunted some of the rigors and awareness required for the Premiership.

    i for one thought Christmas had come around again when KK was installed as manager, but 2 wins in 5 PL games with new players and a cull of deadwood isnt good enough. with my fraction of experience as a mere fan, I like others, could see that Skrtel at RB was crying out for trouble, starting Downing on the right made no sense, and not responding to the first 10 mins with some tactical changes was all very worrying.

    I was trying to work out what excuses I could find? I couldn’t find any.

    We have to get it right and we have to do it soon. It sounds like KK is the first one to acknowledge we got it wrong big time today which is perhaps the only positive.

  11. that’s what happen when your team is full of overpriced player. You’ll be forced to use them while you leave your better players to rot in bench. I want jenny’s head on a plate.

    1. Well spot on we have couple of overpriced players and sacrificed our best players for them.No 1 we allowed Raul Miereles to go when played his heart out for us last season instead of KK to recommend an upward review in his income he allowed him to go,KK couldn’t promise Aquilani first team when he was our best player in preseason some haters say he can’t hack it in the Premier League hypocrites..we have lacked creativity in the final third,it cost us on the opening day match,it cost us against Stoke and today again..iF KK cnt do something he should resign after spending that much I haven’t seen much at all,the money he spent on Henderson could have been used to buy a proper right winger but instead went for a young midlfielder who in my opinion is never a right winger so why KK keeps playing him there..I have my concerns and worries over KK,Henderson and Carol.we have better players that can do a proper job upfront.Bellamy on the right for me would be good..we deserve an apology..charlie adam is good but too slow

      1. Charlie Adam was good for Blackpool. He’s arogant and can’t back it up. He need miles of space to do his good passes. Apart from set pieces and giving him loads of room he’s not a top player. Looses the ball so easily, can’t dribble.

  12. The only positive is, Jose Enrique. He’s good at going upfront and hardworking. Other than that, it’s all embarrassment for us.

  13. Today was awful & the ref was card happy (as long as they had a red shirt on) 4-0 flattered spurs but we were 2nd best all day. Carragher needs to be benched. For all his service over the years the facts remain, he’s too slow & has awful distribution.

    I’m as angry as any fan tonight but onto the next game

    1. Have to agree with you over Carragher to slow and to defense minded. Only time he passed the ball was back to Reina. Agger Coates centre backs for the next game.

    2. 4-0 didn’t flatter spurs mate…i was there and it flattered LFC. It could have been far mor goals. Spurs were toying with us in the end…its was embarassing. After 3-0 the whole team apart from Lucas and Enrique had given up

  14. wow Tonio…i guess you are a Man Ure fan…i see you couldnt get on here fast enough to slag the reds…..ive had enough of this…i love this site ….but you are full of it and are pushing me away from it

    1. I think thats a bit harsh to accuse Tonio.

      Reading the posts make me realize just how hurt we all are,does that make us all Mancs then?

      But why are we all so hurt? Could it be that our expectations were set too high? and the true reality is a bitter pill?

      Lets face it…we were never going to win the title this year. The best and acceptable target should be a top 4 finish and CL football and a cup final. And as things stand we are 3 points off 3rd spot with a cup game in midweek.

      I think we can only be judged by the end of the season truly but we all have the right to voice our opinions along the way.

      1. We are hurt because we all accept defeat, but this was not simple case of loosing an away game. This was a case of no contest! The game plan was flawed, the mentality was wrong, and we did not take countermeasures quick enough. They were destroying us from both flanks and seeing both fullbacks in difficulty we waited 15/20 mins before we gave them some sort of cover. Spurs had a field day and the Reds were humiliated!

    2. I respect that Tex, but you seem possibly the only one that does not mirror my feelings. For the rest of your comment, not worth the time of day to answer you!

    3. Hey tex, although i have to say that i think your accusation on Tonio being a devil’s fan is way off the line, but i agree with you in the sense that i’ve had enough too.

      Tonio, sorry but your posts in EOTK are some of the ones i enjoy the least here. I do feel that you are a Liverpool fan but your posts sound exactly the same as a normal fan in the forums where the comments usually consists of complainings and statements that make them sound like they know the team better than the managers.

      It is not bad per say, but i usually come to this site to get interesting views or insights on the team that i wouldn’t find in 217343294 other comments from random supporters.

      Similarly, i’m bewildered by the lack of form from the players. The game agains’t Bolton was one of the best and i don’t see why we can’t even see a shadow of that performance. The players were lacking of the Liverpool spirit. Everyone except Lucas, Carra and Enrique gave up. Suarez did try running, but he was rendered useless without support. Downing was capable of some magic, but he gave up too.

      I do think it was weird that Kenny placed Carroll on the right while leaving Suarez as a lone striker. I would have thought Suarez could be more threatening at the flanks.

      But the thing i’m fearing right now is the bad omen of selling Mereiles. Is he going to be the next Xabi Alonso? Liverpool slumped to the bottom after selling one of their best players in the previous season. Is the same happening now?

  15. Dismal performance. We barely created a chance, and Charlies dismissal did not aid that. I fear that there has been to much ambition from us fans and there are some who genuinally believed we will win the league. The bottom line is, if we finish top 4, it is job well and truely donem This season is all about cementing down champions league football, and having a good crack at cup glory domestically. As I said, much of our disapointment is through too much internal hype from our fanbase. I am not justifying todays performance because it was horrific, but it is the only game we haven’t performed in so far this season. We are still on target for our target this season in reality. Roll on Wednesday YNWA

  16. I feel a strange mix of emotions that I can`t explain.It is something in between humiliation and anger.Yeah I feel humiliated because the team I support was destroyed by a team beaten 5-1 and 3-0 by our worst rivals from manchester few weeks ago.Not only that I feel really pissed off that our performances so far has been below par considering the 100 million + of money we spent in transfers. Weren`t we supposed to be challenging for top 4 this year? Whats with these 2 defeats so early in the season? Our first game with sunderland began well but ended poorly as we were force to share the points finally. With arsenal we won. A non observant fan would have concluded that it was a very good result against a challenger but this would have been true only in the preceding seasons not this one. Arsenal is really poor this year they were severly beaten by manu by 8 fucking goals to 2 amd yesterday they were winning at half time but failed miserably in the end conceding 2 own goals on the way. This same team without gervinho and some others suspended or injured manage to block us till the end when they got a red card and unluckily scored an own goal while the suarez goal may even have been ruled as off side! The only ok match was at bolton. But then the next week despite attacking like crazy we could not even score a single goal and lost to a silly penalty conceded by an aging and finished carragher who lets not forget was responsible for the goal at bolton. Dalglish managed to somehow escape criticism from certain fans by putting the blame on referees even wanting to take drastic measures after consulting the owners. Now what are you gonna say today huh? without the two red card you could have won huh? You moron, the team you assembled with those crappy british players is shit! You wasted the money of our poor owners generously backing us. Even hodgson with that much financial backing would have gone for better players…There is no fucking way we are gonna make top 4 this year. Henderson should play in reserve. Caroll should cut his donkey tail he looks ridiculous. lucas has never been and will ever be good enough. Carragher should seriously consider retiring. Adam should be given back to blackpool at least there he was doing something for the team. Dowming is overated. All these idiots should be sold and replaced by better players. Yeah STAR ones like mata and aguero! Players who can influence a game. You know those players that top teams go after. Little tip for you king: rule of thumb-if a player you consider buying would not interest barcelona real madrid man utd mancity etc then he is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! And finally you comolli what the heck is your role in this team. Your stats sucks mate! I thought you were supposed to find the new gareth bale like you did at tottenham. I hope you and dalglish get sacked by NESV by the end of the year you pathetic excuses for a football director and a manager. You should cover your faces in shame. You are insulting our club and the fans…

    1. Lmao rofl calm down mate i feel your pain too and i agree with somtins u said apart from the Hodgson part and wish we had a mourinho as arrogant as he is..i wish i can meet mr david Fairclough and john Aldridge 2 of dem are jst yes men..anytin Kenny does is jst right….i always said my biggest dissapointment is dat liverpool managers (rafa and now dalglish) they seem to hate good players…with Rafa we cud av bought VDV or Sneijder…with dalglish we cud av bought Mata kept meireless and aquilani…john aldridge and Fairclough both think aquilani is not good enough despite his performances and to be honest if am Aquilani i wud publicly tell liverpool to go to hell iswear…Meireless has every right to accuse liverpool of his transfer..henderson is jst so inept…hes lik a younger version of dirk kuyt bt worse..adam is jst slowwwwww i dont blame carragher much Downing shud always be played on the left!!! Not on the right never pair carrol and suarez dey can never be a keegan and toshack..liverpool is such a fucking disgrace that after spending so much we still depend and hope for a gerrard return…i tout Dalglish was a messiah and i tried to av faith but i lost hope after his signing of Henderson..carrols signing is understabdable

  17. Never mind, Spurs were taking revenge for the 7-0 thrashing they received many many years ago!

    Still if the owners give Kenny another £100M maybe Liverpool will only get beaten 2-0 eh?

  18. We were tactically naive (DrKop)

    Of course none of you can really be brave and simply say “Kenny’s not upto it anymore” because its “King Kenny” we’re talking about here hahahahahahahaha

    Kenny should resign after that completely bullsh*t performance. Whether or not he does is another matter



  20. agree with most of everyone in here, skrtel can’t play RB and as i always said before, henderson not a winger enough.

    hopefully the next games the team will be better, or this will be disastrous season, like hodgson era last year.

  21. speechless.So many negatives from the creativity.players are too far apart for fluid movement.positioning out the window.too eager to real driving force to get that extra inch to win the ball.not focused.lacked support from team mates.substitutions were made too late in the game.starting eleven was not the best of picks.not treading back marked players.gave too much confidence in passing forward. next team i hope will be:

    (flano) (coates)/(carra) (agger)/(skrtel) (enrique)



    (kuyt)/(maxi) (gerrard)/(shelvey) (Downing)/(bellamy)


    we need the enthusiasm and drive of the young blood from spearo and shelvey as they always seem to show the hunger to drive the ball forward and make runs..same goes with flanno and robinson.but as soon as kelly, johnson and aurelio come back things should look better.

    the current 1st 11 are mostly players that want balls to be [layed high and or like the slow pace of a game ie adam.adam should be used as a second half sub after we already put the game to bed.

    As weve seen maxi and suarez pair up well not to mention kuyt as well.henderson, adam and carrol should be used only as second half subs if necessary.these 3 summer signings to me have not lived up to the expectations of the pass and move philosophy.we need to start attacking from the start.i believe after stokes game when we started bright so early in the game, this time around they wanted to do something different which caused us dearly.

    there were no smart fast 1-2s or decent 1 touch movement on the be honest, come to compare the quality of our gameplay to the mancs , the gooners chelsea and spurs, were are far inferior.even wigan and sunderland play better football.i am really ashamed for this and i hope this is not what we’re in for for the rest of the season.

    anyway, i love you always liverpool fc. You will never walk alone.

  22. Ridiculous match…its hurting me as it is our biggest loss to Tottenham in 48yrs embarrassing isn’t it..I feel gutted and this match had spoilt my weekend..KK should play where players deserved to be played regardless of player’s price tags players playing out of position should be minimal not a must..

  23. Fucking atrocious stuff from Liverpool. Henderson really is woeful at the moment…Not involved at all. Adam is quickly asserting himself as a terrible tackler and is too slow in possession of the ball. Carrol is simply not good enough to be wearing a red shirt. Gerrard in for adam, bellamy for henderson and kuyt for carrol. Looking at the formation at the top, it looks like its slanting down to the left! no balance. What is Kenny doing? You go to Tottenham you play two holding mids and play on the counter attack with pace (saurez, bellamy and downing) with a button man up front (kuyt). The team we played today is the weakest I have seen in a long time. Very few skillful players involved. Flanagan should have played right back every time.

  24. You know, after the Bolton match I thought Kenny had finally got the team sorted. Its been all downhill after that.

    I fear to think what rubbish Kenny will churn out next week…assuming he’s still in charge

  25. Liverpool Fc, I did strongly refuse to say that our time as champions is over, as a foreign supporter of this historic club, today I feel different. I am not a football manager so I can really comment on formations or what or which player should of played, what I can say as a supporter we have one big major problem!!and that problem raised about two years ago when group of so called experts started questioning RAFA talking about English players and the history of the club even by the looks of it players got involved as well, Caraa was and is the prime example. “we must by English players” they said and it was a ongoing story and today we can see the result. I don’t know why we spent more than 80 Million Pounds on players who are under pro forming, all the good English players were already takin by the super powers of the Premier L why and go and spend 80Million on second class players??!! with this money they could of bought the best players from any were, look at them people talking now!? Today Football is different, today being English or being Spanish or Indian is part of this game, many examples you can find the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid and so on. Rafa was and is the manager that Liverpool Fc should have for the moment and the future his vision his tactical abilities and his love for the club makes him the perfect manager, if he had 125Million Pounds what sort of players he would of bought? KK will always have the support of all of Liverpool fans including myself, but I do strongly think he is no the right manager for our amazing Club.

    1. Disrespect for you my friend. Rafa brought on more problems at the end of his term and look how kenny has brought the fans back together and a better team. You should be ashamed of yourself for dissing him because of two games. Ashamed.

      1. Brought back the tha fanz and a better team indeed! By sellin’ and loaning tha best and keeping some scrap. Don’t really know if he is allergic to good playaz.

      2. Dalglish is not above criticism. Rafa worked under owners who were in debt and still got us to 2nd place. He won us a Champions league and got us to the final in another one. He was unfairly fired from Inter. Just imagine the team he would’ve built with the kind of money that Dalglish was given.

  26. We got a football lesson today. Spurs were awesome. I think Carroll needs our support at present. Bellamy should have figured much sooner though. I said we should’ve gone after Cahill and having an aging carra, an injury prone agger and skrtel’s unsteadiness, it’s looking more and more like a missed opportunity. We have to lick our wounds and learn from this. I do wonder if we gave enough to break into the top 4. Losing 2 successive games would suggest not.

    1. Hey jevon why dont YOU shut the fuckup and remove that stupid mentality of urs…da sooner u realise how much liverpool is backsliding the sooner u understand why other fans are talking like dis…am sure ur da kind of person dt still tinks henderson and carrol need time as far as am concerned both of dem are not new to the premierleague and are terrible

  27. oh dear people wot did anyone expect away to CL rivals they started well got a great goal from modric then the yellow down to 10 men but still went in half time 1 down!again 2nd half straight out the blocks they get a sloppy 2nd a reina spill for the 3rd 2nd sending off and a late 4th.if we had 11 men on the pitch at full time then we got something to moan about,its a 1 off result at spurs/if we get 6 points from the next 2 games everyone will forget spurs and think were world beaters!we have been away to arsenal stoke spurs and lost 2 games.if we lose at the manc shite citeh and the chavs and beat em all at home were be in the champions league!

  28. I’m holding my head in disbelief not at our performance but at the utter drivel I’ve read scrolling down this page. I’m a match goer, over 30 years following the reds.
    I can honestly say so called fans like the majority of you can’t even begin to consider yourselves Reds. linc and Ahmad Zaman we don’t want people like you ‘supporting’ us- F*** off and support a London team. TRUE LIVERPOOL FANS DO NOT WANT YOU ANYWHERE NEAR OUR BELOVED CLUB.

    1. With a mentality that Carroll is going to be a world beater given time I don’t think the club is going to be getting anywhere soon.

      I don’t believe calling the team ‘loserpool’ is acceptable, but we need to be realistic and realise that we are not at the level we need to be.

      We’ve made some mistakes in the transfer window. That was the worst performance from a Liverpool side I’ve seen in 10 years of watching the Reds, and what makes it particularly painful is that we have spent so much money this Summer, yet that display was worse than any under Hodgson.

  29. Phew….lots of negative comments. Lots of negative posts! I learnt last season (when Torres left actually) that i could not place my happiness on whether or not we won or lost because..we lost a lot and i was a mess. So after today’s humiliation….i turned into my normal bad mood – i can’t believe we lost – trying to blame it on the ref – kind of a girl that people saw a lot of last year and realised, we need to take this game with a pinch of salt. Yeah a lot of things were against us today but i have to admit…we sucked a bit at the start and from there just got worse. But it’s early in the season, Kenny is still trying to figure out who to play where and we can do this! Honestly! Think about last season, we stuck together as Liverpool fans! We stood up for our team, they picked themselves up from the worst start to a Liverpool season in like…60 years, and came back up! it made me a better and even more proud supporter than any man united fan could ever be.

    I know people who are so bored that they switch the tv off because they know they”ll win anyway. (HOW EXCITING) and sure i’d like to win every week but it’s just a little bit more awesome and dramatic when we’ll beat them anyway. So seriously…pick yourselves up…it was just one game. We’ll get to learn from this and next week we will be better.

    YNWA? or will you…..


      1. And your point is? that we are not good enough, that we are not going to win PL, that we wont get to 4th spot… What is the point of all this negativity, critizing and moaning! All we can do is accept that we lost. its not that we are a bad team, we just didnt have it… Man city lost at anfield last season, we did the same to them… Shit happens, we just need to remember that we are not in fairy land and become more realistic fans… if you want to win this year dont support LFC, if you like what LFC stands for and the values then we want you as a fan… Win or lose..

  31. I guess the key now is how KK reacts to 2 PL defeats.

    I think it’s time to test the true strength of depth of our squad because if “plan B” fails we really do have reason to ask questions.

    Was Andy Carroll a £35 million knee jerk reaction we might regret?
    Were we right to sell Aqua or go back on promises made to Meirless and lose someone who was establishing a good pass and move relationship with Suarez?
    Will Suarez get fed up if things continue? There were certainly signs of frustration with him today.
    What potential did FSG and KK see in Jordon Henderson?
    How can a less than mobile CB be risked at RB…..again.

    I have about 20 more questions and the anger, frustration etc etc as a fan come from not knowing the answers.

    Being a fan is like a rollercoster at the moment.

  32. Onwards and upwards people. One bad result does not make a season. Just remember where we were a year ago and our expectations at that point?

    Avoid administration
    Top half?

    We are in a better place now and will be in an even better place this time next year.

  33. We got a football lesson today. Spurs were awesome. (tim)


    Wrong. I watched the game, and Spurs were nothing special. Barcelone would have wiped to floor with them. However Liverpool were so completely rubbish and utterly incompetant that if Spurs had even half-decent firepower the game would have finished: Spurs 10 Liverpool 0

    Ahmad Zaman we don’t want people like you ‘supporting’ us (Dogshead)

    What’s the matter, can’t accept facts? I’m guessing you’re one of those people who think the sun shines out of Kenny’s arse and NO-ONE can criticise him. Well Mr Dogshead I have news for you…if Rafa delivered a performance THAT bad you’d have been demanding his head, but King Kenny walks on water eh?

    Wake up and smell the coffee…the owners made a massive mistake giving Kenny a 2 year contract and £100M spending money.

  34. I hope you all realise that we have lost two games and drew one out of five! (Tonio Bone )

    This isn’t about results but performance. After spending £100M+ I expect something resembling a brilliant side. I saw that against Bolton, but against Stoke, followed by the capitulation against Spurs I was stunned…and the capitulation had started from the start.

    Liverpool were an embarrasment. Even Graeme Sounness’ incompetant sides of the early 1990s were better than this pile of sh*t that Kenny has spent £100M+ assembling. Kenny is tactically clueless and has NO concept of a player’s worth. For him it was a just big ego-trip to spend £100M+ of the owners’ wealth

    1. Am surprised at seeing the response on EOTK.
      I thought that this was a site of intelligent Liverpool Supporters. While I agree with Tonio on the fact that we were miserable on the field today and we had got our tactics all wrong… However, if you had noticed… In the start of the second half, Liverpool were getting their rythym back playing well and looking at getting something from the game till Skrtel was sent off. However, due credit to KK for keeping the attacking intent even after Adam was sent off!
      I also saw couple of knee jerk reactions from the fans here stating Handerson is shit.. Where were they when he hit a screamer a couple of matches back.
      Carroll is and will be a huge buy for us. Even if he doesn’t perform, he was the main guy who lifted the gloom in the Jan window.

      I am, and will always walk with the club I support.

      1. Wrong, wrong wrong.

        We were never going to get anything from the game. Dalglish waited 15 minutes to bring on a replacement for Skrtel. Henderson’s goal wasn’t a screamer. He was unmarked in the box and finished well, that’s it. And Suarez was the main guy who lifted the doom and gloom in the transfer window.

      2. Well said. I actually had just had a bet on the draw, before skrtel got sent off, as we were starting to control the game. A lot of the fools on this site can’t see past their Aquilani obsession.

  35. oh come on..if you want to keep calling for mangera heads we will end up nowhere.cant really blame kks 80s tactics.the players we have know veryvwell how the modern game to blame it on old philosophy of the game would be wrong.the players were simply off form and wrongly selected.i believe the club is bigger than kk.but i also believe in
    continuity and loyalty.fergie was horrible the first 5 yers in were calling for his head they dont want himm to leave.i reallydidnt expect much from the game today.not to.say that the team sucks.we have good potentially great players growing.and not being in the champions league will affect us thia season.playing once a week, we are prone to difficulty of rising in forma

  36. very bd. Lets face carrol is a flop adam very slow henderson too young. Spearin did a better job than adam last season. Maxi has hardly played a game since henderson why? I hear the spanish clubs are after suarez with what i seen of hm wnt blame him if he hands in a transfer request. 1 positive coates played very well promising

  37. Suarez to a Spanish club? By some rumor on a website who is trying to increase hits in a lean period and you start putting it across as a valid point???

    1. It’s a perfectly plausible outcome. He is world class and I see no reason why Barcelona would not come looking.

  38. I am not going to talk about any players individual failings here. What was really shocking to me was the movement of the players (even before Charlie Adam was sent off). The number of times we found the ball in the final third of near the midfield and were simply unable to pass the ball forward! Most of the moves would culminate in the ball back at Reina’s feet. Bale is one of the quickest wingers in the EPL today. He routinely beat Skrtel and pulled Carra out of position which ment the other defenders were out forced to go out of position and this led to the kind of goal that Adebeyor scored when he was free on the right hand of the feild.

    I still trust in Kenny and I am sure we will learn our lesson from this game. But it was a bitter lesson learnt.

  39. We need more options at midfield. lucas and charlie are playing way too deep, making too much gap between our midfielders and our forwards. Has been our main problem since the start of the season and i dont see kenny has done something to deal with that. So the thing is can we start criticizing kenny now? Or he’s still too holly to be criticized even we’re no worthy to tie his lace? Come on, like it or not critics is necessary. As kenny said himself, there’s no one more important than the club itself

    1. Being a critic is one thing “redmen”
      Criticizing the tactics in hindsight is a completely different thing all together!

      That’s the problem on this forum. Every match the team wins, KK, Clarke comolli, Henry the tea-lady etc are praised.
      Everytime we lose, barring the tea-lady everyone gets criticized. Leave the game against spurs, we were pathetic in all respects… But to call for the head of the manager and the players Is plain foolish!


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