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By Paul Culff

First and foremost, I think the current outcry from “Liverpool supporters” about the fact the season is over and that we are no better off this season than last is ridiculous. Enough has already been written about this but these so called “supporters” are looking for quick fix solutions rather than realizing that it will take time. I’m not expecting people to be patient for the next five years but one bad day at the office is not the end of the world. Many great teams over years have had days to forget and we should count ourselves lucky that this was in a league and not a cup competition. Many games are still to be played and I have no doubt that Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City will all have bad days at the office before the season is out. Tottenham were most recently mauled by both Manchester United (3-0) and Manchester City (5-1) and look how they responded. The answer to this season will be in our response over the next few weeks, beginning Wednesday with Brighton.

Secondly I want to talk a hotly disputed topic in Andy Carroll. Let me start by saying I am a fan and I want nothing more than for him to succeed. Has he performed admirably? No, not really however I want to defend him slightly. I feel like we are changing our pass and move philosophy to accommodate him. Is this really necessary though as the big man is very capable with the ball in at his feet? Granted, he is a beast in the air and wins most headers sent his way but anyone that plays soccer, especially up front will know how hard it is to direct headers on target when you are getting battered and targeted by defenders.

I want to go back to the Manchester City game last season as to why this guy can be so valuable. His left footed strike in that game was powerful and effortless, his header under solid defensive pressure was also huge. They were two totally different goals and were a preview of his all round ability. His goal against Exeter this season in the Carling Cup was also a glimpse of the talent he has with a nice step over and another solid strike.

So far, in the games I have seen him start, be it alone or with Suarez up front, we continue to try to pump the ball forward to him and expect him to WIN and DIRECT every header. Every time he doesn’t complete both of those tasks, Liverpool fans in the background moan and say he is a waste of money. The price tag is hurting him but that is not his fault and we got way more $$ for you know who than he is proving currently. The statement when he didn’t play much last season was that “we didn’t sign Andy Carroll for a couple of games but for 5 seasons” and it is so true because his best years are ahead of him.

My question is, why don’t we play in to his feet more? Carroll is a very strong hold up player. He is a beast of a man and it is hard when you are so big to not be a little clumsy. However, his footwork is not that bad when needed and he also has a solid passing game. Just on Saturday I saw him release Stewart Downing with a defense splitting pass to open up Tottenham and launch an attack. I sense he is getting frustrated with his aerial service and it is also extremely tiring to be asked to win and direct every header. We also know that he possesses a powerful shot (even on his left foot). Strikers want the ball in to their feet and we haven’t afforded Carroll that quality. If Suarez was always getting balls pumped long to his head, he would have had nowhere near the impact he has had. Suarez is also a completely different player to Carroll. He thrives for the ball and wants it at his feet and will take them on, almost like the focal point of the team whereas Carroll is more of an old school striker, like Alan Shearer. Granted, we did buy Stewart Downing to provide quality in wide areas and I fully endorse using the width but we shouldn’t forget the pass and move philosophy just because we have a big target man in the middle. Our big target man has good feet too and this is where I am sure he would want the ball.

Now I’m not saying that Andy Carroll has been razor sharp. I actually think he has been off the pace a little and his touch isn’t there yet but I don’t think it is time for him to be hung, drawn and quartered. I think he has value, quality but needs time to show it. Maybe by giving him more balls in to his feet, it will see him with the opportunity to show it. Kenny needs to find the right balance in his squad and the reaction of him and his players will tell us a lot about the season ahead. Cue, the reaction from the readers….




  1. You are not alone in this opinion. I have been thinking this for a long time now. With players like Carroll who unfortunately are expected to head every ball in the net, shouldn’t it be the players who are servicing him that should get criticised and not him?

  2. Ok, lets get this out there. Kennys priority since coming in is to buy players who have premier league experience who wont take too long to settle. Now, are you telling me these players with ‘premier league experience’ have settled quickly? My answer is no, and I will not accept anyone telling me to give Andy Carroll time. He shouldnt need it and is a total waste of money. Simple as that. The thing is, if you buy class ie Aguero, you dont need them to have time to settle. Class is eternal. There is no comparison in these equally priced players. Rant over!!

    1. What a daft post there is a thing called wages and a wage structure Liverpool could not would not and should not sign a player that wants 250 thousand a week so to even mention aguero is daft

      1. @Tomo some people fail to overlook these things don’t they, there are countless players regarded as “class” that need time to settle, take Dzeko for instance, highly rated in the Bundesliga, he said himself it’s always his second season when he plays best.

  3. What people dont seem to understand is we have smashed madrid, city, chelsea and even utd but they still went on to win people just need to get a grip these things happen wise up glory hunters we all make mistakes but the important thing is we learn from them ynwa in kenny we trust

  4. Good article. Liverpool and Carroll will be fine. If anything we got off to a prematurely good start, instantly raising expectations before the new players have had a chance to bed in. It’ll come.

  5. You’re talking nonsense (as well as sounding like a fool by calling it soccer). AC is a total waste of money. For £35m we could have bought a proper striker like Gomez, Falcao, Lorente who all have pace and technique. AC is a typical English player who has limited technical ability. He also has no pace so cannot link up play with his strike partner or midfielders and get back in the box to finish off the chances. AC won’t get into double figures this season.

    1. You surely dont compare Aguero to Carroll. Age difference and exp difference. Every striker needs time. Carroll had 11 goals before he joined pool and 2 more. Do u think ppl bailed on Rooney with his awful start last year. Get over your hatred and support. You are not a liverpool fan. YNWA is not just some bs letters. Chelsea paid for Carroll and he will get there. He looks a lot like the Mario Gomez u think lpool could of bought when he was younger. YNWA CARROLL!!!

  6. Carroll was way overpriced and hasn’t convinced but with a price tag like that how can you justify not playing him. Kuyt and Suarez should be our primary attack force. Henderson is just awful and should be dropped in favour of Maxi. Downing, Jose Enrique and Adam are the only summer signings to impress so far. Now that Agger is injured maybe Coates will get a start.

  7. Noel, go support City

    Comparing the price tag of Carroll and Aguero is so naive to be ludicrous.

    1. Aguero wouldnt join Liverpool for lack of Champions League footy

    2. Aguero’s wages are spectacular in comparison and we couldn’t afford them. The wages in addition to fee make these two very differently priced buys

    3. Even if we could afford Aguero’s wages (which we can’t) it would have meant our top players asking for comparable wages. So the true cost of signing Aguero would have been many many millions more over the years

    4. You forget that Chelsea effectively paid for Carroll and you fifer also that the deal was done after Torres left us in an emergency

    5. I trust those in the game like Dalglish, Cappello, Shearer etc who all rate Carroll over your opinion

    6. The original article is top class (except for calling the game “soccer”) :-)


  8. Dalglish has spent 85,000,000 on what total crap.Can he take us above UTD ,no he cannot.He broke Blackburn,he destroyed Celtic.When he was last at the Pool he was handed a top team.He blamed a disaster for his failings so retired, then Jack Walker offered him top bucks[im ok now].Wake up smell the shite.

    1. I have to agree with all your words,and I have said from the minute he returned as manager that I reserve my judgement on him reviving LFC ? He was carried by Paisley during his first three years as manager,then when he left the club he left a team that was on a downward spiral.Then was carried by Ray Harford? or Harwood? at Blackburn.He then failed at Celtic and Newcastle. The pity of it is that we all loved him as a player!

      1. For a man who thinks selling Torres was a big mistake this is exactly the point of view I’d expect, why don’t we bring back Rafa! Of course it was the americans fault not his, not his complete inability to handle players, stripping them of confidence. Alonso just wanted a holiday, Riera, Aquilani, Keane…..didn’t perform because of the owners….Get a fucking grip.

        Don’t get me wrong I like Rafa but as soon he were to lose a game you’d be slagging him off and crying like a bitch to bring back Dalglish.

        1. You get a F–king grip yourself! the comments I made about KK are all undeniable ‘FACT’. A great player but has’n’t proven himself as a manager in ‘his own right’.He was backed by men who new what they were doing! And as I have said already – I would love to see him succeed but I doubt very much that he is capable! Also you need to cut out the personal comments!

      2. How the hell did he fail at Newcastle? He inherited the team from Keegan in 4th place and guided them to a 2nd place finish back when only the top two teams got into the CL. The next season, in addition to a notagle 3-2 win over Barca, they got to the FA cup final. By Newcastle standards that’s God like.

        Also, in his VERY brief time at Celtic, he won the Scottish League Cup, and to say Ray Harford carried him at Blackburn is laughable considering how quickly they declined after he took over form Dalglish.

        I get people criticizing Kenny for some of his decisions, even if it is a bit early, but some of the disrespectful revisionist nonsense being flung at him is an absolute disgrace.

        Have some bloody respect.

  9. Superbly written, bang on! Good to see there are some real fans out there that can analyse properly.

    I thought the tactics on Sunday were to attack, when I think a more counter attack approach would have been better. I would have had flano on for skrtl with kuyt protecting him against bale instead of Henderson on the wing. I am also under the opinion that Carroll should have left out until the second half with Spearing in the holding role with Lucas. Adam could then have played in a more attacking role behind Suarez. Spearing for me moves the ball quicker than Adam, and has a bullish presence? Just my thoughts.

    My team last weekend


    Flano Carra Agger Enrique

    Kuyt Lucas Spearing Downing

    Adam or Bellamy


    Caroll, Maxi and Henderson could have been bought on to make a difference later on when spurs had tried everything?

  10. Well said. So called “Fans” expect instant results. its just not going happen. These fans you need to look at actual stats, and realize the game is far deeper than a couple games and more than just how many goals you score. Also growing up in america you hear football and your immediate reaction is to think huge men layered in pads smashing each other. Although I reference soccer as football, all my friends give me strange looks when I start mentioning the likes of saurez kuyt and gerrard. Give the guy a break, its a habit forced upon americans from a young age, even though the game should be called football, the stubbornness americans won’t allow it.

  11. Notice in the Man City headed goal how Carroll ran across in front of the defender. Have you ever seen him do that since? He generally hangs out behind his man, making him very easy to mark. The problem with Carroll, more than his general lack of technical skill, is he has no clue where and when to run to pose a threat to the defense.

    Should be interesting if he doesn’t improve this season and we fail to make top 4. Fans are going to lose their minds.

  12. after all kk has done to the club and the community, and there are people like u, stevo. go feck and keep the shite to yourself yourself, cretin

  13. Stevo you are talking shit. Broke Blackburn? Handed a top team? ‘Blamed’ a disaster..fuck off you manc troll.

  14. Agreed – You can’t just buy players and expect to win the EPL. And after 5 games, fans say the season is over? Nonsensical! Its a long season and we saw how Chelsea started last season well only to fizzle out in the campaign. In any case, don’t expect the EPL title this season. Champ league spot is more realistic and maybe some domestic titles. But Kenny needs time to gel the team.

    Andy Carroll – I don’t think its a question of him settling down in the Premier league. Its more an issue of how we play when he is on the pitch. Yes, there is a tendency to play the long high ball with him. He is not only good in the air but also on the ground. Those who thinks he is a wasteful buy should analyse his game. You obviously don’t know your football.

    At least he is better than the last bean stalk we had – Peter Crouch. Even if you put Aguero into this squad, he may not do so well. Man City have been building their team since last season and he is just an addition into the system. Carroll is part of the puzzle in the team’s make over. So, you can’t compare Andy to others like Aguero. Look at Ashley Young, he fits in well because he was bought as part of the team’s strengthening process, not a make over process.

    Andy needs to improve on his positioning on the pitch, his pace and the team needs to vary their game between long balls and build up play from the back. Andy needs to attack the ball more in the box to take advantage of Downing’s brilliant crosses. Kenny just need to re-think his tactics with Suarez and Andy on the pitch.

  15. still so many dont get it.look up the definition of rebuild.its going to take some time for us to reach the level we are looking forwrd to.some of the fans are just to shallow to understand this.instant success is not going to mean we will be great for will only bring you titles once in a blue moon.i for one want this club to go

    1. and win titles year in year out or if its too zmbitious compete to the highest level in each comp.not a one off succes.a solid foundation needs to be rebuild for continuity.for our benefit as liverpoolfc.please dont try to judge the team and management for a few losses etc.just support your club thru this rebuild and dont look back.criticise educatedly hband with respect towards the club.we’re not barbarians for crying out just please enjoy the bittetsweet process of claiming back the title of best club in england, europe and hopefully the world..

  16. glad to hear a carrol ‘liker’ rather than the ‘haters’ that have been overly vocal. its no wonder sometime is head is down with the crap he is getting, we could win a game an some people will cry “carrol your crap an a waste of money”.
    ill admit i know little of his footwork as i never really paid much heed to him while he was at newcastle,an its plain to see we have yet to see even a sparkle of the best of him.
    he needs to learn our way rather than we change our game for him,an he probably knows that. all he needs some encouragement rather than slatting from us an a little time.
    if peter crouch can do a one-two-double-stepover and then rifle one in,then andy carrol can!

  17. BAD, BAD signings by KD, who still thinks (70’s-80’s?) that, buying british is best, in Adams, Henderson and Carrol, he paid SCANDALOUS money, for three donkeys!!!, who will NEVER be good enough for Liverpool, what he’s seen in them is a mystery. Daglish should only think of what’s best for Liverpool, and not what’s best for him, by going the british way. Might have worked in the 70’s and 80’s, but NOT now, the game is too universal, to go down that british route!.

    1. i think kenny and comolli are better judging talent than you could ever be.its easy to judge a finished product if he is good.but how do you know if one young fry would make it or not as a footballer?? i’ll leave it to kenny and comolli..

      you?? i dont think you know much about football..70s 80s?? our players are in the year 2011 nimwit..they certainly know how to play modern football..

      1. @ADAM………….Are you Adam the player?, if so, fair comment……..otherwise, go and concentrate on watching Cricket, cause if you think that, Adam, Henderson,Carrol are Quality signings, than you don’t know FO about football!!!

        1. and you know better? i highly doubt you kbow any more than ehis mznaging team.whats the point in you mosning bout olayers sold and gone?? aint gona change a afraid your the one with lack of wouldnt even succeed in selling bananas..

        2. @ynwa very cheap using a smartphone to type.and its called a typo..

          by the way, why arent you a manc fan yet?? im surprised..someone that wants players like aguero and is unhappy with how the team and the manager is might as well switch sides already.. why are you still bothered in bitching bout the team??

          or are you just one of those that talks too much cock and doesnt really have substance to back up that cock of a story with??

    2. I love how your name is Ynwa and yet you clearly don’t get this football club at all! Getting on young players backs rather than encouraging them, criticising the manager because we’ve lost two games is not the Liverpool way.

      I suppose you think we should sack Kenny, get in Guardiola and get him to bring Messi, Ronaldo and Xavi along from Spain with him!

      Being a Liverpool supporter requires actually supporting the team and not just when they’re winning!


      1. Redone………Get your KD blinkers OFF!, how the hell do you go and replace quality, in Aquilani and Meireles, with (porky) Adam, and (clueless)Henderson?. ( and spend £27Mil in the process). That is total MADNESS.

          1. @Antoine Zammit…..Sa tkellimni bil-Malti issa?,………….I’m Maltese, just like yourself, the only difference is……I know what I’m on about when it comes to football!, obviously you been watching too much of Valletta, so, your opinion on footy is understandable!.

    3. Yeah, buying British is a terrible idea. That’s why 6 of Man Utd’s starting eleven against Chelsea were British. That’s why Sir Fungus spent a boat load on Jones and Young who have been shyte, haven’t they?

      1. buying british is definitely a terrible idea, esp. when lfc is second choice to Man Ure when it comes to the BEST english players. So if we get second best, we’ll always be second best. when we emphasise on foreign talent, the talent pool is much mush larger, and price is also much much cheaper. quality of Talent is also better. Think of Chicarito. KD believes in a team ethic, thats why he bought the players he bought. However, in the modern game, if we wanna play pass n move one touch football, we really need players of a very high technical ability. Think of man city and how they played against spurs, they played pass n move, one touch football, but are able to dribble and keep the ball. We cant dribble, and we cant keep the ball. Big difference right?

  18. @Redone………Get your KD blinkers OFF!, how the hell do you go and replace quality, in Aquilani and Meireles, with (porky) Adam, and (clueless)Henderson?. ( and spend £27Mil in the process). That is total MADNESS.

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