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Well it has been a few days since the Brighton game and I need to post this. This is not a match report and is just my view on how I would improve on the performance.

When the lineup was shown I thought great Bellamy, he will work well with Maxi, Kuyt and Saurez, which did happen. I had reservations though as we had Spearing and Lucas in Midfield and shown as a 4-4-2. Personally I think the days of 4-4-2 are over, it tends to be 3 up front these days, either with 3 strikers or 1 forward +2 wingmen/forward.

For us though, it was just a case of picking Kuyt, Saurez, Maxi, bellamy and letting Lucas and Spearing share going forward. There was no formation to this, it was good old fashioned LFC find the space, pass and move. It was great for 20 odd minutes and here is the but, we started dropping deep, allowing Brighton to play from back. I’m in no doubt if we had kept pushing up as a unit we would have had nice brace goals. Give credit to the Brighton players though for having a go, playing football and giving us the wobbles. A more confident lIverpool would not have let them into the game and finished them of by half time.

My reasoning for the dropping deep as the cause of our midweek battle, is that during that first quarter we could see our attack surround and get in the box, by midway of the second half we had crosses come in and no one in the box.

Lets urge our boys forward when we lose the ball, pressure the opposition and don’t let them play their way out, make it hard.



  1. We now have a great squad, the only thing lacking – in my opinion – is the confidence to keep pressing and punish teams. This will come as long as we don’t let the inevitable setbacks knock us down.


  2. Interesting. i agree with that report but I would have liked to see carrol just so he could get working on his confidence.

  3. I agree with the “let’s urge our boys forward” bit…

    I don’t think we did much wrong tbh. Suarez went very close 2/3 times, Spearing had a shot very well saved onto the post and in another game we could easily have gone in at half time 3/4 up and cruising.

    The only thing I’d say is we’ve got to be more patient as fans – don’t groan when the final ball gets blocked, and don’t moan when someone misses – applaud the play that created the chance. If the team is creating chances like we were in the first half then we’ll be fine and score goals more often than not. If we resort to lumping the ball forward and creating nothing, then we can start worrying.

  4. You made some valid points there. However, there is another side to the coin. There is and was a simple reason why we played with a deep defensive line – lack of pace. I’m the biggest Carra fan, but I have to admit that he’s never been full of speed and he’s not getting any quicker. Combine that with the uncertainty of Coates’ first full start and the relative inexperience of both fullbacks and anything else would be suicidal, even against lesser opposition.

    I admit, we looked shaky in the second half, and most of us expected better display against a championship opposition, but a win is a win. I will pick this win 10 out of 10 times, compared to say our performance against Stoke – where we played really, really well but came out with nothing.

    3 man midfield IS the way to go in modern football and I think we will see a more 4-2-3-1-ish type of formation once number 8 is up to speed.

    My ideal line up, fitness permitting would be:
    Lucas and Adam holding, Kuyt and Downing on the wings and Gerrard playing off Suarez/Carrol.

    As for pressure when not in possesion – this game should be ignored, given the fact that was a lesser competition and surely the playeres were instructed to save some power for tomorrows game.

  5. I am concerned that Carrol didnt get any playing time as this was the ideal oportunity. He needs match time amd he didnt get it, it was the obvious choice and it didnt happen.

  6. You keep calling him Saurez in your quickly written article, please get your spellings write or even google it to ensure its the correct spelling , not too nice for an emperor of the Kop !!!!!!!!!

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