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Well here we go again another derby on the horizon as we travel to Goodison this Saturday for the first derby of the season. Always a passionate affair as we look to put the Blue Noses in their place.

The score in these games is never predictable, no matter the form going into the game. But what is predictable is the way Everton play, for as long as I can remember all they ever do is try to kick us off the park, so we can’t expect anything different this weekend, especially as they have more limited resources than usual, basically they are skint, and poor old Davie Moyes doesn’t have much to work with. Although through gritted teeth I have to say he has done a superb job with Everton.

Every derby game is so important regardless of League positions, we the supporters want bragging rights for a while at least over our nearest neighbours, and defeat in the derby is horrendous, with families split over loyalties it has to be your team that wins to keep your sanity.

Unfortunately nowadays TV has rescheduled kick-off times, this time making it a 12:45 start. But nothing can take away the passion both sets of supporters show.

So many great memories from these derby matches, with my favourite one being the win over the Toffees in the 1986 FA Cup Final to win the Double with Jan Molby the architect of that famous win. I also have great memories of Ian Rush who seemed to score in every game against Everton to much delight. Gary McAllister’s amazing late winner in the last minute, there is too many too mention. We live for future memories to add to our collection.

Back to the present, Kenny will travel the short journey across Stanley Park with the boost of a home win against Wolves last Saturday after the two disappointing away defeats. But Kenny who has far more options available to him this season after all the comings and goings of the summer, has some key decisions to make in his team selection.

I feel Kenny is still trying to find his strongest side, and now he has the added bonus of Gerrard back and fit again after breaking him in gently in the last two matches. Dalglish has the dilemma in the centre of midfield of who should patrol the centre of the midfield, Lucas and Adam have played well together but now Gerrard is fit will he start him and drop one of the two mentioned.

On the right side of midfield Henderson has been ever present since his arrival in the summer, although his contribution in many of the games come under scrutiny, and with Dirk Kuyt champing at the bit for a game and having a record of scoring important goals and in recent times against Everton, he may be brought back in to the side.

Up front, its’ Suarez and another, but who, Carroll has struggled to live up to his billing and price tag, although he impressed against Wolves without scoring. Bellamy is another option and he was unlucky to miss out against Wolves after a good performance last midweek at Brighton and also scoring. Kuyt has been a partner to Suarez this season in games already this season and combined well. Then there is Gerrard who could play just behind Suarez, so Kenny has some hard decisions to make, but like every Liverpool supporter I’m sure he’ll get it right.

My team for Saturday would be Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Enrique, Kuyt, Lucas, Gerrard, Downing, Bellamy, Suarez. I think this would be a very strong team with good options to attack and strong defensively.

For a prediction I’m going to go for a 3-1 win for Liverpool and a good weekend. If we get this result then I’m sure I will add to my memories collection.



  1. Good shout but Id make 2 changes Coates for Skyrtl and Carroll for Bellamy, to get Carrroll playing at his best he needs a continous run in the team and Im sure the goals will begin to flow I really fancy him scoring a couple on Saturday as for Skyrtl just not good enough and never has been it would take me 5 minutes to detail his faults in depth and thats why Id have Coates even as hes never played in one.

  2. Referees H. Webb and M. Atkinson are both god refs. And also 100 % anti-Liverpool!

    They have been hurting LFC tremendously for a very long time by interpreting the rules harshly against LFC, which is unlawful according to the rules of fairness!

    Yesterday (15 May 2011) Webb did this in the 0-2 defeat to Spurs:

    9 minute: goal – possible freekick to LFC?

    26 min. : P. Crouch acting, gets a freekick – destroyng a LFC pressure

    28min. : LFC contra L Suarez kicked from behind but no freekick no yellow card

    29 min. : Rose clearly commits penalty against Kuyt – not given

    45 min. : P. Crouch commits freekick against L. Leiva – results in a chance for Spurs


    46 min. : S. Pienaar should have been booked for a freekick against D. Kuyt

    47 min. : P. Crouch commits freekick but not given – results in a chance to Spurs

    54 min. : SCANDAL: Flanagans lawful shoulder tackle gives Spurs a penalty – outside of box!

    77 min. : Danish commentator: ” Webb has had many fifty-fifty decisions against Liverpool”

    83 min. : D. Kuyt`s acting gets LFC wrong freekick, danish commentator:”you could say LFC

    has had such a freekick in coming”

  3. I think the side will remain unchanged with the exception of Kuyt for Carroll. I think if we go for the jugular we can get the win but somethings telling me this has draw written all over it with some red cards and debatable refereeing. What are everybodys views on flanno and spearing playing, being local lads and all? Cummon reds. YNWA

  4. shame a bitters is trawling this forum hahahahaha Go back and play with your kids toys boy. there you go, good boy.

  5. I don’t want carrol to start in the derby I would prefer bellamy 2 him or kk plays Gerrad+ Suarez in the attack…Henderson belongs to the middle I don’t know why KK hasn’t played him yet in the central midfield in the PL.I don’t want Adam to start as I fear he might see Red..I believe if we want Caroll to start attacking aeriel balls there must be continious world class aerial deliveries into the box and crossing the balls right by the edge of the box would give Caroll better option of scoring rather than getting to the by-line before delivering it at this point the defenders and keeper are ready to extinguish the threat of the ball..

  6. I see Liverpool winning the next 2 games and 6pts will be our’s. Really EFC have no chance against the quality of player we have!!!!

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