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On Sunday I watched Liverpool put in a disappointing performance against Spurs and in the end had to endure a 4-0 defeat.

Forget the referee and the dismissals of Adam and Skrtel, forget the fact we had already lost the game before going down to 9 men and forget that even with 11 men we were poor.

However what we cannot forget as Liverpool fans is the totally embarrassing and shameful way some so-called “fans” have reacted to the defeat. Tweeting Kenny Dalglish with vile and despicable language is unacceptable and fundamentally wrong which ever way we analyse it.

 What is so wrong with the modern Liverpool fan? Is it a show of frustration or simple disrespect?, either way its wrong.

 Do these “fans” really believe by abusing Dalglish it will change the outcome of the Spurs match or if they use the most unacceptable insulating word that Dalglish will answer them and explain himself? Liverpool Football Club has the best and most loyal fans in the world but its reputation is being dragged into the gutter by mindless fools and pretend fans who only know football from a game console.

So we lost against Spurs and we conceded four goals. So what! It wouldn’t matter if it was 1-0 or 10-0 we lost three points simple as that.

The answer is how we react to that and what we learn from the defeat, not how we can hurl insults and behave in a way that make the fans look like uneducated idiots by calling for the head of the manager and to single out each player for criticism.

 I’ve been a Liverpool fan for forty years and have never seen or experienced utter ridiculousness from Liverpool fans as I have witnessed over the past two weeks.

 This is not a football management game or FIFA 2011 this is real football when sometimes results don’t always go your way and you don’t win.

 I speak for the many decent and educated Liverpool fans when I say that I have a message to all the fans who have abused and sent vile comments to Kenny Dalglish because we lost a match “we don’t want you or your support”.


  1. Wonderful View Sir…Something Like This Is required to remember lfc fans that there is a reason why we are called the best fans in the world..there is a reason why our cheers at anfield is stronger than that of a lion…YNWA

  2. came across a number of morons who think Carroll and Henderson are the crappiest players on the planet while Raul is the epitome of class

    Leaving aside my own judgments on that statement (if you wanna know, I humbly disagree), I feel that any fan who can’t support our own players is an idiot and can go support Chelsea for Raul is apparently such a classy player

    I support only those that play for LFC, only those who manage LFC and only those who support LFC…rest all can go rot in a pile of crap for all I care

    1. Supporting our players is one thing but supporting waste of money such as carroll is not. Kenny will realise his mistake but that happens even former players such as Steve McMahon, Jason McAteer agrees. Both Carroll and Hendo are not world class will never be.

  3. the noisiest one at d club where i watched the game blamed every players, says Carra was ‘eff’ (his choice of word) and called KD shithead, claims he’s bn a fan all his life. Guestimating his age by his bifocals & receeding hairline – mustve been above 55 yrs/ give or take 40 yrs a fan. Perhaps calling these kind of fairweather fans ‘modern’ is not entirely correct. There are those grumpy old men who wore their candy jersey and were js as idiotic as the ones you generalise as ‘modern fan’. I certainly don’t want him wearing the liverbird on his chest.

  4. Can’t agree more than this! This also applied to those who bashed players. The season is still young, everything still could happen, no matter odds. These are moments when we can cry out loud hey LFC, You’ll never walk alone, You are not alone! We will walk beside you! All the way!

    BTW with all due respect I never though that the game in White hart lane would be ours, and on my calculation it hard to win there so still not bad at all, considering this: vs Sunderland we should won (but only got draw) but we repaid it with the win on Arsenal (while on my calculation we could lost there). Bolton win was a norm, the only anomaly is Stoke game that’s we should at least draw there (the best is of course a win), and on WHL we hope for a draw but one point was lost there. Based on my calculation in this early 5 games we only has 7 point (or 9 for the best), and turn out in the reality we also has 7 point. Games on Arsenal and Spurs homes were always difficult, so we gained 3 point an those games are still good results.

    What we have to improve is not when we played against big clubs but to won (not draw or lose) against mediocre clubs. We have to maximize the point against them. Look at the red nose they lost against us and some of big clubs but still won the league.

    So, dont’ worry, we will bounce back, we will progress, and we will climb up to the top once again. In Kenny we trust!

  5. And not content with that they then proceed to turn on other LFC supporters! Nothing wrong with having an opinion, in fact it’s probably wrong to not have an opinion, it’s very wrong though to abuse the manager or the players though.

    It’s shameful that people were venting their anger at Empire Of The Kop on Twitter, totally ridiculous. Fair play to Antoine (presuming he was maning the Twitter account as usual) for fending them off.

    It also seems like there’s a chunk of idiots out there that have written off the season from a loss against Stoke which we deserved to win and the game against Spurs in which we were frankly appalling.

    People need a fecking reality check, we are not going to win the league this season, we never were. The club said we’re capable because we are but this is about undoing the damage done in the past by previous owners and managers, it takes more than a pre-season and the opening games and to be honest it’ll probably take longer than this season to get it right. So get a grip of yourselves and support the team you claim to be a fan of!

    For me anyone who’s been spouting all the nonsense about Kenny and the lads after Stoke or Spurs has no right to celebrate when we win something: If you’re not there supporting the team through the bad times you have no right whatsoever to celebrate in the good times.

    When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark. NOT when you get beat turn on the manager, the players and anyone else associated with the club!

  6. While I was disappointed by the match, I found the comments of some fans(used loosely) to be disgraceful. YNWA

  7. Welcome to the new premier league fans who didnt set foot in a ground before all seater stadia…and thats from a spurs fan who remembers finally winning at anfield in 85 (i think). Dont go anymore because of cost and these dumb fans.

  8. This season is going to be immense. Each week different teams perform out of their skin. This is why the EPL is one of, if not the best league. We are the best fans let down by the sas few.

  9. top man brian.. asa 23 year old lfc supporter its sickening to find out we still have fair weather and glory hunting supporters within our ranks. far too many people live and die by the previous weekends result with out factoring in any sort of common sense or reasoned judgement other than what the rags say. spuds out played us, and fair play to them.. we never got going, resorted to rash challenges and were punished for it. stoke and spuds are v important games for the growth and evolution of the team, as all who played will now understand that if you dont turn up on match day, we will lose… end off. to any and all fans who went on sunday, you did us all proud singing to the end. u f’cking legends.. it made me glad to support lfc hearing the endless support of those who pay good money to see liverpool play.. done us all proud.

  10. Could not have put it better myself …. well said …. ill never forget Chelsea fans booing Didier Drogba in his first season … we are Liverpool Football Club … we pride ourselves in being respectful

  11. Carrol and Henderson were two VERY poor signings, escpecially given the fees involved.

    There is no getting away from that.

    Kenny legend though he is, made some poor decisions RE: Team selection and subs v Spurs.

    Above are ALL FACTS.

    1. ……….looking for the FACTS and can’t see them ……..nope still cant see them. Opinions, yep, check, got them but facts…………nope

        1. Carrol and Henderson were two VERY poor signings, escpecially given the fees involved.

          First, What was the fee involved?
          Second, What statistical measures do you use to confirm if a player is a poor signing or a good one?
          Third, It’s not my money – neither is it yours. What’s the problem if the owners were ready to spend the amount?

          Kenny legend though he is, made some poor decisions RE: Team selection and subs v Spurs.

          1. What are the poor decisions that he has made in terms of team selection?
          2. Why didn’t you post on EOTK when Antione had shared the team news? Why did you wait for “after” the match to give out your expert views?
          3. What substitution of his was wrong?

          Maybe if you can answer these, I will be willing to listen to the FACTS!

          1. 1. Carroll is sloppy and unmotivated and is never worth 35 millions. Do u really think in ten years when we’ll talk about the best strikers of this generation we’ll mention Carroll with say Neymar, Aguero, Benzema? I don’t think so. He is a mid table team player. Big fish in a small pond.
            2. Hendo may be the one for the future but right now he should learn from the bench.

        2. My point is that just because your opinion of the Caroll and Henderson is that they are “very poor signings”, doesn’t make it a FACT. Or that the substitutions were, in your opinion not the correct ones, doesn’t make it FACT either.

          I don’t like the size of the fees we paid anymore than anyone else but I trust and support the manager and staff that they did the right thing for the club given the circumstances. Time will tell otherwise but I’m not going to ‘write off’ these players after such a small number of games. Carroll does concern me but more from a ‘how do we fit him in’ point of view rather than ability. I also feel he may benefit from a run of games alongside Suarez in my opinion. Henderson, I think has done ok. Nothing spectacular (perhaps the way he took his goal against Bolton) but nothing horrendous either. But its neither players fault about how much we paid for them.

          And aren’t you being a little hypocritical in your later comment (5.43pm) stating “While i agree there shouldnt be calls for Kenny’s head and no need to name call the underpar players like Carrol, Adam, Henderson etc”.

          Isn’t that exactly what you did in your first post?

    2. How can you say that the two above mentioned players ‘were very poor signings’ this early in their LFC careers?
      Can players not be given a decent chance before people start slating them??
      I think all this slating of our players and manager is disgusting from so called LFC fans.

  12. Are these people not those glory supporting, fair weather fans who do not understand the tradition and belief the beholds Liverpool FC and our fans?
    The people that said these things about king kenny and the rest of our players do not deserve to call themselves one of us. As a Liverpool fan of my entire life I have had tears of joy when the going was good and (I’m sure as everyone has)had complete frustration during the bad times but one thing that always remains is my support and my belief in that team that I love so dearly.
    So lets not kick our team when they are down, lets lift their spirts and take this mighty club back up to the top flight and start flying high like the Liver bird that sits on ours hearts!

    1. Hey guys. I dont fully agree with the first post. I dont think carrol and henderson are wastes. They are both incredibly young and i believe at the very least henderson will be worth more than we paid and carrol will come good. Remember drogba being booed first season. Kenny will mould them as he has with countless others the likes of shearer sutton redknapp etc.
      I do however agree kenny was a little mistaken with how he set up against tottenham. Leavin 2 on 2 in central midfield was always going to fail. Most teams that beat tottenham set up with 3 or even 4 in central midfield to smother the likes of modric hudflestone van der vaart etc. Also as soon as it was obvious skrtel vs bale was a mismatch should have either swapped with carra or maybe even gone for a flexible 5 at the back as we saw a few times last season.
      The other thing was he waited too long to make changes when we went to 10 men and had even less in midfield.
      This isnt to say its solely kennys fault. Spurs played extremely well and ref did no favours.
      I still have full faith in the guys fron top to bottom. Im sure kenny will realise what went wrong and try hes best to ammend it. Bring on brighton!

  13. Sensitive article Brian. Master Business.
    It hurts me deeply to see a Great Man Who loves Liverpool like Kenny Dalglish, becoming a target of vile insults by fickle fans.
    Yes yes for sure, We don’t want You.

  14. Well said! Was shocked to find senseless comments even on the LFC website, so much for loyalty. I’m sure the real fans will be out in force again for the wolves game getting behind the lads.

  15. Well, i still do not understand what Henderson and Caroll have done to deserve a start ahead of Kuyt and even Maxi… I have all respect for the manager but i still can see who performs on the field and who is on it just because of his nationality!

  16. No comment. I’m just really disheartened by everything. Sincerely speaking. I don’t blame certain group of fans that utter a few loose words, its all out of frustration , to me they are just the radical set of fans expressing their frustrations. Anyway dalglish has been out of the game for quite awhile and I believe the recent challenges are teaching him a few lessons.

  17. I Think it’s not just modern fans who spout this stuff. I used to think that it was people from other countries that were quite new to football that had this inpatient and unreallistic attitude. I think that its only in recent years that there was a real platform like this for people to air there views outside the pub and there has always been idiots around.

  18. “Liverpool Football Club has the best and most loyal fans in the world but its reputation is being dragged into the gutter by mindless fools and pretend fans who only know football from a game console”

    Well written mate, but what can we do ? Educate them ?

    Support and believe is the Liverpool way. As he said, we lost “together” and now must react “together”. Walk on lads !

    And thanks Brian with that quality paper. You put so called “fans” in the shadow of our passion, love and respect for everyone working in LFC.

  19. You ge it right mate although I would not have use the agressive title

    I might have use smthing likr this:
    Call your self a lfc fan?then support in a “Liverpool Way”

    As for King Kenny,The man is not another Lfc manager he is a living legend and I hope he stay for life at our club


  20. Well said! These blerts really should take a long hard look at themselves. As Liverpool fans we follow our team through the good and bad. Kenny has bought belief back to the Kop and the majority of us understand that sometimes results don’t go our way. We don’t have a Divine right to win everytime we walk out on to the pitch. Some of the things I’ve seen on twitter over the last 8 days or so has been unbelievable. Calling for kenny’s head, saying our new signings are sh*t or whatever is not what we do. We get behind the team and show loyalty to the manager.
    Football manager and FIFA do not make you an expert.

  21. How Kenny got it wrong (for dummies):-

    Flanno should have played right back.
    Had he been on the bench he could have come on for Agger, moving Skrtel infied.
    At 10 men, Henderson and Carrol off for Bellamy and Spearing. Providing ball winning and pace for counter attack.
    We should have kept it tight away at spurs with a 4-5-1 and Kuyt should have started wide right to contain the threat of Bale.

    1. The implication that anyone who disagrees with you are “dummies” is childish and pathetic, grow up.

      Flanno was so poor the last time he played that everyone vilified Kenny for playing him and he was poor, a lot of promise in Flanno, Bale would’ve turned him inside out and Flanno loves his tackles, loves diving into tackles too. Agger would’ve still gone off for Coates and not Flanno because while Skrtel was indeed struggling with Bale he would’ve struggled just as much moving him inside dealing with Adebayor. Skrtel is obviously behind Coates in the pecking order. Personally Skrtel makes me nervous but I still think Flanno is still far to petulant in the tackle to be trusted against players of Bale’s pace and ability on the ball. For the record I don’t think Bale is a wonder player, more someone with skill and the ability to be a pain in the arse.

      Neither Spearing or Bellamy are capable of holding up the ball as well as Carroll. Bellamy on for Carroll to be a nuisance to free Suarez up makes some sense, but it still needs a midfield playing behind him and in that game the midfield had died, Suarez was getting zero service, Bellamy would’ve had the exact same problem. Spearing has no pace either. The idea of bringing on Spearing and Bellamy for Henderson and Carroll 28 minutes into the game is frankly idiotic! They didn’t score their second goal until the 66th minute, over half an hour after the first booking and we were looking a fair bit sharper in the 2nd half.

      Why would anyone play Kuyt defensively when his attributes are attacking, what a waste of Kuyt such play would be, a player who first and foremost is a striker while being willing to play on the wing, not at all defender material. If anything you bring Kuyt on for Henderson, that would’ve been a good substitution.

      Spurs are not some fantastic team who you need to hold off with defensive tactics. If our lads hadn’t played so poorly with such little effort from the kickoff we wouldn’t have lost a goal so quickly, it took Spurs nearly an hour to get their second and that was when we were down to 9 men! If our players had performed as they can the tactics would’ve worked and we would’ve been fine. I don’t think we should go ANYWHERE and play defensively, you don’t win games that way.

      The big story in that match was how our players under performed so much, not that the coaching staff got the tactics wrong. Man City didn’t win there by playing it tight, they played a roaming attacking game and waltzed through them. If our players had played the way the coaching staff wanted them to we would’ve beaten them.

      But hey, what do I know, being a dummy.

      1. Well, for a “dummy”, you hit the nail right on the head. People can’t seem to accept the fact we lost because we didn’t play good enough, not because of tactics or refereeing decisions.

        Also, someone said above. Some LFC fans seem to act like we have a divine right to win everytime we step onto the pitch.

      2. Holding the ball up?

        How many times did AC do that?

        One of Kuyt’s great strengths is his work rate and tracking back on the right. We needed his energy against a superior team away from home.

        If you think player for player we are better than Spurs you need your head checked!

        1. don, if you truly think player for player we are no better than spurs, then, i guess, club for club we are no where near spurs?? manager for manager?? academy for academy? did you think the players spurs have now were all that great a few seasons back?? do you think it took them 1 season to get everything right?? harry redknapp is one of the longest serving managers in the epl..and he is only finally getting things right. he used to save clubs from relegation for christ sake..

          Come on..get your head out of your bum and smell the fresh air.. we are in the process of a rebuild..carrol and henderson have hardly come off age. if henderson was that useless, i wouldnt think he would be captaining England u21.

          yea maybe flanno shouldve played..wouldve been a good lesson for him..

          but i dont think spurs is that much greater than us..is stoke a better team than us?? as a fan i would say no.but they beat us thats for sure. ManU almost lost to west brom opening match too.

          it is our second lost this season..5 games in..and i am confident in the lesson learned by the manager and players. we are starting the season slow for sure..but it is how we end it that makes a difference.

        2. I don’t need my head checked mate and where did I say anything about being better than Spurs player for player?!

          Yes that is ONE of Kuyt’s strengths, what makes him a great player, that doesn’t at all make him a player to use in a defensive way.

          And for the record, I believe we are a superior team all round compared to Spurs, otherwise it wouldn’t bother me that we lost to them!!!!!

          Try justifying your own comments for a change, rather than flaming others.

  22. While i agree there shouldnt be calls for Kenny’s head and no need to name call the underpar players like Carrol, Adam, Henderson etc.

    I am dissapointed at the lack of some viewpoint by majority on here. Most knowledgeable fans? Stop hiding behind the that old and tired ‘It’s not the Liverpool Way’ bollocks and give an opinion!

  23. i think sir should take his time and exercise patience with liverpool fans for their constructive criticism because we are in the good interest of de club.me for instance i have nowhere to go and it pays a lot when liverpool loses.but the question is at the time we were even down they could not even score us four.wat den has happen with the over 100 million recruitment which has made us deserve.for me that is my problem.because JWH gave the money and went for the players of whom he trusted so why not blame for anything other than lose.but i think with insults it should be out no matter de inconveniences because king kenny is our father,uncle,grandfather and rest.thank you

  24. I love kenny and i so totally want him to stay for the next ten years, but, I think he is being too adamant about Carroll. and that is the problem. What has happened here is that something that was working great was broken. we finished the last season on a high and this season should have been a continuation of that climb. but, alas, we have a different squad all together, and that has put brakes on our progress.

    Still, I am 100000% behind Kenny. I will never raise my voice against him. He has been much more than just a manager for LFC and Liverpool city. I love kenny for what he stands for. his speech at the univ of belfast was so amazing. i hope someday i can be half a man that kenny is.

  25. For 35 years I’ve followed the Reds (match goer) but yesterday I was ashamed not of my team but of some of our so called fans. It still hurts now to think we’ve picked up these idiots.

  26. Great article and I totally agree with you. I think the main problem is with the frustration of the modern fans. They are thinking that after spending 100m on transfers esp on those for carroll, downing, henderson, adam ..Liverpool should be winning each game with flying colors. They see on another pitch, Manure playing with a similarly inexperienced squad just thrashing all teams home and away. They can’t understand why Merieles was sold ( or opted to leave ), Aquilani loaned out again, Stevie G still not back yet. All these factors added up to the 4 – 0 defeat on Sunday which made them react out of their minds I suppose.

    LFC till I die!

  27. Great article, it was a poor performance on Sunday but you have to remember the referee was very trigger happy with cards early on, setting a benchmark for the remainder of the game. I would like to point out it’s not just younger fans who disgrace the club with comments, I have seen fans of all ages drag the club through the mud.

  28. Good sensible read. I sometimes wonder at times if some of our fans mean it when they sing you’ll never walk alone.

  29. I don’t fully agree with Brian’s article. No one needs to be offensive in any comment made, but everyone should voice their frustrations when these are called for an ultimately legitimate as was after yesterday’s game.
    It’s not the loss, it’s not even the result, it’s the way we played (or outplayed) and our inability to take some positives out of a game that saw us on the backfoot from the word go and which every Liverpool fan wanted over and done with as soon as possible.
    I am a fan that saw Kenny Dalglish play for Liverpool and my devotion and admiration towards him remain pristine, however I don’t think any person is immune from criticism, not even King Kenny!

  30. There are to Many people who can site on the side and claim to know more than those whose job it it to do it!

    Does anyone remember Alex Fergesons first season at Scum UTD

    Or Clough’s first season at Notts

    OK so its not the Kings first season but its close to it for many years. give him a chance and stop talking crap he dosent come to your work and tell you how to do your job and we should return the favour

  31. When people get hurt they lash back an all thanks to twatter an facefuck we now have immature tits thinking they can have a pop at a grown man. The defeat really hurt especially after the play we have had in some games. Spurs got raped by citeh an we got the backlash but don’t think kenny, Steve an Kevin will be lookin for a repeat. Sometimes when you’ve got nothing good to say, say nothing at all. So let’s educate the part timers an show them we get behind the club just like the fans singing YNWA in the last 10mins of the game, even if the game did not make me proud they did big respect in the face of defeat. Other fans of other teams would have walked after the 2nd red just like the fans who walked out on Istanbul when it looked bleak. YNWA

  32. Well i think we should draw a fine line between criticsms and insults. while we shouldn’t insult i think king kenny has been trying to justify 2 bad buys in hendo and carroll.i will always pardon him for carroll cuz it was one big statement of intent which had to be made to prove losing torres didn’t imply we didn’t mean business.come to think of it, that was january of all periods- no club will sell top strikers unless you make them offers they can’t refuse. i even think reina stayed because of our instant carroll reaction to torres’ departure and so, as much as carrol misfires, i will still give kk thumbs up for keeping the squad together. on hendo i personally think the presence of meireles meant we didn’t need him and even if we did, it shouldn’t have led to Meireles’ departure (forget broken promises – hendo playing ahead of him broke the camel’s back)

    i apologise for using this example which follows but the circumstance demands it.i don’t think many managers have made more bad buys that sir red nose but any time he sees his buys are blowing in his face, he keeps them in the background (on the bench) and makes them learn the tenets of what it means to play for him. nani and anderson were time bombs waiting to explode so he ‘shileded them’ on the bench for 2-3years and we all see how they are paying him back. the same went for fletcher and even berbatov. i think king kenny should give hendo and carroll time to develope into what will bring the club results than try to justify their buys now by playing them. And let’s face; it’s weird to see hendo play ahead of meireles and then kuyt.Especially in a rare 4-4-2 formation situation, it might sound crazy but I would field Raheem Sterling for his speed, point-blank runs and abilty to cut inside to score. i fear kuyt might grumble soon and if he does, what happens? Brand him an unhappy player and flog him off to Inter Milan for all he’s given to Lfc or what?

    I think King Kenny should soften his stance on ‘unhappy players’ and the ‘Lfc is bigger than every single player’ attitude and please talk to them when they grumble or possibly increase their wages a little. If Suarez starts ‘something strange’ in June and a good bid arrives from Madrid are we going to sell? Is he not too big a player for us to sell? If it’s true Spurs rejected a 40m bid for Modric let’s do whatever we have to do to make our good players feel like staying forever. Let’s not pretend the modern day player doesn’t display attitudinal change when more money is paid to them. How many goals has Rooney scored ever since he got a wage increament and was forced to stay. i hate to say this but it was a masterstroke not to have allowed him to go.

    I commend kk for trying to re-introduce pass-and-move and some of his tactics lately but he failed to make the right selection and the right changes at the right time gainst Spurs.I’d start bellamy and kuyt on any day against Spurs for their guile, versatility and workaholic styles.If not they would have started the 2nd half. With a lot of the players on yellow cards, one man down and one goal down, these two players would cover every blade of grass for 45mins but at least Kuyt would have replaced Skrtel before he took the 2nd yellow. Yes, he would play no2 in the 2nd half(we know he’s right sided) and replace either hendo or Carroll with Bellamy. That would have relieved the team of some pressure, the 2nd yellow to Skrtel and probably any other player, and by extension the other 3goals and still given us better attacking options.

  33. I dont need statiscal measures but i’m sure the stats show the contribution of two attacking players in their goals/assists contributions.

    I didnt post as i was at the game and not on the net at home waiting for game on ESPN/Sky or whatever. Were you there?

    Read my other posts for the analysis of what Kenny did wrong.

    I post what i feel has happened in the game. Most can see exactly as i do, some just trot out a load of nonsense.

    1. If anyone believes that we’re not they can’t complain about us being beat away from home with 9 men on the pitch, 10 men for an hour of the game. If they’re a better team on paper than us losing was inevitable with 10 men on the pitch and we were lucky to only concede 4 with 9 men on the pitch. If anyone thinks we should’ve beaten them then it’s fair to say they think we’re the better side.

  34. I remember when we stuffed Man Utd 4-1 a few years ago did Utd turn on Fergie or just two weeks ago Man City beat Spurs 5-1 at White Heart Lane did the supporters turn on Harry …..NO.
    The Premiership has gone really wired these last few years everybody’s beating everybody. If Wolves had not beaten all of the top six last year they would be in the Championship this season. Kenny will get it right we do have a small squad but we got caught out with injuries to our RB position. Would any of those so called fans want to go back a year from now and have Roy Hodgson back? We have one of the best managers in the game back at our club how can we complain about one result. Get over it we got Wolves at home and Gerrard is back.

  35. Fans who abuse Kenny are quite frankly idiots. There’s nothing wrong in having an opinion and voicing concerns, but when you do it with such vitriol and in such an imbecilic way, you only serve to undermine the club. I think Kuyt should’ve started ahead of Hendo, but I’m not going to abuse people about it. You are supposed to support the club, and it’s not has if we’ve lost 20 games and it’s May. To those Championship Manager know-it-alls…Chill out!

    Also, the vitriol against Carroll and Henderson are from people who don’t understand between and poor player and poor form. A poor player i.e. Karl Henry has never played well or exhibited any evidence of being a good footballer. Hendo and Carroll are in poor form. They have demonstrated that they can be good players in their previous clubs, so it’s about supporting them and helping them get through this dip. We already have enough rivals trying to denigrate our club, our fans should not be doing this as well.

    As I always say if Lucas can improve, there is every chance that Carroll and Hendo can.

    1. Some good and fair points. Henderson was a revelation against Bolton, but he obviously does have much room for improvement, all young players do of course.

      Lucas is a great example and I’m glad you mention him. How many were popping veins in their heads to get him sold, I too was at the end of my tether with him. As you say, if Lucas can turn things around so distinctly to such a dramatic degree any player can and frankly neither Henderson or Carroll are playing as badly as Lucas had for such a long time. In fact Henderson has been quite good. Both have much improvements to make, neither are anything like the ‘finished article’ and neither were bought as such. If anyone wants to write these two off I hope they remember that day when they do a ‘Lucas’!

      For the record I never called for Lucas to be sold, I was never happy with his performances though, it’s worth remembering that he still makes pretty poor passes that get the team in trouble, no one is faultless.

  36. I love LFC i grew up watching LFC i am of the younger LFC fan base watch the team during Barnes and Rush era at the last of our glory days, the club have change football have change and we need to acknowledge this as supporters , the objective of a club like LFC is to compete at the highest level and that is to be competing amonsg the top four, and playing in the champions league anything less is unacceptable and this is why we have fans that react the way they do, as long as LFC is in this predicament that is what kind of reactions some fans will have, as far KK he is a Legend, but this does not mean he is going to produce poor result and we’re not going to be disappointed, it was done to Rafa and Roy,KK is no different we appoint a managers to do a job and that is to get results if they don’t deliver then they got to go……YNWA

    1. Yes it’s about results but FFS how about waiting for an actual crisis, instead of throwing our toys out of the pram. That’s what we are annoyed at. We lost two games, OK not great but it is early in the season. Instead of going over the top and calling for Kenny’s head, lets just see how far Kenny can get us. In fact I would give Kenny at least this season and next, because if anyone deserves our respect and patience, it’s Kenny.

  37. more grease to your elbow you got many points right and when people like you speak their minds out one should applaud..first and foremost i appreciate the acquisition of caroll especially in january so as to prove to many senior players the club is ready to spend on the back of broken promises by previous owners.However having such price tags doesnt jusity and qualify them to start ahead of senior and technically gifted players.Bellamy is technically gifted,he’s got quick feet dribbles cuts in and scores goals,Kuyt is a workhaholic plays with 100% and combines well with suarez.These players should be played in the centre forward(kuyt)Bellamy on the right wing..we have Maxi who can dribble,scores goals last season for fun and is technically gifted he out to be played.downing has been impressive for me but that doesnt mean he should start all games..Sir Red nose had Nanni and Anderson warming the bench for years and now they are paying him back so King Kenny should not be shy to relegate both caroll and henderson the club shouldnt be sacrificed for these two..Henderson is better in the middle of the park so as Adam but where there isnt a chance for them to play in the middle they should be on the bench and bring on experienced and solid players

  38. Well said Brian, a lot of these fools seem to have very short memories. If they could see past their Aquilani obsessions, they may just about make out that we are heading in the right direction.A little over 9 months ago, we were truly in the shit. I’d take our squad, manager,coaches and backroom staff over what we had then in an instant.

  39. Agree with you Brian. What do these so called fans want? Kenny is into his first full season and you expect the universe from him? They want the EPL title? Give me a break and give true die hard Liverpool fans a break. And give Kenny and the team a break. Man City spent all those money and are only now beginning to look like a title challenger. Kenny and the team deserves our time and support to bring the club forward.

  40. As usual a quality article Brian.
    Its seems to me that there is a pressure that has inevitably been placed upon the club and Kenny given the signings and the money spent. After years of under investment and settling for mediocrity we have had our expectations lifted.
    Some people have gotten carried away and let themselves become convinced that we should be achieving greatness, that’s not to excuse the ones who have massively over-reacted.
    Turning our great club back into a great club that achieves will be a long job and as with all big jobs, there will be times when we look like we are going no-where but if you have been an LFC supporter for any time you should know that all great things take faith, so keep that faith, be the twelfth man and remember YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

    P.S. remember when you criticize Carroll that we swapped a miserable, useless Torres for the mercurial Suarez and Andy, if we had payed £40m for Suarez and £10 for Andy, would you still be so critical?

  41. You seem to think you’re some sort of Super fan Brian. I’ve got news for you, you’re not!

    Without those international fans (let’s be honest, that’s who you’re referring to) Liverpool would never have landed the Standard Chartered shirt sponsorship and provided the club with probably more than 1/3 of its revenue. Without them, you would never have gotten the money to waste on Carroll, Adam and Henderson, and you would just be a mid table side.

    This British revolution is alienating the financial backbone of the club, and when Liverpool fail to qualify for Europe, and Suarez and Reina leave I hope you enjoy your mid table mediocrity.

    The Tottenham game highlighted some very clear weaknesses and every supporter is entitled to their opinion no matter.

    The hypocrisy is, you and your Anfield buddies were probably the ones calling for Roy Hodgson’s head after 10 games.

    Quit it with the nepotism. This isn’t the 1990’s anymore. Teams need real international quality to be in the Champions league. Just look at Spurs’ side compared to ours, after spending half the amount.

    1. First of all thanks for replying but I don’t recall anywhere saying I don’t approve of foreign fans?

      Liverpool are a global club. And we are all family regardless of were you live.

      So I am slightly wondering if you support Liverpool at all? That aside I cannot thank you enough for posting your reply to this article as you are the very example why this article was written.

  42. @ Brianisnotsosmart no_where in the piece were overseas fans specified, the criticisms were aimed at the supporters who’s reactions are not in line with the image that Liverpool fans enjoy, that of passionate but well informed followers. It’s seems that you yourself believe the problem is with foreign fans, an interesting opinion though not one I personally share, and i’m sure neither does Brian

  43. Hey put a sock in it brian. This article is EXACTLY for DUMBASSSES LIKE YOU. Dont attack the writer just because he has called you out. And yeah, true fans of liverpool DONT WANT DOUCHES LIKE YOU. LFC are a global club that has ambraced many lands and cultures. Now if you find that a threat to the club you secretly support, united thats your problem. And if you dont support them, I suggest you do, or chelsea or arsenal or WHOEVER. Just dont support LFC.

  44. Who is Brian Reece actually talking about? A nameless faceless group of fans he thinks say derogatory things he doesn’t agree with? Whether you like it or not Brian and whoever you are taking aim at football fans by their right of being fans and that we live in a democracy do have a right to say whatever they want to!! There is no qualifying criteria to weed out the undesirable the reality is some fans just aren’t well informed. To believe all Liverpool fans are fantastic is a little irrational there are morons amongst the group like there are in all walks of life.

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