The Daily Antoine: 19th September 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Not much to say today, as all of you I am disappointed with yesterday’s loss more…
(We shall overcome)

And here is Kenny’s verdict of the game more…

Charlie Adam welcomes Stevie G’s return more…
(We all do)

Steve Clarke “Bellamy gives us options” more…
(Yes he does) 

Downing hails Kenny more…

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  1. 18 September, five games into the season with another 33 still remaining in the marathon yet the title already looks out of reach! Forget aiming for a top four position, can the Liverpool Football Club EVER settle for anything less than FIRST?

  2. Kenny killed the game. Why feilding neophytes while experienced Kuyt was in the bench. Or he want to turn the club to exclusive English players or a feeder team to three lions

    1. Sam:

      There were only 3 English players + Carra in yesterday’s starting 11.

      It is the English Premier League after all, I would imagine you should have a couple of English players right?

      We won 18 league titles with mostly English players, Man Utd’s squad has as many English players as ours.

      1. i knw e game can change. I know i am the manager what he sees in training we dont get to see. Coming to a game like tottenham you wonder when you c kuyt maxi on the bench with all that experience.

  3. we mis our captain?
    What happened to spearin and maxi?
    Coates has a future with liverpool.
    If we were thrashed by tottenham what will happen when we meet man c, man u n chelsea.

    1. you should know how quickly things change in football.

      One day you can be losing 1-0 to the team at the bottom of the table and the next week you could be beating Real Madrid 4-1.

  4. Such is life. Mistakes were made. Over it now. Brighton, wolves, everton and man u next 4 games, all important. Gerrard should be back for everton and man u. Looking forward to rest of season. YNWA

  5. Why is it when we lose, it’s never because we just weren’t good enough? There’s always an excuse: Ref, Player’s not good enough, KD not knowing what he’s doing. Nobody talks sh*t when we win, but as soon as we lose, its the apocalypse. Someone in the LFC website comments even compared our current situation to Hodgson’s era of catastrophe. No idea what he’s smoking.

    Also people need to back off Hendo and Andy. What are they, 21 & 22? Experience comes with time, not criticism.

    I enjoy the updates, Antoine. No kneejerk reactions here. LoL

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