Sunday bloody Sunday!!!!

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I am writing this after a long struggle with self, if my writting is a knee jerk reaction to yesterdays match or is it something we need to worry about in future. We started the the season feeling like we are on track, but  then came the transfer window closure along with we lost lot of money and def 1 good player and couple of fringe players. I am a red fan for over 26 years but i never felt so low about our club ( even during Roy’s tenure or how we have been falling from grace over last 20 years) than I feel today. Currently we have an owner who is determined to make this club bring back the glory days and a manager with a  pedigree to take us there still we are nowhere near a recovery path.

Watching yesterdays match was heart breaking n very disappointing to say the least, when we lost  last weekends match to Stock city ppl were blaming the ref, but lets get one this straight we were denied one penalty, we spend close to 100 mil $ and please don’t tell me we don’t have the fire power in our front line to score  2- 3 goals past stock city defense !!! with all due respect to King Kenny lets face facts we dont seems to have progressed much in spite of splurging money on some fringe players including Carrol. Carrol n Suarez has no chemistry or co ordination between them. Kyut  is a better bet any day as against Carrol, Kyut  at least he w runs his heart out and is a hard working player. My main worry is about Suarez, he seems quite frustrated in the last game hope he wont leave us like the traitor Torres.  I love the passion of our fan’s but there comes a time when we need to take a stock of things and admit mistakes have been made and time to reinvent ourselves and the way we play. Yesterdays game was an disgrace to Liverpool and its fans,  we do not get red cards let alone two in one game.  The way played in the 1st five minutes was totally chaotic and uninspiring the early goal just made it worse and stupid actions n reactions paved way to the red cards and subsequent goals. My request to our players is if you want to qualify for Europe you guys need to pull our socks up and dig deep and deliver from next game onward s. The fans are always behind you and YNWA.



    1. Knee jerk bullshit!!!
      I could name you, 10+ games under hodgeson we played shite, or worse.
      After the heart, and spirit we showed against Stoke last week, yesterday was just a bad day at the office, injurys, bookings, mistakes on tactics, thats all!

      1. Absolutely agree, all you have to do is look at where we were on January 1st THIS YEAR. Now tell me that things have not improved. As you rightly say, yesterday was a bad day at the office, no more, no less. I don’t know why these idiots insist on posting this drivel. Support the club, its a long term project, not a 5 game one. If you want instant glory, fuck off and support the manc shite. YNWA.

  1. This post was a knee-jerk reaction simply based on the fact that you took no time to edit. Kuyt may be slightly difficult to pronounce but it isn’t hard to spell.

    Aside from that, when you are down to 10 men for nearly 70 percent of the match and then 9 at 62nd minute, the best you’re hoping for is a draw. Anything above that is absurd.
    And there isn’t a better man who understands the Liverpool culture and knows how to win better than Dalglish.

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