Luis Suarez A supporters dream.

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Luis Suarez has taken the premiership by storm since his arrival from Ajax on the last day of the January transfer window.

The impact that Luis has made at Liverpool is outstanding and has given the fans delight and excitement in bucket loads.

Luis Suarez is no ordinary player he is a true world-class player who’s ability to win or change the course of games is simply staggering. One example of this rare talent was against Manchester United at Anfield last season when he tore the United defence apart.

Liverpool have a history of obtaining the services of fantastic goal scorers and Suarez is no different but what does set him apart from the others is his enthusiasm and appetite for the game. How often do you see players being substituted then sitting down laughing and joking with fellow team mates? Not Suarez, he looks like you have just insulted his ability as a footballer.

Every time I see Luis being taken off you can almost feel the frustration in him and the utter disappointment in the body language as he leaves the field and always to a standing ovation from the Reds fans. One thing that impresses me with him is the way he shows his disappointment on the pitch after a missed opportunity or break down in play. You can see he consistently wants to score or to create a chance and when he is without the ball in is looking for a run or moment that will create an opening.

Some fans misunderstand his show of disappointment by thinking he is unhappy or frustrated but its healthy frustration not one of negativity. He is a professional and all top pros what to become the best so its easy to understand why he demonstrates this behaviour in the way he does.

Suarez is exactly the type of player Liverpool need and want if we are to make it back into the top four. What he gives you is pace and movement that very few players can offer, combine that with his eye for a goal you have a player who terrifies the living daylights out of opposition defences just ask Manchester United.

What is even more impressive about Luis is that he came here without any promises of Champions League football or false predictions of mass players coming into the club. He came because he wanted to play for Liverpool and that tells you all we need to know about the Uruguayan and his commitment to LFC.

He is not a journey man or a wage hunter he is simply a player who wants to give all for the club and win trophy’s. He consistently puts in a shift and never looks uninterested or pedestrian in his approach to games. Ask any top European club and you would be hard pushed to find one that wouldn’t want Suarez in their team.

There is a debate about who Luis should partner or should he be used as a lone striker but either way you can guarantee he will work tirelessly for the team and make or create his own chances if necessary. When you look at the fee that we paid for Suarez it makes some other Premiership and European transfer fees look ridiculous.

Suarez is one of the best value for money signings Liverpool have ever made especially when you consider the £50m Chelsea paid for Torres or even the controversial £35m transfer of Andy Carroll who we all hope will rediscover his form and become a hit with us which am sure he will.

The potential Suarez offers is enormous once Steven Gerrard returns fully fit and our other strikers develop an understanding with him then our attacking possibilities will send fear throughout the Premiership. Younger Reds dream of being Suarez and older fans dream of Luis being the key in returning us to the top four.

But one thing is certain to all Reds fans young or old is that Luis Suarez is a supporters dream in whatever way we individually want look at it.


    1. @ Bomber 25 – Hehehe!
      Dalglish frustrating Suarez out of Liverpool?
      You mean to say the person who has won the Manager of the Year award in 1985/86, 1987/88, 1989/90, 1994/95, the person who was the Inaugural Inductee to the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002, the Member of the Scotland Football Hall of Fame, the Member of the FIFA 100 and most importantly the person who was “placed first on 100 players who shook the kop” would drive a person away from Liverpool, when the person itself had come to liverpool because he LIKES Liverpool?

      Again…. Hehehe!

      1. For your information we are in the new millenium now. Whatever Dalglish achieved back in the years you’ve mentioned is all in the history books now. Football has advanced since that time.

        1. For your information, try going to the match & you would’ve seen Luis was absolutely shattered against both Bolton & yesterday thats why he has been brought off. Its not about Kenny frustrating anybody out of the club its about the management of players. What Ankur missed out of Kennys plaudits was that he is without doubt the best man manager British Football has seen since Paisley & thats why he will perfectly manage Luis & everybody else.
          We have put up for the past 2 years with tempremental under achievers who have been only too happy to be substituted & Kenny saw through that hence why they were all shipped out by August 31st, we now have a young strong hungry squad all fighting for the Red shirt & all angry when either they don’t play or are taken off & thats what makes great sides. That together with having great owners, a fantastic new coaching staff & in my eyes the best British manager around, then puts the club in the best postion its been in for many years, so instead of continually looking to be negative all the time its time you stopped looked around at how well we’re doing & supported the club team & manager instead of talking bullshit on forums.

          1. John Farrer,

            How do you know that Luis was shattered? Were you wearing his body? In terms of managerial achievement, I say this with a lot of regret that Alex Ferguson of Manure has been the most successful manager to date.

      2. Ankur, Remember that within the time frame you’ve given for his achievements, he was sacked by Newcastle United.

        1. Its called having a season ticket for 25 years & going to the game & watching players week in week out, he was shattered & if you went to the match you’d know as you can see it. As for Taggart undoubtedly the most successful however if you read my comments I said Kenny was the best man manager in British football & in my eyes the best British manager I doubt mention success.
          I suggest you try & get to a game sometime soon & once you’ve sampled that then maybe your negativity will be eventually overidden by a sheer joy & love for the greatest football club in the world !!

          1. dont worry bout it bomber probably hates every aspect of his life..hence the pessimism..

            its hard to find really faithful and patient + positive supporters..

            i have been a supporter for 19/20 years..i have never been to a game in anfield.but ive watched them in malaysia..and got a signed poster by roy evans, tony warner and mcateer years ago..

            i would kill to go for a game in anfield!!!

        2. In the same time frame he had taken Newcastle to a runner up finish, in the subsequent season when Newcastle where playing champions league and defeating barca et al is when their league form suffered and he was sacked.

          Does that make him a bad manager??? Eh!??

  1. Kenny will pair Steve an Luis soon, remember UTD are coming soon an that will be the acid test. Great article pretty much sums up my feelings about Luis, a real diamond of a player an it makes me proud he plays for us. Kenny will buy a striker come Jan an a defender, the wage bill is lower than before an I’m sure Henry an Werner will urge him to spend. Would like to see Kuyt play more but Hendo will come good this season just needs confidence from the fans not questioning like we did Lucas. YNWA

    1. ste, The more money the owners throw at Dalglish, the more British players he will sign. If you want to see a remarkable improvement in Liverpool, then the owners must go for a younger manager with a winning mentallity. Jose Mourinho, are you listening?

      1. Yes i agree with you we must stop buying these English players like spending 16million on Henderson we should have buy banega or mata

      2. He bought British players for the homegrown rule, if you’ve heard anything of our potential targets, none of them are British. There’s a uruguayan booths practically wants to give to us, a Belgian that were gonna fight arsenal for, and were also in contention for a Spaniards between us and them, and then a Brazilian that tottenham also wants. Any sound british? Go read up about em, they all sound amazing and young.

        1. what is it with british players that is so screwed up most of these “fans” just dont want them?

          fact states otherwise..ive seen plenty of english players playing really well in top teams..manure is one of them..helps the homegrown rule..helps develop british players too..

          i would rather a british team have majority of bristish players rather than be a mix breed of God knows how many types of nationalities.. add a foreign manager in there and its no more liverpool fc..

          im not saying we shouldnt have any foreign players or managers in the club, a decent number of foreign talent should be good enough.If not, you might as well send the team to a foreign league and play if you hate british players so much..pfft..and i am not even british!!

          My question to you fans/supporters out there..

          what is the problem with unconditional support towards liverpool fc?

          is it so hard to see other teams spending on a latino?? south american?? affrican etc..while be purchase jonathans, toms and richards??

          did you fans ever mock our talisman when he first debuted for this club and was playing like shite? not to mention when he has an off form day at present??

          you “fans” leave no room for error and development.and expect us to be at the ranks of barcelona and real madrid..

          fyi, barcelona only started winning trophies..they were always a great side, but the number of trophies has only developed in the past 5 to 10 years or so.

          so if we buy young classy foreign talent..where do we put the faces of homegrown talent?? when these foreigners run away with a bigger offer where are YOU going to put your face?? what will happen then?? we depended too much on foreigners that we have no one else to take that means we buy another classy foreigner to fill the boots??

          this is the most naive stupidest way of managing a football club..

          and ive noticed most of you here cocking, are these type of is pure disgusting!!

          try please try thinking outside of the box you lot.stop being so single minded and shallow in your thoughts and ideas. this club has been running for 100 years over. dont tarnish it by the lack of knowledge and blind judgements.

  2. by continuing taking SUAREZ off the pitch where there are a player whom could’ve been taken off instead off SUAREZ i think its going to make SUAREZ has a double thought,and from when the season start am npot impress with kenny on how he made selections lfc games especially against tothenham were i was expecting the likes of,KUYT,BELLAMY,MAXI,SUAREZ,starting the game but kenny decided to keep kuyt on the bench thruogh out the game.

    1. @ William S. Etete

      Dear Mr. William,

      That exactly is the point, innit?

      Why would Kenny do the expected?When Kenny played a 3-5-2 against Chelsea, were you expecting it? But it did work, didn’t it?
      Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… Big Deal!!!! Let’s support the king in what he does.

  3. It was hilarious to see him kicking off when he was subbed, Im sure KK loved that reaction!!!. He is a genius and that is no exaggeration at all, one of the worlds elite players for sure. We seem to be playing good football without really hammering home our advantage, im sure it will click and when it does we will murder teams. Look at the players that didn’t start, Gerrard, Kuyt, Maxi, Aurelio, Agger, Bellamy, Coates etc….how good are those players?????, yet still we played some great stuff at times. Im very happy about life i must say!!!

  4. his pace n movement without shadow of doubt is fantastic chasing down the ball. But the fact i feel his is lack of something, his shot was powerless he is lack of a class which torres shine in the red shirt

    1. I have to agree to some degree. He needs less heart and a bit more head… like Torres, that’s why it would have been great to see them together, Suarez would have learned alot from torres and vice versa… Anyway…
      Like the 1st goal, not carried away, and he knows he can execute so he just needs to take it a bit with less heart… well thats just my very humble opinion

      1. If Torres had stayed and teamed up with Suarez, we will be in the European Champions League now. Dalglish had his own pipe dream which was to bring in British players. Those British players will eventually get him the sack.

        1. Imagine what would have happened if there was no dispute between Houlding and Everton F.C
          Imagine what would have happened if Tom Hicks and George Gilette had never bought Liverpool F.C
          Imagine what would have happened if NESV had not decided to buy LFC

          Once you answer the bigger “Ifs” we will come back to the small “If” that you are talking about Bomber25.


        2. what is the point talking bout things that wont happen? torres is gone.its in the past now.theres is no need dreaming bout the past now is there? reality check bomber..we are living in the real world..where nothing is perfect.

  5. Kenny pls get Toress back on loan to partner suarez and send carroll out on loan to rediscover his form or better still partner gerrad and suarez.. Den our attack can b lethal

    1. Agreed Man!

      Yo, King!
      Please re-sign Ian Rush as well.
      And while we are at it, how about giving Djimi Traore a chance!

  6. suarez needs someone who can play up there with him on the last defender and i dont think carroll is the right person to do that. Bellamy and Kuyt do that better and have already created an understanding, then throw gerrard in there and we have a deadly attack.
    Then all we have to do is stop leaking goals as our defence will get punished week in week out if we dont sort it.
    Come on Kenny, your doing a great job just little things need sorting.

  7. Does anyone honestly think he’ll still be at Anfield in 2 years if we don’t qualify for the CL? Or if we don’t sign any proper quality players who can complement him? We should enjoy him while we can.

  8. ill give carrol till end of season but if he doesnt perform sell him we should replace him with one of these strikers: Negredo,cavani,gameiro or sturridge i would take cavani but he might be too expensive so gameiro or negredo are the more realistic options

  9. I think you are all missing the point of the article, this is not a Andy Carroll forum its about Luis Suarez if you want to read and comment about Andy Carroll please look back 2 articles prior and have your say on him there.

    Please try and keep it relevant to the article.

  10. How do we wait for Carrol to rediscover his form yet he gets no crosses from the right side? At Newcastle Barton was there to make the crosses but for us, Henderson seldom does. Kuyt can help him thrive if played & asked to get the best out of Carrol. Henderson should be played in central midfield as that is where he thrived. (AVB just realised what made Torres perform & the spaniard is getting back to his feet. Maybe King Kenny should refer to Andy at Newcastle too)

    1. You mean Suarez needs to respect Kenny’s decision even if he doesn’t always like it… After all we are suppose to respect our elders… But i have to say, he is an incredible player, a true dream come true… when we all thought we were done the day Torres left, he came in and reminded us to believe… and we always should remember to believe :) and keep the faith…

    2. I disagree mate!

      Suarez is a great player but not bigger than the club!
      It has been proven time and again with beckham

    3. I disagree mate!

      Suarez is a great player but not bigger than the club!
      It has been proven time and again with Players like beckham and Torres… And if the time comes will be proven with Suarez as well…

      1. I think you will find that player power with the very strong fan base will see the departure of Dalglish before Suarez.

      2. Without Suarez and to a lesser extent Gerrard, Liverpool are nothing more than a mid table side. Take off the rose tinted glasses.

    1. Liverpool is a team that smashes the mancs regularly, we will see when the derby and the mancs come along. I will say now that Liverpool will get 6pts from those games, when we click we will slaughter teams. Anyone who thinks we are mediocre is jealous of our squad or history, or both….he he he!!!!!

  11. He’ll b off if we dont get 4th spot. Anyone would rather play with Xavi and Iniesta than with rubbish players like Adam and Henderson. The money KK spend on Caroll and Henderson we would get at least five better players in Brasil or Argentina. If he goes KK has only himself to blame. As for lots of coments that no player is bigger than a club I would rather we still had Torres than Caroll. Torres and Suarez would terrorise any defence.YNWA

    1. Well put Bekim. Some people are just blinded by loyalty to a man they are going to crucify in the end when the club continues to struggle; despite all the millions invested in it. I bet Alex Ferguson is looking forward to the match against us. With a striker like Carroll and a midfielder like Adam, who wouldn’t.

  12. am still upset about the hammering lp got the 4nothing game, can’t get over that one, jealous that’s funny…
    kenny is on the stuck mode when it comes to carroll but i think Luis will bring him back to life again his getting better…

  13. How exactly is the Carroll and Suarez link up going to improve without match time together? Partnerships are formed and developed over time…comments saying Carroll should be loaned or sold are senseless drivel. I know this wasn’t a Carroll thread but I’m sick of internet idiots spouting nonsense…if he scores the winner in a cup final or over utd you’ll all change your tune and pretend that you believed in him the whole time. If you think you know better F off and get your coaching badges and see if you can even get near the club on a professional level!

  14. gaston ramirez may end up here in lp, big strong and some attitude that in my opinion is always needed…then you know Suarez will stay and that will give lp 3 players from Uruguay.

  15. too many supporters here are dreamin of has beens..instead of focusing on the now and future. i can safely say non of you know nutts but to dream of “if only”

  16. There is a debate about who Luis should partner or should he be used as a lone striker but either way you can guarantee he will work tirelessly for the team and make or create his own chances if necessary.
    I am very agree with you.

  17. “Some fans misunderstand his show of disappointment by thinking he is unhappy or frustrated but its healthy frustration not one of negativity.”

    Do you know something we don’t? Last time I checked you’re not Suarez’ best mate.

    1. tehe as much as I love all Liverpool fans regardless of who they are or where they come from, I have to admit you are a absolute turdhead you clearly know nothing about real football or sport in general. keep playing FIFA 2011 you utter knobhead. By the way get a proper name, as all we can do is assume that you either cannot display your real name due to legal reasons or your only about 10 years old and that was the best you could come up with.

      1. There you go again, making assumptions when you’ve never met the person. I could be 10, 20, 40 or 100. You’ll never know. In fact, your response was far more indicative of a child than mine was.

        And by the way, it’s “an absolute turdhead” not “a absolute turdhead.”

        1. tehe what can I say other than your a knobhead, but I will say you are the most egregious of supporters.
          ps, look that up in the dictionary Knobhead, if you can read or if you have enough money for one. Peace friend oh and when you are older enough to get a job you can own your very own computer instead of going to internet cafe. my how you will be able to write so much stuff then wont you? just think you can use the computer without paying internet cafe or asking mummy to put 50p in the electric, but until then your just a simple little boy who has to ask to use the computer.

          1. Well as I sit here typing on my Macbook Pro, I wonder why you again choose to make assumptions about me when I quite clearly pointed out that that was a silly thing to do.

            Interesting that you brought the word egregious into the equation as it can mean both shockingly bad, or exceptionally good. I’m going to take that as a compliment!

            I’ll be honest, I did have to look that one up. But, I’ve also got enough self control and a basic command of the English language that I don’t have to utter profanities every two lines, because, quite frankly my point can still be made without them.

            We both no why you’re here. The balding head, the mid-life crisis; you’re looking for an outlet to express yourself and that’s why you’re here. A perfectly reasonable reason I might add.

            But, all I wanted to know is whether you knew Luis Suarez personally, because by the tone of your article it seemed like that was the case.

            Please, if you can refrain from teasing me about the gigantic phallus I have on my head, I would very much like a response to my original question.

            Kind regards.

          2. Thank you for the reply, but am sorry “tehe” is not a real name is it? It sounds like one of those African scam emails that start like “welcome I have $200000000000000000 to deposit but need your details”.

            Does your mum know you stayed up all night typing this reply and using her electricity, seriously if you want an adult response come with an adult name and I promise I will reply in the required way.

            I will address all of your remarks and comments when you reply like an adult you have my word friend.

  18. Mancs love talking about Liverpool, don’t they????……ha ha ha and the Bitters are even more in love with Liverpool than ever!!!!

  19. The boy Suarez in God-sent. The new angel God has sent to redeem the Glorious image of our Beloved club. Just can’t get enough from the talented youngster. Long live Suarez as an LFC hero, Long live LFC as a force to reckoned………… YNWA

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