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Well the honeymoon period is well and truly over for Kenny with the impressive impact he had on Liverpool last season on his return a distant memory. His team’s good start to the season has been dramatically derailed with back to back losses away from home.

This is Kenny’s first mini-crisis since his return and the performance against Spurs on Sunday has already started alarm bells ringing. The way the team was outplayed has worried many supporters but also Kenny has been receiving criticism with his team selection and tactics.

It doesn’t take long for supporters to press the panic button when results go against you. Much has been said about Andy Carroll being a waste of money already and Jordan Henderson should be dropped. I’m sure Kenny understands the supporters’ frustration and he will take the defeats sorer than the most diehard Kopites.

My take on events at Anfield this season are that we are looking a far stronger team than this time last year with a larger squad also. In my view we have plenty of options with the players brought in and cover in every position.

We started the season well and have been playing well up until Sunday which was our worst performance since Kenny returned to the club. We should have more points in the league but Lady Luck has not been shining on us so far.

As far as our new signings go, we have to be patient and give them time to settle in. We seem to forget Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll are still very young and they are now at a massive club with massive price tags weighing them down, once they are released from their weight of expectation they will become key players for us for a very long time. So hopefully the supporters get behind them and show their support to them.

As for the defeat at Spurs I agree that it was a dreadful performance and I do believe that Kenny got his tactics wrong on the day. I didn’t like Skrtel playing at right back and thought this was a total mismatch against Gareth Bale, and unfortunately proved to be the case as Skrtel was eventually sent off. I also was disappointed to see Downing on the right and Henderson on the left and no place for Kuyt in the side.

It is so easy to criticise a manager after a defeat, at the end of the day the manager has to select a team and this season he has many options which must make it even more difficult. If he got a positive result it would have been plaudits all round.

In my opinion Sunday was just a bad day at the office for the Reds which every team gets. Even Sir Alex gets his team and tactics wrong at times, so no one is immune to these unhappy days. But we have to remember we all wanted Kenny back and now with a couple of defeats we are getting on his back. I’m sure we will have more defeats during the season, hopefully none as bad as Sunday, but we have to trust Kenny and where he is taking us and I have every faith he will take us to glory.
So let’s be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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  1. Incredible, the amount of negativity, the swing in opinion, the doom mongers emerging from the sewers after one bad performance.

    Henderson not good enough now? Reminds me of Lucas when he arrived. Perhaps Lucas is rubbish again now is he? I can’t keep up.

    It’s a refelection of modern society, a lack of patience. The CHILDREN who post the majority of these negative comments everywhere never wait for anythings. Technology means everything is instant and the expect the same of there team. Spend 50m, win every game. Idiots.

    1. What was wrong with the players who finished last season so brilliantly? Why did kenny whisk out most of the players? Aquilani too? Tell me if these players where in the game would we have lost to stoke? Talkless of the whooping we received at white hart lane. Now I’m beginning to realise who kenny really is. He is very egotistc. “I did well because of the boys I signed”

        1. No Antoine, Emeka just wants the good players from last season. Go and look at the videos when Miereles, Maxi and Kuyt played alongside Suarez and see that not only did we win but played beautiful football. Carroll upsets all this. Why give up so easily by lettting Aquilani and Mierels go. You can’t blame Miereles for wanting to leave after LFC not really showing him they wanted him to stay. Maybe Man u should have let Rooney go or Spurs let Modric leave. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the £35 million we spent on Carroll.

  2. Guys, I was the first one to write an article about the Spurs game and although at no point was I offensive or called for anyone’s head for that matter, the humiliation I felt gave me the urge to vent off!
    It’s not the one bad performance! It’s the bad tactics, the bad utilisation of players, this insistence to use Carroll as a pivot to head down long range fruitless passes, and also our lack of creativity when we HIT THE WALL!
    We made Spurs look like Barcelona for God’s sake and Spurs are not anywhere near that level, but such was the level of our game against them that we made them look far better. Kenny attempted to heap praise on their game. We let them come to us and we let them put us in a corner from which we failed to come our, miserably!
    Like the game away to West Ham last season, it’s possible we will get some positives out of this trashing in the long term, because a humiliating trashing it was by all means.
    Claiming the above does not mean one is not a Reds fan. As fans we have every right to rejoice and to criticise.

  3. Impressive impact last season??? look at Europe.Henderson is and never will be any good.He was the worst player in the England u21s,Mike Ashley nearly died when Liverpool offered the money they did,Charlie Adam enough said.What about the youngest squad in the league[UTD] all their young signings[far younger than liverpool] are playing out of their skins.Never wait for anything [always waiting and no postman].Do people really think the signings made by Dalglish will bridge the 21 point gap to UTD,If you think so take up another sport.Liverpool are not a big club and havent been for many years but I think people have been lost in time.Honestly where is the promised land Dalglish is going to bring Liverpool too

    1. It says at the end of the article, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” anyone with an ounce of footballing intelligence knows that you can’t go from seventh to first in one season even after spending 100million+. It will take atleast 3 seasons to even challenge united. Yes we did spend too much on certain players but look at the difference in the squad. We have cover in every position now. That’s what this summer was about. Adding depth, now in January we can add one or two quality players. And in the summer, add one or two quality players and strengthen the team. The foundations have been laid over the summer, now its time to build on them.

        1. Stevo again? the same ass who accused kenny ‘blamed a disaster for his failings so retired.’ why dont u go back to your shithole?

  4. its players lke Lucas running the midfield that makes us such sitting ducks for quality opposition like Spurs, if thats what you want to know.
    Lucas will not start at any top teams in the world, he wont even be on the bench at spurs.
    If we want to be top contenders we must change our mindsets, thats being loyal blindly and looking through tinted glasses.
    We need to critize and critisism be taken constructively not calling names to those who dare to express their opinions.

  5. You may argue that he starts at Brazil but do you know how the current Brazil team with him in the heart of the midfield fares?…its known as probably the worst Brazilian team ever!!

    1. So Rango, if you are right, millions of Liverpool fans are wrong for voting him player of the season? You forget that he has protected Liverpool brilliantly many times in the past. Maybe you should do Commolli’s job if you are so good in identifying quality players.

      1. he was the best among the worst, if the season was judged January onwards Suarez would have won hands down…even Maxi would have won it!

  6. Dalglish is out of his depth. We are in this position because sentiment took place over the realism that he had been out of the game for too long.

    Last season he did well because he was a breath of fresh air after Roy Hodgson, the arrival of Suarez was also a major factor.

    Transfer market dealing have been poor, overpaid for players and got rid of better ones. Aquilani best pre-season player was sent out on loan and we still pay part of the wages! Miereles sold to rival?

    Not all bad, Enrique seems like a good buy and hopefully Coates works out too.

    Tactics poor and not just against Tottenham, lets remember against a poor Arsenal we only won after Suarez and Miereles (now sold) came off the bench.

    I hope I am wrong maybe Gerrard can rally the troops, and the side get back some confidence.

    1. Hi Max, agree with all of your piece , i`m old enough to remember Kenny from when we signed him originally but when he changed from player to manager in my opinion the brilliance began to wane,in all other aspects Kenny is a good/great manager but tactics let him down,did then,does now.In my mind instead of employing Clarke maybe the new owners should have employed Rafa for his tactical nous,and let Kenny handle the man management side which as we know was Rafa`s weakness.
      The new owners to me seem to want to pay `middle`wages to staff and then want value for money,i too would have kept Aqua man and` in hindsight (a wonderful thing)kept Miereles for Hendo,i also think Carroll does`nt help himself but looks out on a limb at best,hope Stevie is back to his best but we know have to look to him AGAIN to steer the `overwhelmed` ship,soz about the headline but in Rafa i`d trust. YNWA

  7. No one is deliberately condemning kenny dag.He is egoistic&sentimental.He thinks he can build liverpool team on untalented british players by sending away our talented players.I believe if care is not taken,daglish will regret his actions.I’m afraid liverpool fans may end up losing faith in this racist coach as he’s turning out.Aquilani is way way better than henderson,so what are we saying…..k.k is the main problem,he’s beginning to portray himself as a racist.I mean,how could someone send aquilani&mereiles away and start talking nonsense about referees.

    1. So now selling foreign players makes you a racist, maybe we should call the FA racists for not forcing the minorities into our England team.

      Sort your head out you fuckin muppet, we have a team competing in English competitions only offering none of the glitz and glam to the foreign ‘talent’. I’d rather have a team of grafters this season than a so called superstar telling everyone they are not good enough.

      We had a bad game against Spurs, get over it or fuck off!

    2. I think the term racist gets bandied about enough without accusing the manager.

      I am pretty sure he was in for Ashley Young but he turned us down.

      However ageism is rife in football and needs to be dealt with, all the managers seem to be after young players instead of buying old has-beens.

    3. Johnson you stupid fool. I wanted Aqua to stay. He wanted out FACT! Kenny racist? Are you crazy! Get your facts right before commenting senselessly.

      1. Aqua was forced out!

        “When he came back his pre-season training was excellent. We gave him a few games, he did well in those games. But the problem for us was trying to get him in the team. We couldn’t get him in the team“ — Dalglish

        He had broken into the Italian team and did not want to warm the bench while watching inferior British players, don’t blame him.

    4. it’s not because Johnson is writting shit that you have to justify the fact that Kenny isn’t racist.

      Idiots like we talk about them. Many so called “fans” have to educate themselves, as fan, and as humans too.

      whatever the nationality, the colour of skin, the political and religion ideas: only the colour of the shirt cares.

      we can be fans, sing, supports and criticize. idiots who insult coach, players and everyone giving his life for LFC don’t deserve to be called “fans”. and don’t deserve to be read.

    5. helloooooo, Mireiles submitted a transfer request. he didn’t want to play at Liverpool. Aquilani didn’t want to play for us either. so stop spewing nonsense about shipping out players. they don’t want to play, we wont play em.
      so get your facts straight Johnson.

    6. the dumbest thing ive heard on this site. how far up your ass is your head? i dont even have to state the facts as its a waste of time to explain it to you.

  8. Boils my blood when so-called fans slates the King after only a few games. Our first game was a tale of two halves. Our second was much better. Our third was brilliant. Our fourth was valiant tho we lost. Our fifth was a very bad game. So, all in all, we only had ONE bad game FFS. Get over it and support our team and manager. Otherwise, go on and support other team. Man shitty will be a good place to start since the Arab Sheikhs will listen to their fans and buy anyone that the fans so desire.

    1. exactly, we’re only 3 points behind chelsea! how long did it take fergie to start winning cups???? how many times did fergie go years without winning anything!
      so, give Kenny time. he is rebuilding our lovely Liverpool.
      and by the way, all great managers loose games. so keep patient.

    2. The problem is we are on equal points with Everton and they have a game in hand. Everton had no money to spend and even had to sell Arteta one of their better players to balance the books.

      We have had a summer rebuild so I think it is fair to question the transfer policy and also tactics.

      Playing Skertel against Bale, while Kuyt a seasoned performer is on the bench instead of Henderson or Carroll. I and others are saying what a lot of reds are thinking.

      1. who the heck care about how many points everton have..just concentrate on your own team befre looking at where others are at..

        the premier league is like no other league.. we have teams in the lower half capable of beating teams that are at the top. its not la liga where your players can dazzle the pitch with their mesmerizing skill.its not sit and wait italian football. its the premier league. you get thrown around the pitch.its rougher faster and more direct. you have aquilani prancing and dancing on the pitch he gets whacked by some british dude and falls and losses the ball or gets injured.

        there are still 30 odd games to be played.we will see at the end of the season what happens to us.

      2. We can all comment on selection and tactics, whilst watching MoTD after the game. But putting a team out, coaching and training them is a totally different matter. But of course, you have better credentials (on your PS3) than Kenny, so really you should be manager, right Max? You and your type of online ‘fan’ are laughable, with your narcissistic attitudes and youthful arrogance. You don’t even go to games, but you know it all. If only the world was run by you lot, we’d have no problems at all, and all teams would win the premiership each year….

        Grow up, or save your insight for http://www.lfcforkids.knob

  9. Johnson, Dalglish a racist? Shut ya cakehole you ignorant moronic little weasel.
    It seems to me there are a minority of johnny-come-lately glory hunting fans who started supporting LFC after 2005. These weasels want the johnny foreigner in the team without even knowing of the upcoming domestic foreigner rule where all clubs have to field x amount of British players, why do you think slur alex signed numerous english players recently. Idiots.

    1. Thats the problem with you guys. If anyone has a different opinion than you he is asked to go support another team. What is wrong with you people cant we have the right to disagree? Who are you to ask someone who has a different opinion to support another team?…is this a communist run football club?

  10. Calling King Kenny Racist is like calling Maggie Thatcher Honest……. Ludicrous!!!!!!! Sort your head out Johnson….. go an support those Chelski rent boys down the road, or even better…. go and be a manc….. Tw@t!!!!

    1. Thats the problem with you guys. If anyone has a different opinion than you he is asked to go support another team. What is wrong with you people cant we have the right to disagree? Who are you to ask someone who has a different opinion to support another team?…is this a communist run football club?

      1. No Rango LFC is not like any other football team.

        You offend the club, our player or our manager you are offending our family.

        If someone offends your family you would fight back.

        1. Who is ‘The Family’,… You?..People who agree with you?…What about us who pay our hard earned money to watch games, cross continents to support, buy exorbitantly marketed merchandise!!…don’t we have any say

          1. We are not adaptive to changes, Others are!…Why cant we change the defence? carra anymore productive??….Barca…Man Utd…are not worried about their defence because everyone can attak including the defence!!…we are more worried about defending …thus having defensive players i.e. Lucas….why the need to defend???… attack win you trophys this was the mentality of the past LFC TEAMS and the current World Champion, Champion of Europe, Spain & England!!!

      2. So, according to you, we scousers are not allowed to object when Anfield legend and current manager is called a racist by some dick head who has never met Kenny, knows nothing about what he’s done for he club, and hasn’t even been to our city. (just like you)

        you are a totally clueless if you think we’d take that kind of attack under some pathetic freedom of speech argument.

        And actually the principles our club was built on are socialist principles. And yes, what we are saying is, If you don’t like who we are as a club then f**k off. We don’t need your money or your moronic attitude.

  11. Well said Antoine…. I too Rango spend ££££’s per annum attending Anfield….. Calling Kenny Racist isn’t a difference of opinion…… It’s a joke……

    1. I do not agree with calling Kenny a Racist but he needs to admit his mistakes in signing Carrol.Henderson, Adam and move on. I still support him but he needs to avoid making the same mistakes of Rafa/ Houlier!

        1. IMO Rango…. I have watched Lucas going from zero to hero at Anfield. I remember sitting on the Kop about 3 seasons ago on a cold Novemeber Saturday Evening while we entertained Fulham…. we drew 0-0 and Lucas was absolutely shite. I was one of the lucas bashers who wanted him out. Lately performances i have seen from him has been immense… you can’t say he was voted player of the year last season by the fans for nothing. Going back to what you state we will never win the prem with him as an anchorman… hmmm time will tell. I think we should give carroll a season, maybe 2 before calling him a mistake…. he didnt ask for us to pay the excessive fee for him. I 100% agree that he is not worth that kind of Money when we could of bought kun aguero for roughly the same amount. Henderson is a kid that will develop…. Adam needs to brush up on his defending…. he does sometimes look a bit lost when we haven’t got the ball. One thing I will state rango….. If anyone has the man managment skills to further develop these players, it’s KK….. like he said…. these players were signed for 4 years not 4 months…… Show some optimism…. I too have been pessimistic about Lucas, as were my friends too… he has proven me wrong…. let’s hope hendo, carroll and Adam will prove you wrong… they have nothing to prove to me, As I have faith in kenny….. YNWA :)

          1. Lucas was class today got to admiy but why Kenny need to take Suarez out and leave the Camel like Carrol in beats me!!

          2. Lucas was class today got to admit but why Kenny need to take Suarez out and leave the Camel like Carrol in beats me!//Suarez is a tough Uruguan so he needs no protection…he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself!!…Carool must not start and why Bellamy who played well in midweek!..I thought Kuyt, Suarez, Bellamy was perfect…why change…it feels like deja vu from the times of Rafa!…Kenny must not repeat the same mistakes of Rafa

          3. this guy Rango, just doesn’t have a clue, don’t even bother replying to him. he’s just some angry septic who doesn’t understand footie… Total tw@t, should support a Manc team really…

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