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To the folks at ESPN,

In 2009, ex-FSC pundit Steven Cohen made some of the most disgusting comments possible regarding the 1989 Hillsborough incidents, and Liverpool’s plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the horrific event. Cohen claimed, multiple times, that it was to the fault of LFC fans that the incident occurred, and despite his partners attempting to move on, Cohen ignored their request and continued in his lighting of a terrible fire of comments directed at LFC fans and Hillsborough victims. When asked “What’s wrong with honoring the victims?” Cohen replied, “What’s wrong with it? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, it was their own undoing!”

Now surely being the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” you folks at ESPN in America have to respect that Liverpool FC is a worldwide leader themselves! One of America’s biggest icons in sports in Lebron James follows Liverpool FC, tennis great Caro Wozniacki follows LFC, and one of America’s greatest baseball teams in America in the Boston Red Sox are owned by the same set of men who own LFC. Surely you cannot look at LFC and make such an ignorant decision as to hire someone who has no respect for such a passionate part of the club. Even as a journalist, or reporter, or whatever Cohen wants to call himself, that’s just downright disrespectful. Whether or not you give LFC the time of the day is your own mistake but at least examine the man’s work before you hire him. See what his background says about him! His comments towards Hillsborough and even Heysel and towards Liverpool fans are not something that is to be overlooked.

Please reconsider your decision in putting Steven Cohen in a position of football (soccer) pundit before he says something on-air that further disrespects LFC, your station, but most importantly, the fans and their families who have lost loved ones in these tragedies. Steven Cohen is not the right man for the job, he’s not the right man for any job. Please reconsider your decision to hire Cohen.


Every Liverpool fan on the planet.

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  1. Great read let’s hope they remove him from his post at ESPN or they will find that ESPN will lose MILLIONS of subscribers just like the The Scum news paper did.

  2. I cant believe this rat has resurfaced.Can we just forward the petition we sent to Fox soccer channel?,That should be enough..
    Who brokers these deals?Is it confirmed hes working for them?

  3. These comments from a Jew are astounding, he should know better!!!!. ESPN should never use this retard again, If i denied the holocaust happened and blamed the Jews would i be a pundit on ESPN????, don’t think so. J W Henry should sue him in the US courts and sue ESPN if they use him again!!!!

  4. wasnt he dropped by chelsea, fourfourtwo, world soccer shop and fados irish pubs?
    cant believe ESPN thing all is forgotten. My opinion of ESPN has taken a serious nose dive.

  5. Unless shite hawk Cohen has some evidence that Lord Justice Taylor didnt have he should keep his slobbering retard gob shut. He isn’t even qualified to hold an opinion on the causes of The Hillsboro tragedy never mind express one

  6. Very well written and succinctly put. Cohen is a piece of excrement and should be banished from any right-thinking sports organisation.
    I will boycott ESPN and its sponsors if he is kept on.

  7. hate to ruin a witch hunt, but I was just in the process of sending ESPN some hate mail about Cunt Cohen, when I found a story saying he’d been sacked a couple of years ago.. Which is good, cos he’s a cunt, but bad cos now I’ve wasted 15 minutes typing every swear word and insult I knew into an email. Looks like I’ll have to cut and paste my work onto Jaimie Kanwar’s website instead….

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